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Arctic Monkeys – Piledriver Waltz Lyrics 5 years ago
My interpretation is that the singer is talking about finally breaking up with a bad/controlling girlfriend.

"I etched a face of a stopwatch on the back of a raindrop,
And did a swap for the sand in an hourglass"
flipping over the hourglass signals the end of the relationship and the beginning of a new period of his life.

"I heard an unhappy ending, it sort of sounds like you leaving"
The split was not amicable and there was a loud argument

"I heard the piledriver waltz, it woke me up this morning"
the morning after the breakup, he's woken up by the sound of pile driver construction machines outside his house. Normally this would be an annoyance, but he's in such a good mood that it sounds like a waltz to him.

"You look like you've been for breakfast
At the Heartbreak Hotel
And sat in the back booth
By the pamphlets and the literature
On how to lose"
After the breakup, his ex is acting sad in an over-the-top way to try to guilt him into coming back.

"Your waitress was miserable
And so was your food"
He's calling her out for only concentrating on the bad things, probably like she did during their relationship.

"If you're gonna try and walk on water
Make sure you wear your comfortable shoes"
She can act like a martyr (like Jesus walking on water) all she wants, he doesn't care and won't get back together with her.

"Mystery's flashing amber
Go green when you answer"
Green, amber represent the lights on a stoplight. Because she wants to get back together, she come clean about the 'mysteries' aka secrets she kept in the relationship (possibly cheating?)

But the red on the rest of the questionnaire
Never changes"
Red is also on a stoplight, and the red pen used to fill out questionnaires which record people's opinions. So he's saying nothing she says now is going to change his opinion about her.

"I heard the news that you're planning
To shoot me out of a cannon
I heard the piledriver waltz
It woke me up this morning"
Now what she knows he's seen through her tricks and is done with her for good, she can only badmouth and vent about him behind his back.In contrast, his mood has never been better.

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