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Twenty One Pilots – Forest Lyrics 5 years ago
I always felt like this song was about worries, fears, and problems that you can never really leave behind and trying to escape from them momentarily even though you know in the back of you mind they are still there. In the first verse it gets into these problems, "wanting to be listened to" not "heard" and being bothered when others have the same name. Then after another verse it ends with "So let's think of something better" and the chorus starts. I think the "forest" represents a place to escape to and "singing" as something to tune out your problems with. When they mention the chorus being one that everybody knows I imagine it's because it's supposed to be "normal" and "expected" which is what he is trying to be by avoiding his problems and putting up a front. The "hands held higher" and "we'll" be on fire" part is the problems catching up to him. Then in the next verse he addresses them:
"Quickly moving towards the storm
Moving forward, torn into pieces
Over reasons of what these storms are for
I don't understand why everything I adore
Takes a different form when I squint my eyes

Have you ever done that, when you squint your eyes
And your eyelashes make it look a little not right
And when just enough light comes from just the right side
And you find that you're not who you're supposed to be?
This is not what you're supposed to see"

In these verses he has stepped out of the forest and is slowly coming back to the reality of his situation. That nothing is perfect and the harder he focuses on it, the worse the problems seem. After spending so much time away in his "forest" he has forgotten his own problems and when they suddenly show up again he panics and they seem 10x worse. Hence:

"Please, remember me, I am supposed to be king of the king
Devil swinging on the swing, something happened in my imagination
The situation's becoming dire, my treehouse is on fire
And for some reason I smell gas on my hands
This is not what I had planned"

In fear he runs back to his "forest" and continues to ignore his problems.

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