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Twenty One Pilots – Not Today Lyrics 1 year ago
I think 'Not Today' is sung towards Blurryface. Every time Tyler says 'you' in this song, that 'you' is Blurryface. I feel that this song is a victory song about defeating Blurryface, as it's very upbeat and sounds happy.

"You are out of my mind,
you aren't seeing my side,
you waste all this time trying to get to me,
but you are out of my mind"
Blurryface is out of Tyler's mind, he is no longer thinking about Blurryface and having negative thoughts.
Blurryface is constantly trying to get to Tyler, but Tyler isn't giving in, as Blurryface is out of his mind.

"Heard you say 'Not Today',
tore the curtains down, windows open now make a sound,
Heard your voice, 'there's no choice',
tore the curtains down, windows open now make a noise"
When Blurryface says 'not today' he's saying that Tyler isn't going to defeat him, not today. Blurryface tells Tyler that there's no choice but to listen to him, and it's not a choice whether he listens to Blurryface or not, he needs to.

"Don't you test me no, just because i play the piano,
doesn't mean i am not willing to take you down,
i'm sorry"
Piano is a soft sounding instrument to play, therefore Blurryface thinks he can easily get to Tyler because he is weak for playing something like the piano.
Tyler is telling Blurryface not to test him, because he will take Blurryface down, or at least try to.
He's sorry that he's taking down Blurryface, because he knows that Blurryface is a part of him and if he takes him down then he'll be no one.

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