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The Beatles – Dig a Pony Lyrics 5 years ago
'British colonies' LOL your obviously not british. There are no british colonies. Our country isn't big enough for something that means one thing in the north to mean something different elsewhere. People know what you mean everywhere if you say lorry! They may also use 'truck' 'tractor-trailer', HGV ( heavy goods vehicle ) or 'Artic' ( articulated lorry ) but there are no colonies in Britain. Even those far up north in scotland will totally understand people from Liverpool like the Beatles if they listen hard enough!

The Beatles – Hey Bulldog Lyrics 5 years ago
So many different opinions! I also love this song, it's one of the most underrated beatles songs in my opinion. I also write and perform myself and I think John and Paul ( and George ) probably had the same sort of opinion on their stuff that I do. I know what my lyrics mean to me. Sometimes they will be obvious to others but generally I am happy for them to mean whatever you want them to mean to you. I know John thought like that because he said it in one of his interviews. Basically they may mean something, they may be utter nonsense but music is supposed to be a personal thing and overall YOU should find your OWN meaning for them - and that is what they mean. This is in some ways what they are saying in the verses of All You Need Is Love.

Ocean Colour Scene – The Circle Lyrics 5 years ago
I know what this song means - Simon Fowler is gay and does not intend to have children. The feeling of being 'outside the circle' means refers to how not having children and a family makes him feel. The verses are basically about him dwelling on the way this makes him feel. 'Will i turn my coat to the rain etc' is him asking if he will be able to find happiness without it and 'sing to those I know on their birthdays' etc refers to how he is still part of the lives of the children and families of his friends and how that makes him feel like he ISN'T outside the circle occasionally. I knew exactly how he felt when this song was around a lot more and it is a very profound and beautiful statement really. You can find this info elsewhere on the internet if you search.

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