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Floater – The Invitation Lyrics 5 years ago
God this song is so cool, wish I could see them play it live sometime

Floater – Mosquito Lyrics 5 years ago
I feel that towards the end of the song, when his hippie girlfriend comes into the house, she finds him sitting on his couch or bed or maybe the floor even, dead or unconscious from an overdose on heroin. All the lyrics talk of heroin addiction with the mosquito driving the spike. He made a choice god lost the fight. And he's not even crying

Led Zeppelin – Tea for One Lyrics 5 years ago
@[Kaztor:17972] that's crazy because I totally know what you're talking about, having just listened to blood sugar sex magik in the car, I get what you're saying

Massive Attack – (Exchange) Lyrics 6 years ago
I let this album play overnight once and the first time I heard this song was waking up randomly at one o'clock and being in the weirdest daze. I really like this song, so simple and yet so different

Type O Negative – How Could She? Lyrics 7 years ago
Pretty sure this song was about how his sister or someone signed Peter into an insane asylum, and all the TV references are all the shows he watched while he was inside.
"How could she/you?" He's obviously questioning why they put him there. Just a more right sounding opinion..

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