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Hozier – Take Me to Church Lyrics 3 years ago
I never thought it was exactly about that. But tbh I never watch music videos (for some reason the mv ruins the song for me) so I never know like if it had something to do with it. But it has more of a broken feel to me. But I usually interpt songs my own way so it doesn't really matter XD

Coldplay – Viva la Vida Lyrics 3 years ago
@[carley99:26963] YES FINALLY SOMEONE WHO THINKS OF IT THAT WAY, cause like yea i get the revolutions part cause its what its based out of, but like to me it has a different feel, like something personal to me, where everything just falls apart and you can't do anything about it

Three Days Grace – Never Too Late Lyrics 3 years ago
I believe the meaning of this song is pretty easy to figure out, and this song actually reminds me of a event that happened, that actually helped me, but they dont think it helped so that sucks, but anyways, it means of one person who been through a hard experience helping another person get through it. And at "The world we knew, wont come back, the time we've lost can't get it back, the life we had won't be ours again" strikes me the most cause well, its true, i will never get my childhood back

Coldplay – Paradise Lyrics 3 years ago
This song is one of my favorites, its highly relatable. I think it means, the opening part, that there was a girl, who was young and happy. But she didn't know what life was coming for. But than (It flew away from her reach) her life got riped right out of her hands, and she(me) is now struggling to get through life. She has visions of how her life could be better, like thinking of what it would be like to fit in and be happy with a group that you messed up with. Than the girl thinks of death, (Life goes on it gets so heavy) but keeps moving on. At this point it gets harder for the girl, and is having a hard time with lots of stuff. She has visions more often of her "Paradise" as she stares at what her "Paradise" is. (if she can like aka a group of people being happy) and than she closes her eyes, keeps putting on a smile and carrying on. (Lying underneath, the stormy skies, she said oh, "I know the sun was set to rise." She realizes things will get better. She finds out her "Paradise is not with them, but with other people, than she finds a new "life" and knows that she will be okay, and things may still be hard, the worst of the "stormy skys" passed by,

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