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Bob Dylan – Love Minus Zero/No Limit Lyrics 4 years ago
"In the dime stores and bus stations,
People talk of situations,
Read books, repeat quotations,
Draw conclusions on the wall."

This verse is interesting, but I think your link to the book of Daniel is a miss. I think this verse is a harsh critique of the average person's intelligence/worthiness.

Starting with the imagery of people in bus stations who are repeating things they read in book. This reminds me of the idiot masses who read things that more intelligent people have written and then repeat them so as to sound smarter than they are. ("I'm so smart because I can quote Descartes!")

Draw conclusions on the wall - based on the low-brow setting (dime stores and bus stations), my mind went immediately to the things written on bathroom stalls. This was more common in the past than it is today. You used to see all sorts of things written in there.

I think Dylan is expressing his opinion of the average person's wisdom, equating it to the things scrawled on a bathroom stall.

But my favorite lyric in the song is:

My love she laughs like the flowers,
Valentines can't buy her.

I think this line just means what it literally says: No Valentine (suitor) could possibly buy her flowers more beautiful than her own laughter (her self, her beauty, her love).

It's such a beautiful sentiment that if the lyric means anything else, I don't want to know about it :)

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