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Capital Cities – Origami Lyrics 2 years ago
In the beginning of the song it says:

"You got a head full of paper, but baby nothing like origami"

So this person has a lot of thoughts in their head but they aren't quite seeing the full picture. They may be missing something or lacking experiences to have a true understanding of some of the things that they have thoughts about.

"Shredded thoughts and make up won't make up for the missing piece of mind
I saw you look in the mirror, the scenery was suddenly boring"

This person was then introduced to more serious situations in life and suddenly they became more aware of the intensity of certain situations either they, or other , people are going though. They then realized that their life was more straightforward compared to others, and that they were not aware of this before.

"I stole your diamonds and gold what are you
Gonna do do"

So now that they are aware of the more serious things in life what are they going to do with this new knowledge. (before they may have been living in a box, or missing the full picture of life)

"You were blessed with precision so I took you to the beaches of Bali
It wasn't fate but decision, luck was choosing sides
Flip the page to a silver age, life has treated you kindly"

Basically this person was really lucky as they didn't have to deal with tragedy or extreme adversity. But it seems as though they now have an idea of what it may be like to have these things in ones life

"The price you pay is your vision and collision is highly likely"

Because this person was never faced with hardship they weren't able to see, or understand, clearly the situations others were going through as they lacked the empathy to do so. But now they will pay the price of having these short sights.

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