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Walls Of Jericho – Beneath The Exterior Lyrics 6 years ago
I think the song is about abusive relationship, not just physically, but emotionally abusive. The guys emotional abuse has buried her beneath in a pit of self-loathing, despair, but she tries to keep those feelings from rising to the surface.

Throwing Muses – Hazing Lyrics 6 years ago
I like to think this song is about a guy who's needy and controlling, but she doesn't let it get to her and she knows he's definitely in the wrong. girl power all the way.

Rancid – Daly City Train Lyrics 6 years ago
The song is about getting up after every fall,remaining true to yourself, and always enjoying every second of your life while you can when things are going your way, which won't be often. Life is not about quantity, but rather quality.

Dolly Mixture – Ernie Ball Lyrics 6 years ago
Ahh a song about losing a guitar pick. How sweet.

Meat Puppets – Up on the Sun Lyrics 6 years ago
I think this song is about a man who at one time was not present in his daughter's life, maybe he left when she was born. Now he's come back into her life and going to make an effort to be a good father. "I turned to myself, and said 'You are my daughter'" I think he sees himself in her. "I saw that the image I saw there was well. 'So you are my daughter' Well then maybe we've got something to talk about" Maybe he's wants to talk to her about why he left and why he decided to come back and how he's going to be a good father now. "Who told you so?" Seems she already new about him and why he left, and he's surprised she was maybe he left when she was very young. But he's going to make up for not being present by keeping her safe and warm "up on the sun where it never rains or snows."

--maybe I'm reading to much into it, but I feel like this might be what it's about.

The Smiths – The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Lyrics 6 years ago
@[pukkapie:1280] I agree completely with your interpretation.

The Adverts – Newboys Lyrics 6 years ago
I think the song is about a guy conflicted with his sexuality.

Talking Heads – Tentative Decisions Lyrics 6 years ago
The "I" in the song is anthropomorphized "sex"

"Girls ask and I
Define decision
Boys ask and I
Describe their function"

Girls become defined by their decision to have or not have sex. For example, they're either defined as sluts or they're prudes depending on their decision.
...While boys, however, are expected to have's pretty much their function.

"Oh the boys
Want to talk
Like to to talk about those problems
And the girls
Say they're concerned
That they are
Concerned with decisiveness"

If guys are expected to have sex, girls worry that they guys will judge them based on their decision. "Are they going to think I'm a prude if I decide not to, or are they going to think i'm a slut if I decide to do it?"

"And it's a
Hard Logic
I know"

Basically this whole system, where society pressures boys to have sex and defines girls by their decisions to go or not to go along with it, doesn't make a lot of sense. It's hard logic to follow and just confuses guys and girls.

"I want to talk
I want to talk as much as I want
I'm gonna give
I'm gonna give the problem to you"

All this pressure to have sex, as a result of everything in society that talks about it, sets up problems for both boys and girls.

"Decide, decide
Make up your mind
Decide, decide
I told you what to say
Confuse, confuse
Describe what I found
Confuse, confuse
I told you what to say"

This is where that anthropomorphized "sex" is whispering in the boys' and girls' ears, telling them to decide and make up their mind, but it's actually confusing them further.

Song makes more sense when you get the lyrics right.
Absolutely love it; Talking Heads are genius.

Talking Heads – Tentative Decisions Lyrics 6 years ago
@[BeckonJM:1255] You are correct! They should fix the lyrics on here!

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