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Atmosphere – You Make Me Wanna Lyrics 4 years ago
heavy song..

I love this man so much, it's like he's spittin right outta my head and my life

Roy Orbison – You Got It Lyrics 5 years ago
The first comment said it best. This is about how someone is good to you..deep down, heart and soul and that kind of love is untouchable and selfless and pure for the sake of being good and wholesome and loving..what us humans are built to it's hard to get these pure people, but I was lucky, and I don't take that for granted or forget it..when someone does this for you, and makes you the best person you could be. You give back to them and you take care of one another. It's real it's pure.
Anything you need...YOU GOT IT!

(Bravo, Roy!

Ray Charles – You Don't Know Me [1962] Lyrics 5 years ago
Beautiful song that sings my aching, loving heart

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