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Against Me! – Rapid Decompression Lyrics 2 years ago
"There's no bottom to your reality
Your desperation is utter and complete
What you can't love about yourself
You have to steal from someone else
And what you can't steal
What you can't steal, you have to deny"

"Every single Against Me! record has songs about me dealing with my dysphoria... " - Laura Jane Grace

Against Me! – Nuclear Cowboys in an Age of Drift Lyrics 2 years ago
This song pretty much sums up how fucked up US government is

Against Me! – Walking Is Still Honest Lyrics 2 years ago
@[inyourwake:16575] i think the song was written in late '99.. Could be referring to Y2K..

Against Me! – Burning Bridges Lyrics 2 years ago
"Burning Bridges never to indulge in self-deceit again. Who's kidding who when you're lying to yourself? Having fun burning bridges never to look back on the past that made you what you are."

Very telling..

Against Me! – Eden Quest Lyrics 2 years ago
"Someday accepted as you for you.
Someday accepted as me for me.
Someday all walks of life will be free....You can lie to yourself, you can abandon the world, you can pray on the cure nature's judgement still stands." "...... till you accept me for me."
Theres stuff in Vivida Vis! that's pretty damn obvious too.. The first 3 lines....

Against Me! – The Disco Before the Breakdown Lyrics 2 years ago
This song is definitely not about gay relationships. There was some magazine article where Laura talked about this song. It's full of metaphors about being trans. But basically Laura said that in '02, she didnt really understand herself either, she thought of herself as "2 different people fighting for control in 1 body", hence 1 reason for using "we" &"us" to refer to herself in this song.

"And i know they're going to laugh at us, when they see us out together "holding hands" like this..."
Or in other words, "I know they're going to laugh at me, when they see me dressed like this"
To me, its funny how people think this song is about "forbidden love" or something like that.. It serms obvious it doesnt really mean "holding hands" because it's in quotes.

Against Me! – Ed Is Sexy Lyrics 2 years ago
This is also on Total Clarity; "Lost and Searching in America

Against Me! – All This (And More) Lyrics 2 years ago
Im pretty sure she actually says "one hundred sixty miles to Cincinnati" and "one hundred sixty miles to regret"

Against Me! – Anna Is a Fucking Stool Pigeon Lyrics 2 years ago
Eric was finally released in January. 2015..

Against Me! – Amputations Lyrics 2 years ago
There's a singing, theres a dancing...

We were just children

Against Me! – Turn Those Clapping Hands into Angry Balled Fists Lyrics 2 years ago
There's a couple different themes in this song. The beginning talks about consumerism and how easy it is to get stuck in a shitty monotonous routine.
But when you get to this part...
"and you do what you do
'cause doing can start to form a habit.. ..and if something doesn't break, i'm just going to go, go fucking insane."
To me, she's talking about reaching a point where everything you do is out of habit, whether by choice or not
The ending is kinda sad though.. I mean..

i hate these songs
i hate the words
that the singer is singing to me
i hate this melody
i hate this stupid fucking drum beat
but i'm not going to tell anyone
what i'm really thinking about
keep them conversations on the surface
just keep on smiling,
just keep on saying everything's going to be all right

this last verse is like the epitome of depression... "Im really upset, and hate life but I cant talk about that so im just gonna act like nothings wrong"

Against Me! – Gypsy Panther Lyrics 2 years ago
"You know, I broke all my resolutions this year. Let's not make any promises this New Year. I just want to make it through this coming year. No, I don't want to feel the same way next year. Oh, but don't you know? Did you think the world would bend for you?
Did you think that you could really change yourself?"

For the most part, I feel like this song is about touring and loneliness, but this verse isnt. It could be a metaphor for Laura's inner turmoil leading up to 2012. She talked about it in "True Trans".

Against Me! – You Must Be Willing Lyrics 2 years ago
To me this song seems about as obvous as can be without screaming "I'm transgender!" I mean the chorus and this other verse c'mon..

Your body will know if it's not the right way to go
Just listen closely to your heart and follow
You must be willing to abandon it all
You must be willing to starve

The chorus is talking about transition, I feel like it's her questioning whether or not its the right decision. Last line of the chorus basically says "you must be willing to make sacrifices in life, (sometimes difficult sacrifices) in order to get what youre looking for"

This part is a whole other story though..
Let us challenge the wait for a day of reckoning
Let us deny shame and guilt
Let us know with absolute certainty that we were fools to ever second guess ourselves...
There's a truth to be learned, I'm sure of it, just like I know there is nothing at all

To me, this seems like the closest thing to where Laura is directly talking about "coming to terms with herself". Especially that line "let us know with absolute certainty that we were fools to ever second guess ourselves".

Against Me! – Unsubstantiated Rumors Are Good Enough for Me (To Base My Life Upon) Lyrics 2 years ago
"They make bad, bad jokes, it's okay not to laugh....for every push forward, you get the same fucking push back."

I feel like the first part might be talking about the situation in "Drinking With The Jocks"... makes me think the 2 songs are related in some way.. Topicwise at least

Against Me! – Drinking With The Jocks Lyrics 2 years ago
This song reminds me of basically how a closeted LGBTQ person feels when they are hanging out with their "buddies" and someone starts cracking really shitty jokes, but they can't/are afraid to say anything because they're closeted.

Against Me! – Ache With Me Lyrics 2 years ago
"You may not find all that you're after
In the end, I hope it doesn't matter

Do you share the same sense of defeat
Have you realized all the things you'll never be
Ideals turn to resentment
Open minds closed up with cynicism
I've got no judgement for you
Come on and ache with me"

Just my opinion, but this has to be one of the most depressing Against Me! songs.. not even just sad.. depressing..

Against Me! – 12:03 Lyrics 2 years ago
I find it hilarious that this song is literally about "learning how to roll cone joints at 12:03pm on a Sunday morning"

Against Me! – Transgender Dysphoria Blues Lyrics 2 years ago
I remember a video where Laura talked about this song. She was reading journal entries from like 2010, there was one that talked about buying women's clothes from a department store when she was still closeted, and the salesperson treated her like crap. But at the same time, she's also mentioned "getting beat up a lot" in school. I feel like this song could just as easily describe bullying, especially "rough surf on the coast, wish i could've spent the whole day alone"

Against Me! – All or Nothing Lyrics 2 years ago
@Dynamic of Freedom Burning Bridges is def about herself

Against Me! – All or Nothing Lyrics 2 years ago
@Dynamic of Freedom

Against Me! – 24 Hours a Day Lyrics 2 years ago
@[Josi:16408] it's from the first demo from 97, which is on youtube

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