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Golden Earring – Radar Love Lyrics 7 years ago
The song was made in the 70's. At the time there was this weird surge in interest in the lives of truck drivers as like the modern day cowboys. They were also getting hideously picked on by local laws. (Kind of like today. What can I say history repeats.) But this kind of put them in this Robinhood status. Anyways... that being said... I had family that were truck drivers around this time and they told me that they used the term "radar love" for truck drivers that are trying to hook up with their favorite trucker prostitute. A lot of the girls would actually travel with truckers and randomly adhoc go from truck stop to truck stop. So in order for a trucker to find a particular hooker he would get on the CB and send a message asking other truckers to relay out he is looking for that girl. CB radio distance is very limited but if all the truckers radio relayed a message they could get that message to travel huge distances. But these message relays where you are looking for someone was occasionally referred to as a "radar."
I don't know if it's a case of art imitating life or life imitating art... IE who came up with the term first. But I tend to think that's what the song is referring to.
Why would the newsman be talking about another radar lover gone? Makes a lot of sense if they are prostitutes and the dangerous nature of that gig.
On top of that... Why wouldn't Golden Earring explain the lyrics of the song? Lovers with ESP in the Netherlands listening to old country singers from the US on the radio... highly doubt it.

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