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The Verve – Sonnet Lyrics 2 years ago
I think this is a love song however one about a woman and not Ashcroft.

The opening lyrics of "my friend and me looking through her red box of memories" could be Ashcroft and a woman talking about a person that the woman loved, however it was long ago and she can't remember at lot about it but she still loves that person " faded I'm sure but love seems to stick in her veins you know"

I also feel like this is a way of the woman warning Ashcroft about what some people you love will end up hurting you emotionally. The " nature has it's way of warning me" could support this as humans are animals to and animals are a huge part of nature. I think he then goes to God with years for this woman and is questioning it "eyes open wide lolling at the heavens with a tear in my eye"

The "sinking faster than a boat without a hull" could be the woman's heart which may of been broke and has hit rock bottom" the " dreaming about the day when I can see you there" could signify hope however this is just a theory.

The ending part " here we go again but my head is gone" might be about drugs or blowing his brains out" but he stops because he sees his friends suffering " I'll stop to say hello"

Pulp – F.E.E.L.I.N.G.C.A.L.L.E.D.L.O.V.E. Lyrics 2 years ago
I think this is about a persons very first time as it is different from other exciting and adrenaline pulp songs about love making (aside from do you remember the first time?) I think that Jarvis is trying to portray that a persons first time is going to be somewhat scary.

The Verve – Catching The Butterfly Lyrics 2 years ago
I think this song is about Richards childhood.

The lyrics "I'm gonna keep catching that butterfly in that butterfly in that dream of mine" could be a reflection on Richards childhood before his dad passed. I think he is reflecting on the joy he had as a child, before he became a victim of depression.

The lyrics "through life no fun", and " I want to run" could be him trying to recreate his childhood joy to help him fight his depression. I also think that the lyrics "my lucid dreams" could be him picturing these memories as vividly as he can.

This one of my most favourite songs off of Urban Hymns.

The Verve – Appalachian Springs Lyrics 2 years ago
To me this is about finding yourself, your true inner self. And McCabe's outro on this song is a complete tranquil sea of bliss.

Nirvana – Rape Me Lyrics 2 years ago
The intro guitar is smells like teen spirit played backwards

The Verve – Velvet Morning Lyrics 2 years ago
I think it's about pride

The Verve – Weeping Willow Lyrics 2 years ago
I completely agree that it is about suicide however the title weeping willow says something otherwise. This is because weeping obviously means crying and willow in the dictionary is also an adjective of willowy meaning slender or graceful unlike the tree weeping willow.

Nevertheless it's a brilliant song with some of most shape shifting and wooziest keyboards ever. And Simon Jones bass lines are great in this song. It is indeed a haunting song

Richard Ashcroft – Brave New World Lyrics 2 years ago
This album was released in 2000 and people thought that the year 2000 would be the end of the world. But it didn't end and it's a new century resulting in a new world with many things in this century to come.

This is a very soft and wonderful song tho.

The Verve – Lord, I Guess I'll Never Know Lyrics 2 years ago
There's a psychological quote stating that when you can't sleep at night somebody is dreaming about you. There's also another stating that when you are thinking heavily about someone they where thinking of you first.

I think this song is about either one of those two because you will never know who is thinking or dreaming about you and likewise the person that you are thinking or dreaming about will never know that you are thinking/dreaming about them.

I personally think that this could be about that as he will never know who a certain person is dreaming of and he wants to know "tell me who do you see when you die in your dreams" and "you holding me". But he will never know and wants God to tell him. "Oh lord I guess I'll never know"

Richard Ashcroft – Everybody Needs Somebody to Hurt Lyrics 2 years ago
This song speaks for it's self and the very title of it speaks for it's self as it is a very doomed but ever so true title.

I think it's about depression to which Richard Ashcroft did have. I think it's about a person who has been hurt by almost every one that they have came across and they have left to forget it "you feel lonely on the train"

This person could be on the search for help but is feeling so down with dark emotional grief that the person thinks that no one will understand this persons suffering until they eventually hit rock bottom "you keep it all inside one day it's going to come flooding out". But until then they keep it to themselves and it's killing him/her "silence penetrates you and the walls are closing". He/she is hurt and has also built walls to isolate themselves so that this person doesn't get anymore hurt.

The words "looking at that phone waiting, just waiting for someone to ring" could mean for anyone to ring this person to help then break out of their shell and that the "good friend" part could be a reference to that one person that might ring him/her

Richard Ashcroft – Hold On Lyrics 2 years ago
I think this song is possibly about a soldier that is either saying goodbye to a girl to fight in a war, or has either just returned home from a war.

The lyrics "I feel like we are the only ones alive" could suggest that if the man is in a war some or many of his mates could of been killed and he fears that he may die to but the though of his sweetheart back home is keeping him going as he has lost people close to him in the war.

I also think that the words "hold on" could support the above paragraph as the thought of his girl is keeping him going and he is holding on to his feelings and thoughts of her.

Whereas if he has just retuned home from the war he has seen horrific things and wants to hold on to his girl and not let her go after seeing people lose their lives on battle

Radiohead – Creep Lyrics 2 years ago
To me this song is personal as it symbolises how I fell after what a girl I loved did to me.

I think it's about somebody who loved someone that much they are obsessed with that person knowing full well that it is strange with the lyrics

I'm a creep
I'm a weirdo
What the hell am I doing here?
I don't belong here

And Johnny Greenwood's guitar is an absolute beast.

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