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Billy Bragg – Greetings To The New Brunette Lyrics 9 months ago
@[wibblypignz:24757] ...This is my first reply. So I'm puzzling a bit.

Billy Bragg – Greetings To The New Brunette Lyrics 9 months ago
@[Nagi1995:24756] (to wibblypignz) Thank you very much for your explanation! I'm operating a blog about lyric translation. And I've just rewritten my previous post consulting your interpretation. Though they are written in Japanese, I'm very glad if you look at them. Bragg

Now that I have some further questions.

1)."And if you haven't noticed yet
I'm more impressionable when my cement is wet"
...Then, Should I consider this "if" is same as "though"? Isn't this phrase an subjunctive mood? Is Billy singing "I'm more impressionable when my cement is wet. Although you haven't noticed this yet"?

2).Your interpretation about "new brunette" was excellent. And quite acceptable for me. But once I know that this phrase is also mysterious for English speakers, then, I'm feeling there can be some other interpretations.

For example, if a lady with blonde hair (Shirley?) get old, naturally her hair gets white. Can't be considered brunette as the color of "between periods"?

...We Japanese all have black hairs. So it's difficult for me to imagine the whole life of a lady with blonde hair. Possibly I'm speaking totally nonsense. But can't it be interpreted as "Give my greetings to you in future (10 or 20 years later)". How do you think about?

Anyway, I'm very happy now because you kindly answered my question. I've got many other questions about other songs. I hope you to keep teaching for me. Thanx again!

The Band – The Unfaithful Servant Lyrics 1 year ago
"Goodbye to that country home,
so long, lady I have known,
Farewell to my other side,
I'd best just take it in stride"

...Whose words are these? I thought the singer is a friend of the "unfaithful servant". But this part sounds as if the "unfaithful servant " is singing.

Billy Bragg – Greetings To The New Brunette Lyrics 1 year ago
Hello, I'm a Japanese.I have loved this song for many years. It seems there're no difficult or complicated expression in this lyric. However, I cannot make out what this song deals with clearly until today. And I have many questions about this lyric. Can anybody tells me what you thought or felt?

①"You’re my reason to get out of bed before noon"...Is getting out of bed before noon early or late for the singer?

②"running before we were walking"..,What does this mean? A kind of proverb?

③"How can you lie there and think of england/ When you don’t even know who’s in the team"
my understanding: She was thinking about the future of England strictly. But the word "England" means nothing for him except for the name of a football team...Right?

④"And if you haven’t noticed yet/ I’m more impressionable when my cement is wet"
my understanding: He is saying that he gets nervous about the omen of breakup if she doesn't notice the new tattoo of him...Right?

⑤"The people from your church agree/ It’s not much of a career"
...This phrase is especially difficult for us both grammatically and culturally. Does "The people from your church" mean "the people having same religion as her" (and his religion is not same as her)? Does "It’s not much of a career" mean their account on him? (Then why the subject is "it" ?)

⑥"Trying the handles of parked cars"...What does this phrase mean? A kind of metaphor?

⑦"Give my greetings to the new brunette"...I cannot help thinking that this "new brunette" means her new lover. But why and how things got so? He said "Here we are in our summer years" just prior to this...

...I cannot understand even why this song is difficult for me because my English is poor or this song is vague in the first place. Please let me hear your opinion.

The Buggles – Video Killed the Radio Star Lyrics 1 year ago
Hello. I'm a Japanese. I love this song and I have a general idea of what this song means. And I think this song is comparably understandable. But it's very difficult to understand in detail. Especially the tenses of this song seems very complicated.

Q1. If I was young it didn't stop you coming through
...Isn't this "subjunctive past" ? I have no idea how to suggest the meaning of this part.

Q2. And now I understand the problems you can see
...Why is this "you can see"? If it were "you could see", I could feel more understandable...

Q3. And you remember the jingles used to go
...Why is this a declarative sentence? If it were "do you remember", I could feel more understandable...

These are grammatical questions. And another one is about contents.

Q4. They took the credit for your second symphony
...I think "you" represents the "radio star". So I think he/she cannot be a musician or composer. Then what does "your second symphony"? Is this "you" another person?

Any opinions are welcome!

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