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Depeche Mode – One Caress Lyrics 2 years ago
The girl is dead. He is pleading to her to caress him, but to no avail. He wants to die himself, and he knows the time when she caresses him, that he'll be dead, and "blessed". The stanza about sin is showing regret, as it is his fault she is dead. Perhaps he cheated on her and caused her to kill herself, maybe he drove recklessly and she died in a crash, it is uncertain. But what is certain is that a poor, sinful decision of him caused her to die. And if she caresses him, he is forgiven, and will be blessed (likely going to heaven), otherwise he'll be left a shell of his former self and wander the Earth only to rot away.

Depeche Mode – The Child Inside Lyrics 2 years ago
A song about tragic abuse and the repression of those horrible acts, leading to the loss of a will to live.

And if you hate capitalism, can you really come up with a better alternative?

Depeche Mode – In Your Room Lyrics 2 years ago
It appears to be about either abuse or an existential trip into himself.

Abuse interpretation- The person he is addressing has control over him, and he had a consentual yet regretful attidute towards it. It doesn't appear sexual, it actually appears very fearful.

Existential- He looks inward into himself to imagine all the things he could do and all the emotions to explore, only to realize that none of it will be realized and it will all be stuck inside himself.

Depeche Mode – Shouldn't Have Done That Lyrics 2 years ago
It's similar to other songs alluding to World War II in Europe, as people feared nationalism. Historically, Britain was fiercely brainwashing their youth, then the youth began rebelling (rock and roll). I believe this song is calling out the mistake of letting the government raise your children instead of raising your children yourself.

Depeche Mode – Dressed In Black Lyrics 3 years ago
@[Empiricalproof:16844] No, after a husband or other close family member would die in older days the women would wear a black dress in mourning, and would be left alone by all lovers until she stopped wearing black dresses. This song is about be led along and then being manipulated.

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