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Sophie Zelmani – Once Lyrics 5 years ago
I forgot this part.

"Once could tell
And help me clear out
Some things"

They both want to have just one more moment before they separate,
he want to clear out what he has done, why he feels he have to break them up.
She want to clear out the same thing, how he can do that, why he want to end it.

They both holding on so hard, but still trying to let go of one and other.

Sophie Zelmani – Once Lyrics 5 years ago
I completely disagree with you.

Maybe in the way of them wanting one kiss, one night as a couple in love I can agree with that.


For me this is a man and a woman who have shared something special as a couple, but with a shadow hanging over their heads.

"One season, then
The brakes're gonna break"

It is the man who "break", leaving the woman with a promise that all will be fine.

"Here babe
Are the notes you must play
This babe, is the procedure"

He tells her this is how it have to be, this is the procedure.

"Hey you
Can I breathe
If my chest is covered"

She described the feeling of trying to understand/breathe but how is that possible if the chest is covered.

"Hey you
Is my face making sense
Eyes can't be still
In a moment so tense"

This part I believe is when she gets the bad news, that he is leaving her.

She is in shock, moment so tense, eye's being still but thoughts and feeling rushing through her mind. Her face not making sense because of the difficulty of understanding what it means.

"Here babe
Not in another way
I can assure you
That you will be OK"

He trying to assure her she will be okay, maybe promising her a new chance in the future.

"Once would do
Once could change everything
Once could tell
And help me clear out
Some things"

This part I have had a hard time figuring out, but I think it means one kiss, one more night together, one more day anything that will give them both what they need.

"Once would make
No difference at all
Once or not
I've already made this fall"

This describes their feelings, that even if they stay together just for one more time they still have "given up", him by leaving her, and she is heartbroken and might never risk going back to him.

"Once would make
No difference at all"

They know they already should have left each other, but they can't.

Something holding them back from letting go.

"Hey you
Make the most of the time
You've got to cross many borders"

He is telling her not to be sad, "make the most of the time"
If she staying for just a little while longer, she should make the most what is left.

"you've got to cross many borders" She have to break boundaries to stay and to leave him she have to cross many borders.

"If you can't control your mind
Something will happen
It's just a question of time"

Its her that have to control her mind, she have to let him go.
Not stay just because she hope he will change his mind and take her back.
If she fails doing that, he might not want one more kiss/day/night.

"Oh babe
I can not concentrate
I'm here for the wrong reason"

She is giving up, she can't control her mind.
She is there for the wrong reason.

Hoping for something that can not be.

"It's you who makes my knees shake"

Describing the feeling of love.
Real love, she is aware now that it is over.

"One season, then
The brakes're gonna break"

Reminding herself that this love was doomed from the beginning.
But, still wanting more. Once will make no difference at all, but the whole "season"/"relationship" was only Once.

So what is the diference than?

This is just how I see this song, its the story of my life so for me this is what the song meaning is all about!

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