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Converge – Wolves At My Door Lyrics 7 years ago
I wonder why this was left off of You Fail Me. This song is amazing. It seems to be about a person who is always wanting to cause trouble and see others suffer from it.

Genghis Tron – Board Up the House Lyrics 7 years ago
To me, this song (as well as the rest of the album) has lots of different meanings.

1. The obvious, being in a zombie apocalypse and sheltering yourself to stay safe. Cabin fever then sets in.

2. Jews in hiding during the Holocaust. They've hid themselves in an isolated attic and no one will come and help them. Cabin fever also sets in.

3. Genghis Tron is very different musically, with very few bands combining electronic music and noisy, grindy metal. They're so separated from other musical acts that they've basically boarded themselves up in a tiny box. They've become comfortable in their own skin.

4. The final meaning (this one means a lot to me) is about being socially removed. You feel separated and isolated from everybody else, so you build and board up a wall or house of sorts to shield yourself from society. As a result, no one will come to talk to you or help you if needed.

The entire album seems to be about the good and bad about being separated or isolated in your own little world. And that's why it's such an amazing album to me.

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