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Muse – Hyper Music Lyrics 19 years ago
i think its just about a relationship gone bad, "you wanted more than i was worth" and "i dont love you and i never did" he is saying the woman here, or maybe the man, (he may be singing from a womans point of view after all, ) wants too much out of the relationship and it is breaking him down!

Muse – Space Dementia Lyrics 19 years ago
i think it's about admiration of a certain person, so much so that he would gladly do anything for him/her: "i cut your namein my heart" an emotional statement. probably :-p

Muse – Bliss Lyrics 19 years ago
i thought megalomania was an insanity caused by self pride/ self exaltation..oh well.
anyway, muse are tentimes better than radiohead.. and thom yorke really annoys me.

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