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Fugazi – I'm So Tired Lyrics 3 years ago
Just because Ian was straight edge doesn’t mean he couldn’t write an incredibly poignant song about addiction... yes, it’s about depression, but what do you think addiction brings? I did 30 days in rehab and this song was in my head every day... it definitely got me thru it. He hit every last nail on the head.. every line of the song, a perfect description of how you feel in the depths and grips of addiction. He may have never touched the stuff, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t friends with or around plenty of people that had... after all, how many famous punk musicians died from exactly that?

Tom Waits – Telephone Call from Istanbul Lyrics 4 years ago
Oh and connecting to what KubalahtKoala said, if Buelah is Buelah is ‘the wellspring our Freudian subconscious and Jungian collective unconscious where "contraries are equally True" (Marriage of Heaven & Hell)’... then that is an excellent way to describe a place you will be purchasing/doing (entering) your drugs. And anyone who has any familiarity of what an addiction will do to your mind, the places it will take your mind, and the intense appreciation for every ‘next breath’ you’re able to take..

I don’t know if Tom was ever addicted to anything but cigarettes and booze, but considering his golden years encompassed most of the 70s, I wouldn’t be surprised if he caught a bit of that white line fever that Lemmy had for amphetamines, or way more likely for Tom’s more laid back case, cocaine.

Tom Waits – Telephone Call from Istanbul Lyrics 4 years ago
I could be mistaken, but the song seems to be about drugs. “Living in a medicine chest” in a hotel, life seems a mess... he mentions a “monkey rode a blade on an overhead fan” could be referencing the proverbial monkey on his back. But then he gets a call from Istanbul, of all places, that his “‘baby’s’ comin home today” could be a slick way of saying ‘I have your drugs (from near that place in the world) when you’re ready today’. The donkey painting line could reference how a dealer will do anything as long as you pay.

The chorus I’m guessing is about drug related life... buying crazy stuff, people needing to “get out of town”, don’t trust this type of dealer, and definitely don’t drive when you’re ripped. Mentioning the weekend when he’s going to be partying, dying his hair to disguise himself, going to the dealer’s house on a certain road, and wearing a hat agreed upon by both to signal everything is alright.

“Going to get a tux” is just saying ‘I’m so damn excited, I’m gonna get so wrecked’ OOOOOOR, “I’m gonna cut a whole in the day”... as in, ‘I’m going to black the F out and lose a huge part of my day’.

I could be wrong and every single line could be appearing to me as an indirect drug reference, probably because I’m a recovering addict myself... But it seems pretty darn coincidental that everything lines up so nicely in a beautiful, indirect manner that only Tom Waits could think up.

Nine Inch Nails – Various Methods of Escape Lyrics 4 years ago
@[randylic:21096] go get addicted to heroin for about a year then give it another listen.

And as for it "being for tools", despite what your opinion may be, it CAN happen to anybody... especially considering when 80% of users these days get started off prescription drugs given after surgery, an accident, or some other reason that doctors hand out opiates like Halloween candy.

Metallica – Low Man's Lyric Lyrics 4 years ago
One of the deepest songs Het has ever written. It's a bit long of a description but please give me a chance to explain and I promise, if you love this song as well, you will feel very inspired.

This song is about addiction. Plain and simple. It's a letter being written to a loved one from a moment of clarity or a time when sober, such as being in rehab. If you read EVERYTHING together, not just "my fingers seek my veins", you'll see it. I'll just use "her" for simplicity's sake to refer to the person he cares for since it's Hetfield speaking to this person...

The first verse is stating his intentions. His heart wants sobriety/reality, but his body keeps going back to the drug. He wants another chance with her, wanting to come back to his life/out of the "rain".

Second verse, he "fell"/relapsed because he "gave up" and his chances had been used up/net below has rot away.

Chorus.. He's lost everything so he's "keeping warm with the trash fire" but he still craves/nowhere safe from the "storm" of addiction in his mind. And he can't bear to acknowledge/look at what he's become.

He's literally writing to her (again, most likely from rehab or place of sobriety), coming to terms with what he's done and the path he must take to sobriety, and asking her not to feel pity since he accepts he's made these decisions, but instead asking for forgiveness.

Third... with sobriety, comes a feeling of being extremely "low" and depressed with what you've done, and craving forgiveness from those you've hurt. (And possibly the most important line of the song) "you bring this poor dog in from the rain/and he just wants right back out again"... the endless cycle of addiction, you beg for help, receive it, but just end up relapsing/into addiction, wanting to or involuntarily.

At a time when he lost everything, he would "cry to the alleyway/confess all to the rain" because addiction stripped him of a home and everyone he cared about... no one left to listen, nowhere left to live. And as every addict does, he "lies straight to the mirror" (we lie to ourselves about everything... being in control, still having a life, "going to quit tomorrow"); the one he's "broken to match his face" (hating what he sees when he looks at himself because deep down he knows the truth).
I see many differing opinions of this brilliant song and Metallica songs have always been open to the listener's interpretation. But one thing I've noticed about Hetfield's songs about addiction, many of them are very difficult to pinpoint as being ABOUT addiction until you yourself have fallen into the abyss of addiction. There were a good 5 or 6 songs (Sad But True, House Jack Built, Bleeding Me, Trapped Under Ice, etc) I never had any idea dealt with this until you start coming face to face with everything he's saying. That's the sign of a true artist.. once you live thru it, you feel what he's saying.

Thank you if you've stuck with me to the end here, and I hope this helped bring the feeling and depth of this work of art into your heart and soul. And for those of you that suffer addiction like me, I hope this song brings solace and a tiny bit of serenity into your life as so many of James Hetfield's songs have done for me.

Marilyn Manson – The Gardener Lyrics 5 years ago
This is my favorite song on the album. Manson is one of 3 artists that no matter how many times I listen to these songs, they still give me goosebumps when I'm blasting them at high volumes; especially the songs that I can connect to at such a deep, introspective level. This is one of them.

I consider this to be the second of his "new triptych". That may sound stupid to some, but these albums are written by a man who has come to terms with who and what he is. After a stumble and fall with Golden Age and EMDM, the albums after the spotlight faded, he regained his creativity and perspective. Don't get me wrong, I love every single album and song he's released, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit that those two were his weakest.

Marilyn Manson – Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Ziggety-Zag Lyrics 5 years ago
Wow I really am surprised at how many people claim this song to be their favorite of the album. I love everything Manson has done.. EVERYTHING. But I would have to rank this album as my least favorite. But I still absolutely love it, and it's definitely better than 95% of the music that's come out in the last 20 years (it's 2017 now).

I think what irks me about this song, and a lot of this album in general, is the nonsensical words he uses. I don't know why but perhaps it's because he's such an eloquent and intelligent writer... I know he was suffering writer's block during the first part of the 2000s but spouting gibberish ala Anthony Kiedis is way beneath him.. especially since an lyricist like Anthony Kiedis is way beneath him (don't get me wrong tho, RHCP was one of the first bands I fell in love with in 92 when I was 7... until they got sober).

All in all, this is still an extremely solid and excellent vision of an album from one of my top 5 artists/visionaries. I'm just happy that he got his stride back with his last 3 MASTERPIECES; High End of Low, Born Villain, and Pale Emperor. I don't care what ANYBODY says, those records are effing PHENOMENAL.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – By the Way Lyrics 5 years ago
I miss the days when Anthony wrote lyrics that made sense rather than just singing words that rhyme nonsensically.

Motörhead – (I Won't) Pay Your Price Lyrics 7 years ago
This is my favorite Motörhead song. It's pretty clear that this song is an "eff you" to a person that causes you nothing but grief. Most likely a significant other in this case. Great lyrics. Lemmy is the man.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – The Rider Song Lyrics 7 years ago
You could play this song 50 times in a row, and I will bawl my eyes out each and every time. To my ears, this is one of those most beautiful songs ever written. Nick Cave is simply the most amazing songwriter of the 20th century. Dylan, Gilmour, Joplin... All great without a doubt but none can come close to Cave. He reaches into the depths of the human soul without compromise or "prettying" up his lyrics for the masses. You either feel it down to your marrow, or you just don't comprehend. Unabashed beauty.

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