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Stephen Stills – Change Partners Lyrics 3 years ago
I think on the surface this is a throwback to the early 20th c. or even earlier in theme and story. But it's really about the change from monogamy to serial monogamy or multiple patrners that occurred with greater effect in the 1960s and 70s. The country club dance is a metaphor for general society and romance. Relationships won't last - eventually it will be time to change partners .. again. It is typical of Stills to have an actual story that is also a metaphorical comment.

The Buggles – Vermilion Sands Lyrics 3 years ago
The title comes from the J G Ballard book and story "Vermilliion Sands" and some of the imagery "Live life like you're flying solo Never in the net - in the net Dancing in silence the orchestra late In the Essoldo or down by the lake I don't care" "Sand yacht on a thermal roller We were never there - never there" reflects the book and the title story. Picture a permanent Burning Man with servants. "Catering to a mosaic of people in the languid heat of the desert, Vermilion Sands is a resort town where tourists and poets, merchants and artists, actresses and retirees live in indolent leisure, clashes evolving on occasion from their circumstances and personality issues"

Vicki Lawrence – The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia Lyrics 3 years ago
I beleive the reason Young Bride and Andy Wolloe were Little Sister's victims was that both of them were guilty of extreme betrayal (newly wedded wife, best friend) whereas Seth Amos was simply taking advantage of Young Bride's cheating nature. It nowhere says she killed Seth Amos or the judge or anyone but Andy and the bride.

Vicki Lawrence – The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia Lyrics 3 years ago
The song has 5 people:
1. "Brother"
2. "Andy Wolloe"
3. "Young Bride"
4. "Seth Amos"
5. "Little Sister"

Little Sister killed Young Bride then killed Andy Wolloe
Brother was hanged for killing Andy Wolloe

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