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Zack Hemsey – Vengeance Lyrics 1 month ago
If someone stole your car and shot your dog that was given to you by a dying spouse that you went through hell to live happily with, and you have nothing worth losing anymore, and you happen to be the baddest muthaf****r on the planet with an indomitable will and insane focus to accomplish anything you set your mind to... what would you do?

Grease – We go together Lyrics 2 months ago
The nonsensical lines highlight the inexpressible elation that the couple feel after finally uniting in the end against all odds. A song about such incredible feelings of joy from getting together with your loved one that words can't even express. To replace the nonsensical lines with actual descriptions might even diminish the intensity of those giddy, positive feelings.

Within Temptation – Somewhere Lyrics 6 months ago
The song is simply about the agony of not knowing where, or what happened to your missing loved one. There’s no closure.
"I just need to know whatever has happened"
“Living in agony cause I just do not know; Where you are”

The lyrics suggest that this person suddenly went missing or disappeared without a trace, and without explanation. It’s a complete mystery, and rather ominous.
“I just need to know whatever has happened”

Simply knowing the truth (even if it's bad) will at least bring closure.
"The truth will free my soul"

And if the truth is that the missing loved one has died, then the only consolation left is if they’re in heaven.
“Almost hope you're in heaven; so no one can hurt your soul”
These undertones of possible threat would suggest that this missing person hasn't simply ghosted the artist.

The only thing the artist has is hope to keep them going and trying to find their missing loved one.
“Never stop hoping”
“I'll keep on trying until my dying day”

The “loved one” is left ambiguous, so that others can insert their own “loved one” to empathise with the general experience rather than the artist sharing a specific personal experience.
"But one thing is for sure, You're always in my heart"
So it could be a child, a female/male lover, family member, platonic friend.
- Young children are often less apt or able to navigate their way around to find home and are more vulnerable.
- If an adult goes missing, it could mean they’re kidnapped, enslaved, trapped.
- A missing adult might’ve chosen to leave. The song assumes that the relationship was good. So another possibility is that the missing person fled from some danger unbeknownst to the artist.
- MIA (not KIA) soldiers are usually chalked up to death but not outside the possibility of simply being missing but still alive.

The unknown nature of missing person causes one to imagine all the possible reasons and worst case scenarios, and yet having no way to verify which possibility is true leaving one to guess endlessly until the truth brings closure.

Linkin Park – Shadow Of The Day Lyrics 4 years ago
It seems like that it's farewell that's the lesser of 2 evils. Either stay and suffer or leave the suffer along with all the good.
"Sometimes solutions aren't so simple. Sometimes goodbye's the only way, oh"

A sun setting is something that happens for everyone, but when grief is so overwhelming, it feels as though the sun is setting just for you.
"And the shadow of the day Will embrace the world in gray"
Is a beautiful way to say that as the sun sets, everything becomes dark.
"Embrace" personifies the shadow covering the earth in night, and connotes the sort of big full hug/embrace of sadness that the person leaving wishes (or does) experiences. Perhaps the person didn't get to hug anyone, and the setting sun and shadow of the say is all comfort that the leaver gets.

"I close both locks below the window. I close both blinds and turn away"
Shows the person packing up their home and bedroom, and leaving home, heading to another place.
"Sometimes beginnings aren't so simple."
After leaving home, it shows that the person is heading somewhere new. Staring a new beginning elsewhere.

"In cards and flowers on your window Your friends all plead for you to stay"
The friends of this person knew that he/she was leaving and was expressing how much they wanted the person to stay through farewell cards and flowers. Things that are not typical of suicide. Cards and flowers for a deceased suicide victim would typically express condolences rather than plea to stay.

If this song was about suicide then it would be saying "Suicide is ok, it's tough, but sometimes it's the only way", but I don't think this song is saying that. I think this song expresses that goodbyes are especially sad when there's no solution to a problem so toxic where leaving is the only way.

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