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Florence + the Machine – Shake It Out Lyrics 6 years ago
"i like to keep my issues strong" is the one that has baffled me and i came here to attempt to clarify. i now think she is playing with the various usages of the word, obviously the primary "emotional issues" but it can also mean offspring, towards which she might be metaphorically referring to her own qualities, skills, abilities, and aspects of her which have developed through her struggle with her issues. and i suspect, in a coup-de-grace, "the action of flowing or coming out", which would indicate a final cleansing action to be free from the encumbrance.

mini rant: someone needs to correct the fucking lyrics so i don't need to scroll through every god damn comment. who the fuck handles that, and can i get permission to do it for the songs that have weight and leave the fluff to its inconsequential state? does no one here have discernment? one would think at some point someone cared.

Procol Harum – Conquistador Lyrics 7 years ago
i wish to add my thoughts on two lines - And like some angel's haloed brow
You reek of purity - i've always been in love with that expression. it is scathingly ironic and full of vitriol while indicating a person who engages in evil yet believes themselves to be righteous. i know this person well. it describes my father perfectly. to boil that all down to the poetry of those four words and charge them with intensity is an accomplishment to be recognized.

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