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Soundgarden – Slaves & Bulldozers Lyrics 9 days ago
@[no_one69:40413] - They\'re playing the song in Cminor (I think it\'s higher on the album) which makes the note D#..

Bread – Diary Lyrics 6 months ago
FIRST THINGS FIRST: My apologies- This is definitely TL;DR material. It's also another cynical rant on a song many people - including yours truly at a much more tender age - are emotionally attached to - and such rants are always self-indulgent, often pompous and inherently kind of insulting.
But this song is wrong, people- very, very wrong...

SET SCENE: Likely at college.
STORY: Creepy stalker type, with major boundary issues, surveils young woman he is fixated upon, who, likely while studying, lays down her diary (probably while digging through her book bag) under a tree. Creepy Stalker Guy invades girl's private space by reading her diary. The reason "'d never see it in her eyes" is because she doesn't feel that way about him, who she probably sees (if she sees him at all) as a bug, an insignificant little bug, one only useful as spider food, the prospect of which being the only reason our heroine wouldn't step on it.
When the creep admits to having violated her privacy, believing - despite his many faults, which include the aforementioned boundary issues and a perverted projection issue- that he is the object of her affections, she seems to not care, because a) she heretofore didn't even know she HAD a stalker; and b) indifference and denial are better to exhibit than the desire to shoot one in the face.
Despite this rebuke, committed to his delusion, Creepy Stalker Guy indulges in a disturbing fantasy wherein the object of his illicit desires is treated like little more than an ornament that he pampers and presumably parades around like the Stanley Cup.
He steals her diary again, most likely because she makes the theft easy. This time she makes no bones as to who she is involved with. Creepy Guy finally gets through his thick skull that he has no future with her and calls off his hunt- most likely because her real man is a man of quality. He now revisits his romantic ideal, this time pretending to be the "better man" by stepping aside and wishing them all the best... when in reality he has no choice, and is lucky to have come through his obsession with all his appendages intact.

The song is successfully manipulative. It paints a portrait of a sensitive young man experiencing unrequited love, and you just know that if the object of his fixation gave him a chance he'd win her heart like he has won ours - when in reality his behavior is indicative of a controlling and abusive nature, and ANY female should RUN from a relationship with him, even if he WAS the subject of her private thoughts. David Gates' sweet sweet voice, skillful songwriting, and beautiful melody inspires us to root for and even identify with this emotionally unstable lad. It isn't healthy. One should not feel kinship for such a maladjusted soul; one should not strive to be so self-involved that they should insinuate themselves so invasively in someone else's life without even so much as a cohesive rationalization.

The song is touching, but, oh, so wrong.

Led Zeppelin – Kashmir Lyrics 7 months ago
@[rash_powder:37548] - "This songs was writen in the 70s. If Lord of the Rings was written then, no one knew about it. "

I mean, I know that lukeofearl already addressed it, but...Holy f*ck!

Led Zeppelin – Ten Years Gone Lyrics 7 months ago
@[TheKooster:37546] -
Sorry, but "Blind stars of fortune, Each have several rays" is indeed correct.Beautiful lyric.
Plus "grow" not "go" the first time. He's saying that maybe he didn't have to head out on his own because he feels just as strongly about her as he did then. Other little stuff, but it's just ticky tack sh*t.
I'd like to see you do Kashmir, tho. There is one line EVERYONE gets wrong. It's truly amazing. I'm not saying it isn't hard to kin- it is. But the fact NO ONE gets it right blows my mind.

Foghat – I Just Want To Make Love To You (Muddy Waters cover) Lyrics 7 months ago
Oh- Foghat (which featured former Savoy Brown members; if you're not familiar with Savoy Brown and you like Foghat- or even if you don't- look 'em up, in ALL they're various incarnations) gave us "Fool for the City" and "Slow Ride" aside from their great cover of this song, and both those were actually written by them. They also did a great cover of Willie's song "My Babe". They had a good dose of soul for a bunch of white boys. ;) RIP Lonesome Dave.

Foghat – I Just Want To Make Love To You (Muddy Waters cover) Lyrics 7 months ago
The song was written by Willie Dixon. Muddy recorded it (with Willie- of course- and Little Walter blowing a down n dirty harp), then Etta James made it a little more famous. Foghat took a little from Muddy -especially the feel- a little from Etta and rocked it up. They did the song justice.

The lyrics are a bit messed up here. They're messed up in the same way all over the net. I've corrected lyrics (but not these) a few times on this site and they always get reset, so screw it. You want to know them, just listen to Muddy.

Reunion – Life Is a Rock (But the Radio Rolled Me) Lyrics 7 months ago
@[Milfred101:37432] -
Been over a decade, but Dougville is absolutely right. Also included at the end is the Stevie Wonder classic "Uptight!"

Oliver! – I'd Do Anything Lyrics 7 months ago
What's nifty about this tune is that while he's playing the "cute lad", you can tell Dodger's hoping for more than just a peck from Nancy - provided Bill Sykes isn't around. And that's the song's point: no matter who it is, if you can push the right buttons in the right kind of way, you can make someone do all manner of things for you; especially if a little "sugar" is in the mix.
It's one of many clever songs that play cute upfront, but are really a lot darker than they sound. GREAT musical.

Oliver! – I'd Do Anything Lyrics 7 months ago
@[AudreyDeanna287:37306] - Yep. Horrible decision. I did "Oliver!" and our lad hit all the notes, still sounded like a boy, and - most importantly for me - acted like one! And this was a community production. Sure, the kid went on to have a professional theatre career, but we hardly had their resources and we still could find an Oliver! that didn't come off like the most fey of Tiny Tims. (Super effeminate Tiny Tims really piss me off.)

Queen – It's Late Lyrics 7 months ago
@[ozonefiller:37284] - I know this is somewhat late - no pun intended - but...
You, my friend, earn the cookie.
This song is about a manipulative, conniving lover who mercilessly toys with the affections of another, doing just enough to string them along (while shamelessly blaming THEM for it) til they blow up the relationship after getting caught cheating (for the whateverenth time?). And what a ******* diva! The last two lines of the final act, pure unadulterated GAS!
Clever stuff by May.

The Faces – Stay With Me Lyrics 7 months ago
@[roryjones:37283] - You do realize that he was upfront about his intentions, right?
Hateful? How?:
The guy is a pig, he tells the woman he's a pig, he tells the woman what to expect from him, and in this way he's more honest than 90% of the pigs- male OR female - in this piggy world.
So either accept the song for what it is or leave it alone. After all, songs about female pigs who talk in the same damn way get celebrated while male pigs get eaten alive...or cured into bacon.
PS: I recommend you read the much subtler lyrics of Queen's "It's Late". Now THAT bastard is hateful.

Syd Barrett – Octopus Lyrics 7 months ago
@[exobscura:37282] - If you really are/were a friend of "Mr. Jones", drop us dogs a line.

Syd Barrett – Octopus Lyrics 7 months ago
@[mammadaddio:37281] -
Upvoted, though I DO see fun commingling with the terror.
BTW- Totally tied to the Octopus all the kids of our generation (I'm making a big assumption here) rode at the carnival. My memories are lighter than yours. Cheers!

Led Zeppelin – The Song Remains the Same Lyrics 8 months ago
This is about the power of music to be eternal, and that it's best to aspire to evoke an atmosphere of passion, joy and/or awareness. So choose your words, your feel, your melody and your rhythm carefully. Remember: whether you're experiencing California sunlight, Sweet Calcutta rain, or Honolulu starbright, a song like Paul Anka's "Having My Baby" is still a soul-sucking abomination.
And that's a painful eternal truth.

Billy Squier – Everybody Wants You Lyrics 8 months ago
It's about a Club Girl, a Party Girl; clubhopping, freely sharing her body- though our narrator suggests it has as much to do with insecurity as any "fun" she claims to be having.
As has been pointed out, by the end of the narrative she's caking on the makeup and mixing cocaine ("Days at the mirror, patchin' up around the seams" is a double entendre) and alcohol to fool herself into believing a) She's as hot as she always was; b) it's as satisfying as it once was.

The Guess Who – Laughing Lyrics 8 months ago
Just an observation:
The song is not about an "ex-", it's about a "never was, but..."

The subject hung around and pursued a relationship with the object of his affection, never realizing that that person was toying with his desires to stroke their own ego until the "cat" grew tired of playing and let the "mouse" go, laughing all the way. (Yeah- Cats do SO laugh!)

"The Heartless Ex" angle is still valid, tho, because the personality type of the "cat" is the most relevant aspect of the song's emotional impact.

The Guess Who – Laughing Lyrics 8 months ago
Yeah- If you're a Psycho B****. >:D

Warren Zevon – Lawyers, Guns, And Money Lyrics 10 months ago
@[scumbagstyle:36108] -
Agreed, except I'll go so far as to say it's a rich American kid who globe trots and leaves a trail of irresponsible behavior -often criminal- in his wake. The son of a Politician, Forbes 500 member, etc., it doesn't matter: Daddy has enough juice to get him out of ANY situation ANYWHERE in the world; "mending his ways" is an option he doesn't feel the need to explore.

Donovan – Season of the Witch Lyrics 1 year ago
@[akess:35099] -
Dimitry is absolutely correct. Donovan's even stated that it's not just hard drugs, but simple recreational pot use.

Chris Cornell – Disappearing One Lyrics 2 years ago
Curtains draw open and closed.
When a SHOW closes, the curtains are (at least) metaphorically closed.
When we arise in the morning, the curtains are metaphorically opened.

The subject sees their idols on the stage. She or he (I'll stick with "she" for the rest of this analysis for expedience sake) wants to reach out to them, she wants them to help her, heal her; she doesn't understand how they can speak to her through their music, but won't speak to her in real life. When the show ends, the curtain's drawn, and that barrier remains.
At home, she returns to listening to their music, hoping for salvation, while pining and wallowing in self-pity. The stars never meant that. They want her to experience life, be inspired by their music to recognize herself and accept that it's up to her to be her own catalyst for change. But she lies there on her bed like a martyr, until she falls asleep listening to their music. In the morning, they are, of course, still not there. She opens the curtains and curses the day, but she'll put those same songs on again, knowing that at the very least there are people out there that understand her pain.

Maybe, someday, she'll figure out that their message actually is that the people who understand her aren't confined to them, the musicians whose affection and attention she so craves. And she can't find those people by locking herself in her room.

(For me, the key to this interpretation is the line "Dreaming only of the ones who never dream of you". Her "dreams" are being "ignored" by MORE THAN ONE party.)

Pearl Jam – Deep Lyrics 2 years ago
On the edge...of another wrong set of lyrics on Song Meanings.
The worst offender has to be:
"Young virgin here from heaven
Visiting, yeah"
"YOUNG VIRGIN?" At Christmas time? Derp.
"Visiting YEAH?"
For the record the line is:
"Yon virgin, down from heaven,
Visiting hell"
And before any asks why I don't correct the song: I've corrected a number of lyric sets. I even set "I Wish" by Stevie Wonder straight by using and citing correctly the lyrics FROM STEVIE'S OWN SITE!!! After accepting them, not long after they were reverted to the "original" WRONG lyrics, obviously transcribed by a white person with a bad ear. (I'm a white guy with a good ear.)
It's hard to get the SONG MEANING RIGHT when you're using the WRONG LYRICS to analyze it.

Bad Company – Shooting Star Lyrics 2 years ago

Hendrix didn't die from a drug overdose. He died from hiatal hernia.
While Jimi enjoyed the Beatles and played a wild version of Sgt. Peppers, he learned to play by ear from '50's songs.
He gre up with his dad.
The song was about a made up guy with the generic-good-old-fasioned-rock-n-roll name of JOHNNY. Not sure why that is so hard for people to accept.

Bulletboys – THC Groove Lyrics 2 years ago
"The Mighty Tower of Power Horns Blow!"

Oh no, it's

"By the time will pass we'll hold on"


Criced, you clowns that run around the internet sabotaging lyric pages just to prop up your egos. I mean, chimps on acid, for real.

Bulletboys – THC Groove Lyrics 2 years ago
The lyrics of this song as written down by chimps on LSD.
Bra-voo songmeanings hack.

The Who – Won't Get Fooled Again Lyrics 3 years ago
@[Acewrite:28923] -

I have to disagree, Ace. Money and power: That combo will always be the boss. As Isaac Asimov wrote in the Foundation, all systems will be corrupted by money and power. It is inevitable.

The Who – Won't Get Fooled Again Lyrics 3 years ago
Song Meaning: "We Will Get Fooled Again".

Pink Floyd – Sheep Lyrics 3 years ago
@[epic:27215] jess
Right. Snowball represented Trotsky, Napoleon = Stalin.

The Original Caste – One Tin Soldier Lyrics 3 years ago
I'm very well aware the song is a fable, and it's a powerfully emotional one. Lambert and Potter did a fine job of marrying the lyrics to a melody suitable to the passion of their lyrics.

But besides being shamelessly manipulative, the moral hangs by one skinny thread:
The Mountain People are complete idiots.
Let us get this straight: Your valley counterparts are psychos propelled by avarice to slaughter for fortune. The sum total of the Mountain People's "treasure" is a big ol' rock that reads "Peace On Earth" on the bottom or inscribed in the earth.
Now, setting aside questions like...
- "Why did they feel the need to hide the inscription under a rock? Who exactly was going to steal it?"
- "Why couldn't they just carve it into the rock itself, or paint it all over their houses- Hell, blaze the slogan on your t-shirts!"
... why did they play coy with a group of angry people who were "Asking for the buried treasure; Tons of gold for which they'd kill"?

It seems to me that all they had to do was let the Valley People come up the hill, turn over the rock and say, "That's it. That's the treasure." Then they could let the Valley People search to their hearts' content- yeah, out of line and invasive, but the alternative was the slaughter of their village.
Don't play coy with psychos.

The Original Caste – One Tin Soldier Lyrics 3 years ago
I feel the same way. Even after I stopped my seminary catechism my faith colored a lot of my lyrics. I was an insufferable twit, and my regret is many. If only I could go back and apologize to everyone I offended with my self-righteous, sanctimonious pronouncements.

UFO – Mother Mary Lyrics 4 years ago
@[bill102064:24473] -

Wild line reading, Bill, and I'd prefer it, gives the song a fascinating spin.

But it's "wild colonial boy". You can make it out pretty clearly (as clear as it's going to get, anyway) on "Force It", the second chorus. Even on the other repetitions of the line you never hear a "d". Now, I suppose you can hear him sing "why I clone your boy" if you're so inclined, but as cool a perspective as that would add, it's not the lyric. Won't stop me from singing it that way now, though- giving you full credit, of course. ;)

Gordon Lightfoot – Sundown Lyrics 4 years ago
@[Audiophile65:24360] -

Some others have the tone right, and there's one interesting interpretation, but you have it right, Audiophile65. Back in the day it was pretty well known, but for more than one reason (including the tragedy you cited) Gordon avoided talking about Cathy Smith, at least until he was good and ready to do so.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Marrakesh Express Lyrics 4 years ago
@[Whispering_sorrow:24015] -
I sure wish that wouldn't affect your affection for that lovely line. Pot isn't exactly evil. :D

But, you can breathe easy, without the scent of acrid smoke intruding upon your lovely imagery:

I'm willing to bet that the "garden" smell represents the flower hair wreath worn by his companion, fashionable with the flower children of the day, and still popular today, especially at festivals and weddings.
In the era of the song, both men and women wore a combination of Eastern garb, leathers from Morocco, robes and flowing shirts from Nepal and India, and, of course, flowers in their hair. So you have no cause to reimagine the scenery that decorates your mind as you listen to this evocative song. Enjoy.

Manfred Mann – The Mighty Quinn Lyrics 4 years ago
"I like to go just like the west,"

"The Mighty Quinn", as sung by Elmer Fudd.

Electric Light Orchestra – Fire on High Lyrics 4 years ago
You're obviously NOT one of THOSE preachers because, feeling as you do, I am willing to bet that you don't go around telling kids ELO makes "Devil Music". :D

Electric Light Orchestra – Fire on High Lyrics 4 years ago
That's Bev Bevan you hear at the beginning.

Elton John – Razor Face Lyrics 4 years ago
@[bridip:23035] -
You got it, friend.

Rush – Fly By Night Lyrics 4 years ago
@[RUSHMAN:22262] -
Angus Young? RushMan, how do YOU know what Agnus Young sounds like when he sings? (I really wanted to add "- have you showered with him? ;)", but even with the inclusion of the "winky emoticon" I thought you might take it personally, when, honestly, I'm just basting your bulls. ;) )

BTW- Plant and either Bon Scott or Brian Johnson could NEVER hit the notes Geddy does. Roger Taylor of Queen, maybe. Take it easy.

Stevie Wonder – I Wish Lyrics 4 years ago

Stew is saying that once you are in college (or working, or apprenticing, or popping out kids of your own) and you are on your own, responsible for your ownself, beholden to NO ONE, you look back wistfully to those days when you thought answering to somebody was a real drag (and spent your time figuring out ways to get around that), when in reality they were the days you miss the most.

Stevie Wonder – I Wish Lyrics 4 years ago
Boy, I thought that at least THIS site's lyric page would have the lyrics right:
For the record it's...

'Greeted at the back door, with
"Boy- I thought I told you not to go outside??!!" '

As to the song itself, just another genius contribution to US music made by Stevie Wonder, who crammed in a lifetime of songwriting achievements in about 5 years. Slugs, Sista and UrbanLAPixie pretty much nail the feel. Wondrous wedding of the perfect melody to the perfect lyric conjuring a perfect mood. How can a song be so wistful and UP at the same time? Magic. Damn, Stevie, thank you again.

Stevie Wonder – I Wish Lyrics 4 years ago
@[slugsinthefields:22042] -
Yep, though I might put it "the fun and luxury of IRRESPONSIBILITY of being a kid".

Chris Cornell – Disappearing One Lyrics 4 years ago
@[agratias:21973] -

There are two ways of interpreting the song, as there usually is with Chris's lyrics (sometimes multi-tendril interpretations).
You nailed one the first time:
"She is like Christ-always suffers for his good-and he is the one who nails her down with empty promises."

That line and the rest of your commentary in your main post is well observed. Really nicely phrased.

Your 2nd interpretation is off the mark, tho.

The Who – Pinball Wizard Lyrics 4 years ago
Considering your UN, I thought you might appreciate it.
To answer the question: to a degree; more so, trying to "zig-zag (my) way through the boredom and pain".

The Who – Pinball Wizard Lyrics 4 years ago
It's quite obvious that this song is about a lad who is very good at figure skating.

The Who – Squeeze Box Lyrics 4 years ago

Well...It IS about "BOOBS". So...good on you.
That's where the "teasing" part comes in.
But it's logical that other instruments are introduced to the piece as the song goes on, and on, all night long.

The Who – Happy Jack Lyrics 4 years ago
@[heartbeats_xxx:20922] -
Holy crap.

Tool – No Quarter (Led Zeppelin cover) Lyrics 4 years ago
Totally correct.
Above are the Plant lyrics. Maynard sings different lyrics, at least every time I've seen them perform this cover. He speaks from the POV of the huns, the attackers, the aggressors.

Don McLean – American Pie Lyrics 4 years ago
Header was supposed to read:
Also, @[jgm4661:20500] nailed the leather coat reference

Don McLean – American Pie Lyrics 4 years ago

The song's narrative after the intro begins with what happened AFTER "the day the music died".
The Jester is Dylan.
McLean takes artistic liberties in his use of the term "The King". The "King" is two people: First John F. Kennedy, who found himself addressed by Dylan in a few songs; the second reference being Dylan's usurping of Elvis Presley's voice of America.
The most important thing to remember is that Elvis was a STAR PRIOR to Buddy Holly's ascension up the charts. If anyone stole anyone's crown there, it would have been Buddy. But neither stole the others spotlight. As for "the coat he borrowed from James Dean" being a reference to the leather jacket Dean (and Brando - and Elvis) made Americana, remember that Elvis wore the coat before James Dean did.

Nirvana – Pennyroyal Tea Lyrics 5 years ago
@[HighPrisstess:16483] -

The song, purification, the abortion angle, etc:

You're on the nail with most of your insights. I wonder if since 2003 you've come to put all your observations together.
"Sit and drink Pennyroyal Tea
Distill the life that's inside of me"
By now- that is if your affection for Nirvana perpetuated- you know that Kurt had scoliosis as a child, hence his bad posture. The life he was trying to distill was not only all he had become but all he had ever been. By performing some sort of magical thinking self-abortion he yearns to start all over again, no more pain, no more guilt, no more mistakes, just a clean slate and a fresh start.
It's deceptively simple to the ear, even kind of clumsy sounding at time, but in my opinion "Pennyroyal Tea" represents one of Kurt's finest set of lyrics.

Steely Dan – Hey Nineteen Lyrics 5 years ago

That's where I learned it, Zac. Your mom taught classes between tricks.

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