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Daughter – Mothers Lyrics 2 years ago
It's "oh well" not "you will" and "of a cold mother" instead of "I'm called mother" and it's "they call "home"/"mothers"" and neither "they're called" nor "I'm called"

Daughter – New Ways Lyrics 3 years ago
I think that the correct lyrics are "Washed out brain" and "Washed out face" instead of "Worst I bring" and "Worst I face".

I guess most people will think this song is about a relationship between two people, but personally I believe it has nothing to do with that. Let me explain why.

"Washed out brain
I have a dirty mind
Oh, I need, I need new ways
To waste my time
I need new ways"

This is clearly about depression, she feels numb ("washed out brain/face, I have a dirty mind" = apathy and negative/torturing thoughts), she's constantly wasting her time (a crippling depression) and it has become so monotonous she needs "new ways" to do so.

"I’m trying to get out
Find a subtle way out
Not just cross myself out
Not just disappear"

She's trying to recover from her depression, find the way out of that dark place. She doesn't want to die, she doesn't want to escape that place by committing suicide ("Not just cross myself out. Not just disappear").

Here comes the interesting part:

"I’ve been trying to stay out
But there’s something in you
I can’t be without
I just need it here"

Most people will argue she doesn't want to be with him, that she's trying to stay out of their relationship but she can't help loving him, she needs him, she can't be without him.

Personally, I think she's not talking about anyone, I believe "you" is personifying depression; she's been trying to not fall into depression, to stay out of that dark place depression is, but at the same time she needs that place, it's home, seductive, tempting... There's something in depression that eventually becomes familiar and though it makes you suffer, you feel tempted to give in, to let yourself fall into the darkness, the isolation, the numbness, the pain, the torturing thoughts, to let yourself derail, be destroyed...

Daughter – Numbers Lyrics 3 years ago
As Elena Tonra stated herself:

"The song describes a lack of emotional connection towards other people — how it feels to not feel anything at all."

Sometimes, people who are suffering from depression may experience a very intense period of apathy; it's as if you didn't have any emotion at all, not sad, not joyful, not angry, not scared, not worried whatsoever. Consequently, you don't express anything, your face becomes blank ("lace faces"). That's what "I feel numb" means.

I don't know what she means by:

"Follow me home, pretend you
Found somebody to mend you"

But when she sings:

"Can you clean lace faces?
Black out nights and tight spaces?
We'll feel distant embraces
Scratching hands 'round my waist, yeah
I wish my mouth would still taste you"

"Black out nights and tight spaces" may be a reference to her depression (being in a small room with the lights out) and "distant embraces" refers to feeling nothing towards other people, absolutely nothing, not even when they hug you.

"Scratching hands 'round my waist": when you have depression, you cover your abdomen with your hands, it makes you feel better, and when you are numb you may physically hurt yourself (scratching) to feel something.

I guess Elena is wondering if someone or "something" could make her feel again. And by "something" I mean that maybe she's talking about medication:

"Can you clean lace faces?"

"You better, you better, you better
You better make me
Me better, me better
You better make me better

I feel numb, make me better
I feel numb in this kingdom
I feel numb, make me better
I feel numb in this kingdom"

Perhaps she's just wondering if the medication (antidepressants) can make her better and she feels numb because she's no longer with him ("I wish my mouth would still taste you"). Or maybe there's no "him" at all, and she's just talking about alcohol (the medication) And she wants alcohol to make her better and she misses drinking alcohol...

Anyway, I'm terribly bad at interpreting lyrics.

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