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IIRIS – Circle Lyrics 3 years ago
(Everything builds
And then falls apart
Oh where to start?)

Something you've been working so hard on has fallen apart and now you don't know what else to do.

(You were trying so hard
But you doubted
Let’s do this again)

But hey, you can do it again.

IIRIS – Astronaut Lyrics 3 years ago
I think this song is to motivate you into doing amazing things like discovering different planets and things people have never done before.

Smallpools – Dreaming Lyrics 3 years ago
I see it as a guy who really likes this girl but can't be with her because of obstacles standing in their way.

Banks – Brain Lyrics 3 years ago
(my opinion) I think this is a song about a boy being immature and obviously not really putting much effort into their relationship (?)

CHVRCHES – Night Sky Lyrics 4 years ago
A simple love song about a girl crushing on a guy? I'm not so sure :/

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