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Aimee Mann – Red Vines Lyrics 2 years ago
Tonight I attended a concert featuring Aimee Mann and poet Billy Collins. After the show there was a question and answer period. I asked if she would discuss the meaning behind the song "Cigarettes and Red Vines". She stated the song was written about a composite of two people. They are nice people but they are each damaged in their own way and although you are rooting for them they can't get out of their own way or past their baggage.

Aimee Mann – Red Vines Lyrics 2 years ago

Aimee Mann – Red Vines Lyrics 2 years ago
"They're all still on their honeymoon"
Refers to the happy start of a relationship

"But I'm the only one who knows, that Disneyland's about to close"
Refers to the inevitable ending of the relationship, most likely do to self sabotage hinted at in much of her music- (Now that I've met you, would you object to, never seeing each other again)

"I don't suppose you'd give give it a shot, knowing all that you've got are cigarettes and red vines."
Refers to there being no nutritional value in either cigarettes or red vines, so they can sustain a person. She is suggesting that she is not of value and can't sustain the relationship.

"I'll be on the sidelines, with my hands tied watching the show"
Is comparing the relationship to a football game. The cheerleaders are on the side line cheering the players on to victory. In this case she lacks confidence in her partner's ability to save the relationship and she is doing nothing to help because she is jaded by the failure of past relationships.

This is echoed again in the line "so you're running round the parking lot, till every lighting bug is caught"
He is grasping at straws trying to save a failing relationship while she "waits in the car" and that line hints at another song of hers where she is (driving sideways) getting nowhere in a relationship due to her failure to act and do her part to repair it.

By the end she is releiving him of any guilt or responsibility with the line "would it really spoil everything if you didn't blame yourself"
The whole 'It's not you it's me' bit, because she finally acknowledges that she is the cause of the failed relationship.

Anyway, that was my interpretation. Let me know if you agree or if I helped bring a perspective that you hadn't considered.

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