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Bastille – Things We Lost in the Fire Lyrics 5 years ago
I think it is sort of like a metaphor to a relationship.
"I was the match and you were the rock
Maybe we started this fire
We sat apart and watched
All we had burned on the pyre"
that struck me as that something they did caused a problem and now everything is going wrong. they are losing everything

James Blunt – Goodbye My Lover Lyrics 5 years ago
My ex boyfriend sent me this song. He really wants to get back together but I have no interest in him and I have a new boyfriend (who I really like and have no intention of leaving

Regina Spektor – The Call Lyrics 5 years ago
I believe that it's about moving on yet not forgetting anything. A melancholy goodbye. Because the song is played in Prince Caspian (the movie) when the kids are leaving Narnia and they know that Susan and Peter will never be able to come back to Narnia it would be focussing in their departure.

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