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Tom Petty – Refugee Lyrics 5 years ago
"Tell me why you want to lay there - revel in your abandon"

This here is a matter of choice.

While it is probably true that before any one of us may analyze any line of lyric in any song that we should first, as a preliminary measure, consider that only the author(s) can know exactly the creative process and inspiration behind its conception, as well as what was "meant" or otherwise "not meant," it is my opinion nevertheless, that the writer apparently exhibits a certain tone of frustration toward another who chooses not to rise above their own devastation and ruin; be it the subject of tyranny and corruption or otherwise suffering at the hand of some apparent cruelty, above all this sing seems to be about choice.

* Raise your hand if your companion describes their last companionship, if not their entire world, as a cruel and unfair dictatorship, wherein they are victims of anything and everything.

** Raise both hands if you are that victim.

Furthermore, I feel like if anyone's gonna tell how the cow ate the cabbage it's gonna be Mr. Tom Petty. Sometimes good people take the easy way, and that ain't so good now is it. Moo.

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