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Iron & Wine – Tree by the River Lyrics 1 year ago
It's "stuck and leaning on graces" it can be heard more clearly in the live acoustic version on YouTube.

Iron & Wine – Muddy Hymnal Lyrics 1 year ago
@[krackerdog:23562] Perfect. I agree

Tool – Rosetta Stoned Lyrics 3 years ago
This is a self deprecating humourous commentary on psychedelics users, specifically DMT as it says it straight out.

Users often believe they've been given ancient secrets and interacted with wise entities. But upon coming down they can't remember any of it which makes it all kinda worthless.

So maybe they shouldn't take themselves so seriously.

On another level the mention of DMT is a puzzle piece to understanding Tool's songs and especially some of the more enigmatic lyrics. So it's a Rosetta Stone key.

Tool – Lateralus Lyrics 3 years ago
This song is about DMT and embracing the experience.

Puscifer – Man Overboard Lyrics 3 years ago
Listening to it today and someone else listening with me hears it too. The third time through the "bail sailor" sounds like it has hail Satan underneath it. I'm not Christian so I don't care, just thought it's interesting.

Puscifer – The Mission Lyrics 3 years ago
Gat is used on the streets by gangs at this present time so it doesn't date the story as being back in mob ganster days.

Puscifer – Man Overboard Lyrics 3 years ago
Wanted to add old Marshall amps went up to 11. So that's a way of saying to the maximum. On their video they even show an amp being turned to 11. Is it that simple? Yes! Don't over think puscifer.

Brace yourself for twelve means simply that it's going to be more intense than 11; a strength which has never been seen before.

That's it.

Puscifer – Telling Ghosts Lyrics 3 years ago
"The more you take, the more you need
The more you suck, the more you bleed
The dead know better so listen to the letter
The more you suck, the more you bleed."

This is describing karma.

"Envious in the ever after
Electric fuzzy haze of
regrets and dreams denied."

The ghosts of the unhappy dead haunt us in their half light world of "electric fuzzy haze"

Their former lives should speak to us, to be a warning...but fools don't listen or pay attention and soon enough they will join them.

Puscifer – Potions Lyrics 3 years ago
Drugs are bad, m'kay?

The dude in this song wants to commit suicide.

"Wrap me up to go away"

Very sad.

Puscifer – Smoke and Mirrors Lyrics 3 years ago
Pretty sure this one is for Adam Jones.

Puscifer – Oceans Lyrics 3 years ago
I agree with mystic1 that this song is about:

being greeted in the afterlife.

"Time and gravity have followed you here."

Your burdens were heavy and age had held you doesn't matter now!

Look at this ocean, this amazing, beautiful shimmering celestial ocean. And let go of your past life.

Puscifer – Tiny Monsters Lyrics 3 years ago
I believe this is referencing prostitution. Night falls, the things of day are mute and silenced. With stupid identical grins pretending the things of night don't happen.

The players are the people that come out at night.

Harlequin originally meant demon or devil spawn in French but later meant more of a clown or buffoon.

Neither a tiny monster or clown demon are extremely dangerous but can be because they're still a monster and a demon.

The tiny monsters are young prostitutes, the Harlequins are the johns.

The moon is a symbol of the feminine. Moon of mischief means girls misbehaving.

The men are silent patrons as what they do is secret. Harlequins wear masks. These men want their identity hidden.

The last lines remind that the streets are dangerous and for those that live there it's a very real danger and about survival.

Or it could mean something entirely different.

Puscifer – Man Overboard Lyrics 3 years ago
I see this song about a shipwreck in a storm as a metaphor for a collapse of civilization whether by cataclysm or self destruction.

Man(kind) overboard.

Puscifer – Horizons Lyrics 3 years ago
Spreading his mother's ashes. The conflicting emotions of whether death is the end and that's it, and hoping the spirit lives on still.

Dust devil evokes to me, a sense of ashes to ashes dust to dust. Literally the dust took the dust. And the devil was responsible for the fall of man. And it also is literally a dust devil in this desert song.

Puscifer – Vagina Mine Lyrics 3 years ago
"Out to run, the train at the railway station,
Shotgun Betty stoppin' dead at my shoes.
Out to run the train at the railway station,
Shotgun Betty stoppin' dead at my shoes.
Cock on lock-down, she said learn the damn alphabet
I come before you, get to payin' your dues."

Placing a comma after run really makes sense to me. In other words:

"I was in a hurry, I was ready to go"

But a strong minded woman is going to teach this young man about the importance of oral.

"Headed down to the tunnel, diggin' on this puscifer, "

"Headed down... digging" as in "going down" to work in the mine. Pusifer is more like pussy fur.

"Tongue roll, call cadence, make a cat bird sing"

By putting a comma there it makes more sense. Rolling your tonge is self explanatory. Maynard was in the Army, calling cadence is 1,2,3,4 left right left. A rhythm. Make her orgasm.

School bell, he's in school cuz she's showing him how it's done.

The rest is, it seems to be a lot of work for this poor man. Like he's slaving away in a chain gang. All he wants is his turn!

And the images of a train, a name like shotgun Betty , a mine, a school bell ringing and a chain gang evoke a sense of the Old West which makes this even more comical.

Puscifer – Conditions of My Parole Lyrics 3 years ago
White trash trailer park mullet man did too much meth and shot his old lady cuz he was paranoid and thought she was a demon. He was so high he can't remember what he did with the body or that he did something with the body and thinks it just disappeared so she must be supernatural, confirming in his mind that the paranoid delusion is real.

He tries to confess to police out of paranoia but they think he's crazy and a meth head and making the story up but they get him on a parole violation.

He's so afraid that he'd rather stay in jail. Cuz that woman vampire demon is out there... waiting.

Puscifer – Galileo Lyrics 3 years ago
This is about having the courage and hunger for truth at any cost no matter what the cost. Galileo's spirit.

Those that don't hear the call are the dead and dying: living lives of lies because of fear, and these, when in power, want to destroy the truth seekers.

Puscifer – The Humbling River Lyrics 3 years ago
The river represents the dividing line between mortality and the divine which is dying. No matter what accomplishments humans acheive and how they conquer they will still be conquered by death. And death is the great humbler.

In order to be at peace with dying we must join together in unity and love and embrace hope in the experience rather than lash out against it in anger and frustration.

Puscifer – Green Valley Lyrics 3 years ago
The Verde river represents nature and the personification of it. It's about learning to work with nature, instead of fighting against it and becoming close to the land.

Puscifer – Queen B. Lyrics 3 years ago
Big women need love too and the author of these lyrics is more than happy to give it to them.

Puscifer – Monsoons Lyrics 3 years ago
A prayer to the sky for rain in the dry Arizona desert summer heat.

Puscifer – Autumn Lyrics 3 years ago
There is a line from Gladiator: Juba to his dead friend. "I will see you again...but not yet...not yet."

That's this song: We're all going to die, maybe even soon, but we're not all going to die today, so let's play.

Puscifer – The Mission Lyrics 3 years ago
Think occupy Wall St. only with guns and fire and a lot more people.

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