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Tim McGraw – I Called Mama Lyrics 3 months ago
The song makes me think of all wasted opportunities in life and how often we wish we can turn back time and redo everything. Well, that wakeup call always gets many of us unprepared. In this case, what he heard made him think about his parents and how long he hadn’t spoken to them. Right there and then, he picked his phone and made a call! He knew that those he loved and loved him were most important in this life, and their happiness was something he had to ensure.

Even with this revelation, he continued his routine of stopping at the Texaco, picking a slim Jim and Coke, and proceeding to his space at the river to write a song and sing it to the flowing waters and the oak trees. He is singing in the past, but in the end, it takes up a present continuous tense is where he is doing it now.

Waiting to actualize your dream will only hamper the execution timeline. Therefore, go for it, open up to those who are ready to hear like the oak trees and the flowing river, one of them will offer support and pick you up. And who else can do better than you mama or papa!

So take action and remedy your past mistakes, make it good with those closest to you. When that time comes, you celebrate time well spent and a person highly loved.

Pharrell Williams – Entrepreneur Lyrics 3 months ago
Pharrell just came out with a new song called “Entrepreneur” featuring Jay-Z. I will listen to anything that has Jay on it. Pharrell is a hit or miss for me. I get he is a genius. I understand why he is so amazing. I will not deny his talent and drive. It’s just that about half of his songs I can only listen to once or twice. That being said, I was excited to hear how this song would work with these two, seeing as how it’s been awhile since their last collaboration.

I gave the lyrics a read through before I listened to the song. I didn’t look up anything about it before I listened so I wouldn’t have any notions in my head. The lyrics themselves are so great. The verses are filled with emotion about being Black in this country. You can just feel Pharrell’s feelings ooze through when you read them.

I really thought the song would be more rough, the beat and melody a bit harder. The song starts with Pharrell whispering the first verse, and then his whispers his other verse. At first I didn’t like that, but after the second listen I thought Pharrell was trying to show that Black voices are really hard to hear in this country right now. We have to strain to listen to them. They aren’t being heard as loudly as they should be. I didn’t care for the whispering though.

Jay-Z’s verse was everything that I thought it would be. I absolutely loved it. I know it’s about Black Lives Matter, but the bit “sittin' around waitin' for folks to throw you a bone. If you can't buy the building at least stock the shelf (Word). Then keep on stackin' 'til you stockin' for yourself, uh” I think can hit the heart of a lot of people right now. Also “shows with no hues that look like you do” is such a part of our culture right now. Trying to make sure every single person is represented. Making sure all voices are heard, that there is an equal opportunity is very much where we are at.

Now, the song itself, not so much. I just didn’t like most of it. The beat was fine. I can almost get over the whispering of Pharrell’s verses. The parts where he just says “Black man” over and over again was fine. The rest though, it was almost too busy. I know he likes to put funk in his work and his songs all have their original thing. I just found this one to be a bit too much with the layering. There was so much over the actual song it was hard to hear it. Then I thought maybe that was intentional, that Pharrell was trying to show how hard it’s been for Black voices to be heard. I don’t know if I’m reading into it something that’s not there, and he just thought it sounded good. It just didn’t work for me. The lyrics yes, so much yes. The sounds itself of the song, no, not really.

Pharrell Williams – Entrepreneur Lyrics 3 months ago
This song is the personification of black excellence and creativity when we have little to work with from an economic standpoint. The song provides a history lesson and inspiration for future black entrepreneurs to realize that they can own the intellectual property they create on social media platforms like twitter and Facebook. Since historically blacks have not owned any real big money white corporations, we can benefit from coming together and sharing our own resources to make more money.

My opinion on this song is that it is a good and inspirational vibe reminiscent of the socially conscious lyrics of Marvin Gaye or Grandmaster Flash back in the day. Even though we are oppressed as black creative people, we do not have to be in competition with each other economically. There is enough of the money pie for all and ultra rich whites that own these firms have proven to us that the model works in America.

The lyrics make reference to the black Twitter world and the way that we brag about “owning” that but Jack Dorsey is the one getting paid from all of that. This lyric is kind of a flashback to Kanye West lyric on All Falls Down song that says “ buying Gucci but the white man get paid of all that”. The lyrics stress the importance of ownership and personal accountability to ourselves to be all that we can be in a racist world.

Pharrell Williams – Entrepreneur Lyrics 3 months ago

If you haven’t watched this video, you’re making a big mistake. The beat is beautifully smooth, the lyrics are powerful and direct, but it is the video that got me. It was listening to ‘Black man, black man black man’ almost chanting in support while watching a seemingly never-ending collection of clips featuring black men, women, families and communities. These clips feature successful black-owned businesses from the US mostly, but also internationally. (Remember to keep watching once the credits start, there are additional international businesses )

There has been a big push to support local black businesses (which you should), and Williams and JAY-Z did the work to feature dozens of entrepreneurs in their element. My only wish was there was a chant or more vocal support for black women, but that is the femenist in me needing to support other women. In the video, however, they work to make up for it. The music video features educators, dancers, midwifes, artists, skateboarders, bakers, app designers, chefs, entertainers, florists

I’ve watched this video about 6 times in the past hour, not for the music but for the knowledge. I love that they put REAL knowledge in this video. One in particular sticks out, featuring Debbie Allen, the CEO of Tribe Midwifery. “Entrepreneur” highlighted the fact that “black women are 3-4 times more likely to die from pregnancy-related complications than white women”. As a mother I knew this because I am personally interested in our countries lacking care for new moms, but to see this on such a big platform is beautiful. Seeing TyAnthony Davis founding Vox collegiate Junior High for the students in his community who weren’t being served (by our disastrous education system, but that’s for another day). I love it. Thank you Pharrell Williams and JAY-Z for making this song, and this video, right now.

Juice WRLD – Come & Go Lyrics 4 months ago
The song "Come & Go" by Juice WRLD and Marshmello was released on July 10th, 2020 as a part of his newest album "Legends Never Die." Come & Go is a great addition to his album since it talks about his past mistakes and regrets and how he might never get a chance to say sorry. I, and a lot of others, don't know his love life personally, but from the song, it seems like he did something that he regrets with a past girlfriend, and he's wanting for her to see him in a different way before it's too late.

In my opinion, the vibes of the song don't match the music that plays in the background. The song is meant to be in a depressing way due to its message and the fact that Juice WRLD is no longer with us, meaning that in a way, one of his worst nightmares came true. Marshmello's chorus makes it seem like the song is happier than it sounds (it's still a great song in my opinion). The bass, the echos, and the melody sounds amazing, but to me, the chorus doesn't match Juice WRLD's message.

Halsey – You Should Be Sad Lyrics 10 months ago
I first heard Halsey’s “You Should Be Sad” a couple weeks ago when the music video premiered on YouTube. It made sense that YouTube’s algorithm would recommend it: I love Halsey’s voice and an increasingly growing number of her songs are on heavy rotation in my car. So naturally I had to give “You Should Be Sad” a listen.

The first thing I noticed during that first listen is that this song really refuses to be put in a box stylistically. It’s driven by an acoustic guitar with a fun, laid-back rhythm, and Halsey wears a cowboy hat (and not much else) in the music video. But it’s still very much a Halsey song, with her power-pop/soft rock ballad voice. Although these stylistic contradictions were tricky to listen to on first play, I was definitely singing along to the chorus the second time it came around. She’s a couple albums deep into her career now (this single is tied to the release of ‘Manic’) so naturally she wants to expand her horizons and try new things. Keeping your music interesting and evolving as an artist means taking some risks; Halsey’s never had the play-it-safe personality, after all.

Lyrically, it seems like a continuation of the general theme of “Without Me”: all you ever did was put me down when I’m the one who “put you up there”. Good luck on your own, etc. Halsey denied in interviews that “Without Me” had anything to do with her break up with G-Eazy. I don’t know how she can deny it for “You Should Be Sad”. It’ll be blowing out my car speakers regardless.

Halsey – You Should Be Sad Lyrics 10 months ago
Hasley has come of age in the recent era of pop artists living with an overbearing lack of privacy. With fans clamoring for any information relating to the singer's personal life, her breakups become social currency anyone following her on social. With "You Should Be Sad", Halsey has presented an update on that iconic cornerstone of pop music: the revenge break-up song. In this country-influenced single, the 25-year-old works through feelings of regret, loss, and empowerment over her breakup with rapper G-Eazy.

This type of post-love vengeance has dominated the top charts of America's pop landscape for decades. Compared to recent hits as Ariana Grande's, “Thank You Next” and Ellie Gouldings, “On My Mind”, Halsey's interpretation seems to fall short in delivery. Her lyrics rely on clichés rather than originality, while the two short verses in the song get washed out by a repetitive chorus.

The first verse reveals her ambitions for the song, stating that the artist has something to get off her chest, a common opening salvo in this vein of music. She then conjures images of her ex, coping with the loss of her love through materialism and vices. This line providing social commentary on the ideal lifestyle of a rapper and further singling out her ex G-Eazy.

The first chorus provides a bit of poetic justice with a reference to the idiom of alligators eyes, representing a false sense of sorrow in her ex's disposition. Yet, other than this remark, Halsey maintains her refrain of, “I feel so sorry, I feel so sad” and supports the position that she did not understand the motivations of her lover. The song is a compelling reflection on the loss of love with its moving melody, yet it's lacking lyrical bite. Halsey clearly demonstrates her musical talent with raw, raspy, vocals throughout the track. As an epic guitar riff begins to mix over the bridge of, repetitive and drawn out “yeah, yeah, yeahs” Halsey's song evokes feelings of middle school dance love. It's a promising performance from a young talent, but hopefully some other tracks on the album graduate beyond puppy love graspings.

Pearl Jam – Dance of the Clairvoyants Lyrics 10 months ago
Pearl Jam has just released their latest single, Dance of the Clairvoyants. This is the first single that has been released from their newest album Gigaton that will be out in March. Dance of the Clairvoyants is the first step in ending the almost seven year dry streak without an album being released. Gigaton will be their 11th album and this will essentially be the newest “decade” of albums for Pearl Jam.

Before listening to Dance of the Clairvoyants, I had to look up the definition of the word, “Clairvoyants.” In a nutshell, it is almost a sixth sense where someone can see events or people who exist in the future. After learning that little tidbit, I knew this song was going to give me a joyride.

My first impression of the Dance of the Clairvoyants song lyrics blew me away. The sound of the music also blew me away. It reminded me a bit of Tom Morello’s collaboration with Steve Aioki in How Long from 2018. To me this song means that, despite being able to ignore the past and live in the future, having a constant futuristic mindset becomes mundane and transforms into your present. Vedder finds the Clairvoyants positive and rosy worldview admirable, he feels that they are not realistic and are not understanding of how life works.

Overall, I really enjoyed the song and I am excited for the full album to be released in March and for Pearl Jam’s Tour for 2020.

Eminem – Godzilla Lyrics 10 months ago
Is Godzilla a “classic”?

I love the theme of becoming a monster when drunk or under the influence. However, it feels like this theme was somewhat abandoned after the first verse moving into the 2nd and 3rd. Later on, he is calling himself a monster for his lyrical abilities and how no one is safe from being ripped into lyrically if they step to him. This kind of content is not surprising as Em has been heavily influenced by battle-rapping.

I would have liked to see a bit more cohesiveness either by changing the chorus to match the battle-rap style verses or by changing the verses to be more centered on the change that occurs by perhaps focusing on the before and after. Perhaps Juice WRLD’s verse would have given this song the cohesiveness I was looking for. Overall I think the song is a great lyrical flex, but won’t be a classic of his due to its lack of cohesive thematic content.

Justin Bieber – Yummy Lyrics 10 months ago
I'm not a huge fan of today's algorithmic music -- put lyrics and melody into equation, tweak it a bit, and out pops a song that's designed to be enjoyed by many.

That said, I'm a bit torn because often once an artist becomes rich and famous, those things that made their music so pure and emotional (love, drugs, loss) go away (or seemingly go away). It's still there somewhere I'm sure, but the music isn't quite as deep because their no longer struggling in the same ways.

Here Justin is clearly speaking from the heart when it comes to his love, which is admirable. You can see just by listening and reading over the lyrics though that it's pretty generic and shallow as far as the lyrics go. Just look at how often the word yum appears. It reminds me of the scene in Summer School when they use the word "very" enough times to hit the word limit set by the teacher.

So, props to Justin for finding love and sharing it with the world. He could probably do better, though.

Eminem – Darkness Lyrics 10 months ago
Man, this track got me right in the feels straight from the get go. Em immediately opens by discussing depression, which is something I’ve struggled with. The feelings of darkness, of the walls closing in, of curtains being snatched closed and of overall helplessness and hopelessness are bitter old enemies of mine. He then talks about dulling the pain with alcohol and drugs. The idea that beer isn’t enough, he’s gonna need vodka. Again, this all seems too familiar.

I didn’t think much of the references to Vegas and gambling at first, but the full frontal assault with double entendres referencing firearms definitely hit their target. I thought this song might have a happy ending of sorts. I was wrong. I still wasn’t sure exactly where Mr. Mathers was going with this, but I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty.

Into the second verse, I started hearing about anxiety over the future. Panicking over what-ifs and situations that almost certainly won’t happen. He’s talking about freaking out before a show, but I’m hearing the anxiety I sometimes battle over my own job. And then here comes all the sneaky double talk about guns and shooting again. When the 3rd verse begins, it hits me. Eminem has been covertly talking about the Las Vegas mass shooting this whole time, from the viewpoint of the shooter no less. Now there’s no more hiding, he’s shooting from a hotel window with limitless firepower. Darkness, indeed.

This track is aptly named for sure. The first single off of Eminem’s surprise album is definitely DARK. With so many mass shootings and gun violence in general here in the USA, I’d say it’s right on time and directly on point, too. The problem begins with mental health, and so does this song. Common sense gun control is needed also, and that is touched on too. Eminem does a brilliant job tying together the troubling issues of lack of mental health care and mass shootings in the USA. If this song doesn’t touch a nerve, then I don’t know what will.

Lady GaGa – Shallow Lyrics 2 years ago
Wow. This song is absolutely fantastic. I must humbly say that I was not expecting to be moved so much by such a simple and short song. But despite it being simple and short, “Shallow” is a beautiful, sweet and eloquent song filled with powerful emotion and a clear point to prove. The song is set up in such a way it would be difficult to nail down a single genre to put this song into. And in a similar fashion, I think it would be difficult to nail down a singular idea of the song.

Lyrically speaking, there’s so many situations you could apply this song too and having that element in a piece of music is a part of what makes it great. I was able to draw from the song that it’s really a song about faith and trust. It takes that kind of bravery and courage you get from being faithful and trusting to be able to hold someone’s hand and then plunge yourselves into the deep end and fully commit, whether you commit to each or if you commit to something you’re doing together.

All in all, it’s a beautiful song with a beautiful meaning of trust, faith, and mutual companionship. If you’re going to do anything at all, plunge into it wholeheartedly. If you’re not going to do a job all the way, don’t do it at all.

Maroon 5 – Girls Like You Lyrics 2 years ago
Girls Like You is to Maroon 5 like Bonnie and Clyde is to Jay-Z. There’s both looking for the same thing, a ride or die chick. Throughout the track, Adam Levine is crooning at length to a girl that he’s put through a lot. He’s been drunk; they’ve been fighting. But, at the end of the night, their magnetic pull is undeniable.

Childish Gambino – This Is America Lyrics 2 years ago
This song is oozing with social commentary that is exposed through satiric trap-influenced lyrics.

This social commentary is all the more obvious through the song’s controversial video which showcases graphic gun violence and directly after showing Childish Gambino doing various dances that you might recognize from your favorite social media network. America’s endless fascination with black culture is directly juxtaposed by its inherent neglect for black lives. The country seems to live in this odd realm of being where it showcases its love of various aspects of black culture (trap music, various dances, etc.) enough to pull the wool over the viewer’s eyes so they won’t notice the never-ending injustice and horror that’s happening in America every single day.

The video is essentially a practice in that hypothesis. Depending on how desensitized you are to gun violence, you may notice the dancing more than you do the violence. The two topics obviously don’t match each other in importance but yet they have a fair shot at getting the attention of the viewer. The clash of these two instances truly show how crazy living in America really is, but interestingly, how used to it most Americans are.

A Perfect Circle – The Doomed Lyrics 3 years ago
It's hard not to see the parallels with what is going on in the U.S. right now.

Many thought things would be different this time, and they are, but as it turns out, they're not different in the way they might have hoped.

Crazy that Maynard and APC are still putting such deep and well put together stuff out after all these years. Glad to hear new APC.

Jay-Z – The Story of O.J. Lyrics 3 years ago
So is there some underlying message about Orenthal, or is this just a slang term I'm not familiar with?

Linkin Park – Heavy (feat. Kiiara) Lyrics 3 years ago
This one really doesn't do it for me. And it's not the genre change or any of that. To me this feels like trying to latch onto the new hot trend of having a female vocalist on the track and talking about some deeper meaning of life.

But on most accounts, this one falls short. The lyrics seems pretty shallow overall, and despite Kiiara's strong vocals, it just never gets beyond something that feels quickly tossed together without true depth.

Kendrick Lamar – DNA Lyrics 3 years ago
Interesting too that he states the following:

This is why I say that hip hop has done more damage
To young African Americans than racism in recent years

Is Kendrick calling others out, or just hip hop/rap as a genre? It's almost as if he's conflicted, as he bounces back-and-forth on this dilemma.

Machine Gun Kelly – At My Best Lyrics 3 years ago
Question: Writing credits go to Hailee, but how much did MGK contribute? He definitely has the depth for this. I know it's a bit softer than a lot of his stuff, but he did fight a long hard road to get where he is at, so I could see him adding to it.

Kendrick Lamar – XXX (feat. U2) Lyrics 3 years ago
I feel a serious old school vibe here. The pacing seems weird at first, but the second verse with the piano in the background slows it down just right.

At first I felt like I couldn't take it as seriously, but when he ends it with "America's reflections of me, that's what a mirror does" it hits you. We like to blame the politicians or these people or those people, but it's all of us--we let it get to this point, for better or worse.

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