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Tom Petty – Refugee Lyrics 6 years ago
I don't know what Tom wrote Refugee about. None of us do but I know for me when I sing the song, I sing it about my relationship. My girlfriend was used and violated by her ex boyfriend and she has told me about it, but requested we don't talk about it "We got something, we both know, we don't talk too much about it." The abuse she went through I understand and I wish she would have told someone, I also wish I could be there to stop it "Somewhere, Somehow, Somebody must have kicked you around some, tell my why you would lay there and revel in your abandon." The chorus "you don't haft to live like a refugee" lets my girlfriend know that now she is with me and I love her very much and Im gonna treat her right because she deserves it, its also saying you don't haft to worry about it cause im here now and im not him.

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