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Simon and Garfunkel – I Am A Rock Lyrics 7 years ago
I have just been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at the age of forty and can really relate to this song. I can empathise with all the lyrics and how I have created my life with walls and safety.

I have very few friends, i'm not sure why, but I have my own office at home and it is my rock. I relate to this song and somehow it helps me. Even know it may not be about this, this is what I take from it.

Elbow – Open Arms Lyrics 8 years ago
The personification of the moon is just bloody lovely!

Super song.

Elbow – Starlings Lyrics 8 years ago
"You are the only thing in any room you're ever in"

Has there ever been a better line written by any manchester artist?

I don't think so!

Elbow – My Sad Captains Lyrics 8 years ago
Won't waste words on what it's about when I can just close my eyes and listen!

The best on the album for me by a mile. The brass is epic.

Thank you.

Elbow – New York Morning Lyrics 8 years ago
I like the giddy aunt line, it's nicked from his gran or auntie I think.

It's a lovely eulogy of a place Garvey spent a lot of time in recently. It's like a love story for a people and a place.

The Ono quote was taken from Lennon. I've read that Yoko was abused by the English press and it was Lennon who originally said that, 'folk were nice to Yoko'

Typically anthemic
Garvey angelic
I'm autistic!

Sorry, couldn't think of any more. Thanks again Guy and the guys.

Elbow – Lippy Kids Lyrics 8 years ago
Elbow at their best.

Reminiscent of their youth, I think they are on a nostalgic journey of growing up, falling in love, discovering beer and fags and being cool.

It's a little message though to enjoy your youth 'those days are golden' and for me, 'build a rocket boys' simply says don't be scared of ambition. The sky's the limit.

The lyrics, the melody, the vocal, the way it incorporates a madding crowd is all just synonymous with the magic that is Elbow. Thanks guys.

James – How Was It for You? Lyrics 8 years ago
Just phenomenal. Tim and the boys at their rawest and most credible!!

James – She's A Star Lyrics 8 years ago
This song is about my mum. About when she met my dad. She was intelligent, articulate and had loads going for her. She's a star!

My dad however is a working class bloke with no ambition or drive. The antipathy.

So she falls in love with my dad and just conforms to be with him, including killing her own aspirations and living in the background her whole life.

One day she will get the chance to shine like she should have done at a much younger age. You know why? Because she's a star!!

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