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Stone Sour – Bother Lyrics 6 years ago
@[AllMusicFan:7243] I read that, but there's no citation, and I really don't get how this could be about a move, or anything to do with music for that matter. Maybe about the reasoning behind the move, but that seems tenuous.

Stone Sour – Bother Lyrics 6 years ago
@[Robderek:7242] I think you're projecting here. Taylor's an atheist, any attempt to read religiosity into the lyrics is misguided. I also see no ultimate affirmation of life at the end of the song, not sure where you're getting that either.

Deftones – Minerva Lyrics 7 years ago
I think it's written from a fan's point of view, who's been through a break-up and has an easier time dealing with it because of the band's music.

"I get all, numb
When she sings it's over
Such a strange numb
And it brings my knees to the earth"

His significant other breaks up with him, and his world seems to fall apart.

"And God bless you all
For the song you saved us

You're the same, numb
When you sing it's over
Such a strange numb
It could bring back peace to the earth

So God bless you all
For the song you saved us, oh
For the hearts you break, every time you moan"

He relates to the lament expressed in Deftones' music. He understands that pain perfectly, and if everyone could experience that feeling, of being united in the darkest circumstances, perhaps we could find peace.

"I get all, numb
We're the same numb
And it brings our knees to the earth

So God bless you all
For the song you saved us, oh
For the hearts you break, every time you moan
And God bless you all on the earth"

Could be another thank you to, or from the band. Chino may be saying that fans confirming their shared experiences does as much for him as the band's music does for them, or an entire audience could be echoing the initial speaker's sentiments ('our knees to the earth', rather than 'my knees'). That's up in the air.

Pig Destroyer – Gravedancer Lyrics 7 years ago
It's "praying for me to come home."

Harriet – No Way Out Lyrics 7 years ago
“Two years ago on the holiday known as 4-20 I overdosed on weed. My heart stopped. What I thought was half a dose of a hash oil candy bar, was three doses of the strongest edible the club had. Marijuana is legal in Los Angeles, but my heart stopped. Literally. Flat line, beeeeeeeep, doctors rush in, everything. I could have single handedly taken down the industry. The first weed-death. The no-addiction, no-harm drug, now lethal. Of course a little Ativan in my veins and I was back a few moments later. But for a second I was really gone. I stopped breathing. I had no control over anything. I just sat there in my body, waiting and watching and vomiting and choking until I died. After, I remember a bro-nurse, tatted up the sleeve, handing me a giant cup of ice water in a plastic bucket, and all I could say was “Biiig Waaater”, but nothing’s ever tasted better. It’s embarrassing to have died from weed. It doesn’t inspire feelings of strength or masculinity. The only consolation was that when my friend and I brought back the chocolate to the club to complain, they mentioned that the same thing had happened to, not gonna name names, and I obviously can’t confirm the sources reliability, but, an important member of the Wu-Tang Clan. I feel like that puts me in good company. Pot is a fantastic thing. There are no warnings or doctrines in this song, besides, don’t go to a club on 4-20 and ask for the strongest edible they have, like, something thats literally gonna make me hallucinate, and then accidentally imbibe three of them. It’s a recounting of where my head was at, when I lost complete control of my body. Nothing’s ever been scarier for me. And, nothings ever been so overpriced as a hospital. At least we got a song out of it. No Way Out.”


Pig Destroyer – Verminess Lyrics 7 years ago
They're both numb, going through life without any sense of purpose. I'm imagining one or both of them may be junkies. She's not good for him, but he doesn't believe he deserves any better. If he left her there's no assurance anyone better would see anything left worth a second look.

That last line is perfection.

Pig Destroyer – Under The Fingernails Lyrics 7 years ago
He's on a date with a girl he thought he saw something in, but with every word she speaks she reveals herself to be a spiteful liar.

Pig Destroyer – Treblinka Lyrics 7 years ago
It's a pro-choice song, written to point out the absurdity of Christians killing abortion doctors.

"Be sure to empty all ten commandments into his chest." - People that claim to be standing strong in the defense of life, somehow justify ending the lives of doctors. They ignore any conceivably moral teaching of their faith, and the commandment not to commit murder, in the name of their fundamentalism.
"For only holy redneck terrorism can usher in the second coming of the coat-hanger." - Abortion will always exist, it's just a question of which form it will be allowed to take. If pro-lifers (the aforementioned holy redneck terrorists) won, and abortion were banned, women would again be forced to utilize unsafe pre-Roe v. Wade means, like coat-hangers.

As for the title, Treblinka was the camp with the second highest death toll (after Auschwitz), it could be a way of saying that extreme fundamentalism is but a secondary threat, the primary being Christianity/religion in general. Or, that the presence of religious fundamentalism is the gun (or in this case, the camp), but the religion itself is the finger pulling the trigger (here, the Nazis). Or perhaps Islamic fundamentalism is Auschwitz and Christian fundamentalism is Treblinka. Really these are all just hypothesis, no real way of knowing.

Pig Destroyer – Sheet Metal Girl Lyrics 7 years ago
I can see three possible interpretations:

1. As everyone has said, he's speaking of a robot designed to fulfill one's sexual needs. If this is the case, I have a theory regarding the usage of the word 'sister'. He could be severely emotionally stunted (which would make going to such measures understandable). He's a distant man, seeing in an android his emotional equal.

2. He's in a loveless relationship with a woman that he cares about, but the affection he offers isn't reciprocated. She's physically human, but she's so profoundly empty and absent of emotion that interacting with her feels like interacting with a robot. This, however, does make the sister bit confusing. Maybe she feels less like a lover, and more like a relative. There's love there, but in physical matters (sex) there's absolutely none.

3. They're in a loveless, physical relationship, and he's ok with that. He's cold, but nothing compared to her, and he admires her personality. "My bionic sister teaches me inhumanity" - he wishes to attain this level of indifference from his comrade, his sister in utter nihilism.

Pig Destroyer – Naked Trees Lyrics 7 years ago
My quite literal interpretation is that it's about a serial killer who murders women and leaves their bodies in a forest.

"Once colorful dreams now swing like dead paratroops from the naked trees."
She had hope in her future, but it died with her.

"Your sky lips and snow skin are sugar for the carrion perched high atop the naked trees."
Her lips are blue and skin is a pale white, so she's been out in the elements for a bit. At this point she's only useful to the carrion birds perched above her resting place.

"A flower on the bed of brittle leaves."
He laid her down on a field of leaves.

"A mass grave of tiny angels fallen from the heavens from the naked trees."
She's not his only victim. He may be motivated by religion, killing women he deems to be unworthy in the eyes of his god.

"Rot beautiful creature all lifeless and serene.
A patch of scorched earth.
Naked beneath the naked trees."
She'll be left to decay among an array of deciduous trees that are are bare as her corpse.

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