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The Smiths – Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want Lyrics 5 days ago
Morrisey is a poet, that's it.

Culture Club – Mistake No. 3 Lyrics 5 months ago
I think this song is talkin about life and how everybody acts like shit

The Rolling Stones – Wild Horses Lyrics 1 year ago
I heard this song first with "The sundays" and I thought it was fine. But when I heard it in Mick Jagger's voice I almost teared up, I got all sentimental with the voice and the guitar, and I knew that the message could have a lot of meanings.
But to me it is remembering the struggle to keep up with the family, the love and caring, you share a lot of things with your family, if not now maybe in the past.

Guns N' Roses – Look at Your Game, Girl Lyrics 2 years ago
I know this song belongs to charles manson but I prefer to comment in the cover of gnr.. I think this is a song about a depressed girl that isnt really living her life, she must star living.

10,000 Maniacs – What's The Matter Here? Lyrics 2 years ago
she said once that it was about a kid that it was beaten or something, I can´t remember, this song makes me so sad.

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