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Breathe – Hands To Heaven Lyrics 5 years ago
@[DRAMAGAL03:22554] You wrote this message so many years ago now. It was moving to read it. One great thing about good music is that its message can often be mutable and conform to different hearts, like water. A universal message speaking directly to all of our hearts, but filtered through our own individual souls. I have heard this song so many times and will listen to it many more before my time is over. When I hear it I listen to it on different levels at once. It whispers of deep, soulful, healing love and savoring those special moments that do not last. Such love is difficult to live without when it is lost but we come to a place where we need smile because it happened, and no longer hurt because it is over. This is after the wound has healed. Ultimately, everything is more beautiful because we are doomed. So many people take life for granted until its too late.

You may never read this, but I hope you moved forward in your life and found peace and happiness. I hope you have healed your wounds.

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