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Radiohead – Lotus Flower Lyrics 4 years ago
I have a very different interpretation to most of the others posted here. To me this is a song about escaping from a controlling relationship.

"I will shape myself into your pocket / Invisible / Do what you want" - he starts off doing what the other person wants to make the relationship work.

"I will shrink and I will disappear / I will slip into the groove and cut me off" - he is sublimating his own identity to what the other person wants him to be.

"There's an empty space inside my heart / Where the weeds take root / And now I'll set you free" - the empty space is where his love for the other person used to be. The weeds are the slowly creeping and growing doubt about the relationship, and he is beginning to want to get out of the relationship.

"Slowly we unfurl / As lotus flowers" - he is beginning to understand who he is despite the control of the other person and blossom into his true self.

"'Cause all I want is the moon upon a stick / Just to see what if / Just to see what is" - he is becoming selfish, wanting everything despite the other person.

"I can't kick your habit / Just to fill your fast ballooning head" - this is a confusing line. I think he means he doesn't want to satisfy the other person's ego.

"We will shrink and we'll be quiet as mice / And while the cat is away / Do what we want" - as the relationship breaks down and they attend to each other less, they drift away and start to explore other options (perhaps an affair).

Home Video – We Lyrics 5 years ago
To me, this is a love song to a child with autism.

You've come so far weary child - you've had to struggle to learn what you know how

We can feel the ache in your bones - we understand how hard it has been for you

You've been dragging so long - and we know how long this journey has been

They never spoke your tongue - other people have misunderstood you

We will shelter you - you are safe with us

There will be no more ridicule - no more abuse from people who don't understand

We will love you always - nothing you say or do will push us away

It can be this way if you come home - not literally coming home... opening up to people and learning to communicate

You were in a spin front to back
You would wonder if you were wrong
You felt lost in space
But everything is as it should - this all feels like reassurance that it's ok to be who you are

This song is just beautiful.

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