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Hozier – Take Me to Church Lyrics 5 years ago
In short, love is when humans approach the divine. Hetero AND homosexual love. Homophobia is ungodly evil.

Amen! Amen.

Hozier – Take Me to Church Lyrics 5 years ago
I think Danilus is the closest to getting it right. Though I love this from PollyKnotswise:
"Using the Church (which is against homosexuality) as a metaphor for making love is just genius. Absolutely fan-fucking-tastic."

The song seems to make sense if "She" is the goddess of Love. And the lovers are gay.

The song is darker than I thought at first (using "take me to church" as a metaphor for 'hot dirty cleansing sex'). That's a psychologically well-adjusted, unrepentant F U to the church. [Editorial comment: In addition to labeling homosexuality a sin, churches have done a helluva job over the centuries pathologizing any sexual expression other than spousal intercourse for procreation. Thus the universal appeal of this song.]

But Hozier is also agonizing over reconciling his homosexuality with his religious beliefs. Particularly the anti-gay preachings at his church.

Thus the chorus has many meanings - his confession of his "sins", his affirmation of his homosexuality and clear intent to continue worshipping the goddess, his desire to also continue to worship at his bricks and mortar church despite the "lies" they preach there, his willingness to accept his churches' punishment ('I'll worship like a dog" and, "you can sharpen your knives"), his desire to give his life to God, his plea for God to accept him into heaven ("give me that deathless death"), and of course the unfavorable comparison of the current manifestation of his church vs. the sacred space of the bedroom with his lover.

Hozier delivers a poignant illustration of how churches' anti-gay doctrines damage their representation of God. And he makes a plea for the church (and society via the video) to accept and celebrate homosexual love as it does heterosexual love. God certainly must.

Just saying... that's what I think.

Don't ask me about the second verse - I don't get the description of the sacrifice. References to the Bible, or Catholic shite?

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