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Filter – Happy Together Lyrics 5 years ago
This version updates the sunny/sad/scary sentiments of the original to today's darker, more cynical culture with brutal effectiveness. I see it as sort of the male-perspective counterpart to Garbage's "#1 Crush" -- ripping the warm and fuzzy façade away from romantic infatuation to reveal its dark, desperate heart.

Bryan Ferry – Slave To Love Lyrics 5 years ago
This song is for anyone who's ever surrendered to the kind of all-consuming infatuation that renders you utterly helpless before the object of your love. The kind of love that turns the strongest heart into so much melting wax. Whether your beloved returns your affections or not, whether their path in life follows your own, none of that matters. All you can do is stand faithfully in your devotion and wait.

Yes, it's a sad and pathetic condition to find yourself in, but to even feel that level of passion is rare in life (especially as you grow older). It's a sweet agony.

Alanis Morissette – You Oughta Know Lyrics 6 years ago
Unfortunately, I'm unable to hear this song now without getting the image in my head of "Uncle Joey" from Full House being fellated in a movie theater by Alanis Morissette.

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