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Taylor Swift – Epiphany Lyrics 11 months ago
This song is just breathtaking.

Drawing an arrow-straight line from her grandfathers service in WWII fighting one sort of evil to the medics - and especially the mainly female nurses - in 2020 fighting an entirely different war. Both losing friends and loved ones, both seeing things they will always find it hard to discuss, both struggling to find meaning in what they did.

If Taylor Swift's entire career had consisted of just this song it would have still been worth it.

Beats International – Dub Be Good To Me Lyrics 1 year ago
@[NZfishboy:35203] Fixed now.

Kirsty MacColl – A New England Lyrics 2 years ago
@[matthewsheffield:30361] Now fixed! Woo hoo.

Kirsty MacColl – A New England Lyrics 3 years ago
"When at last it didn't ring I knew it wasn't you"

One of the best lyrics ever.

New Order – World In Motion Lyrics 3 years ago
@[JLoDaMofo:28260] Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

New Order – World In Motion Lyrics 3 years ago
Easily the best football song ever written. But I *so* want to hear the version with Peter Beardsley doing the rap section.

Ralph McTell – Streets Of London Lyrics 3 years ago
@[bowiz2:24352] It's definitely MEDAL ribbons, The forgotten hero. He's an ex-serviceman, discarded by society when no longer needed.

Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show – Sylvia's Mother Lyrics 4 years ago
Sylia's mother has kept him talking while Sylvia gets ready and then leaves the house to catch the 9 o' clock train.

Then she says "sir won't you come back again" to the caller.

Come back. Just not for Sylvia.

Classic Doctor Hook humour.

I got it when I was 14 and that was a loooong time ago.

Miley Cyrus – Inspired Lyrics 4 years ago
Miley Cyrus tweaked this and then sung it with great sensitivity at the OneLoveManchester concert. As well as removing a direct reference to death, the tweak subtly change the song from "be inspired by those around and embrace change" to "be inspired and *be* change".

Good song by a a rapidly maturing talent.

The Smithereens – In a Lonely Place Lyrics 4 years ago
Inspire by the Humphrey Bogart film of the same name.

The lines
"I was born the day I met you,
Lived a while when you loved me,
Died a little when we broke apart."

riffs on Bogey's closing line:

"I was born when she met me, died when she left me. Lived a few weeks while she loved me".

Kate Rusby – Farewell Lyrics 4 years ago
@[ilive4dmb:19201] Nope - Farewell (these lyrics) is a different song to Fare Thee Well (see the alphabetical list))

Argent – Hold Your Head Up Lyrics 5 years ago
The lyrics are wrong - Rod Argent has confirmed several times that it is "woman" not "oh", and if you watch Zombies 2011 west London performance of it, this is very clear (it's on Youtube).

The Housemartins – Get Up Off Our Knees Lyrics 5 years ago
An out-and-out attack on what, these days, would be the #PrayFor[insert scene of latest tragedy] tendency, on the church and their claims of doing good works while hiding behind prayer and on wishful thinking that is not backed up by action.

Also, a really bop-along tune!

Dire Straits – Romeo And Juliet Lyrics 5 years ago
@[ZinbobDan:10319] @yasminatabbalon

Closer attention would glean that the references are less from Romeo and Juliet, but from West Side Story. Different streets, both of shame (ie poor); (Somewhere) There's a place for us.... I feel pretty (chains' of silver, chains of gold)

Pulp – Common People Lyrics 5 years ago
The song is a very specific attack on "poverty tourism": the tendency for rich - often very rich - college kids to affect to live like ordinary folks, but never actually having any of the risk or stress that ordinary folk confront every day.

The critical line is:

"If you called your Dad he could stop it all"

Cocker writes from the perspective on one who doesn't have a daddy who can come and fix it all (if anything he will be supporting his dad, by getting the hell out of Sheffield and aspiring a bit).

But there's a warning

"Like a dog lying in a corner
They will bite you and never warn you
Look out,they'll tear your insides out
'Cause everybody hates a tourist
Especially one who thinks it's all such a laugh"

Being working class isn't a tourist trip and it is gratuitously offensive to treat it as such.

Bruce Springsteen – Point Blank Lyrics 5 years ago
* duh. hits hard, not hards. Dunno how that happened.

Bruce Springsteen – Point Blank Lyrics 5 years ago
The Boss at his most brutal.

It gets play less, probably, because it is perhaps his most unflinching song - utterly bleak it its depiction of the abandoned working classes. It hards, and it doesn't let you off with the slightest hint of hope.

"did you forget how to love, girl, did you forget how to fight"

Pure suicide music.

What. A. Song.

Peter, Paul and Mary – Puff (The Magic Dragon) Lyrics 6 years ago
30 seconds on Youtube would lead you to the 25th anniversary performance where Peter Yarrow explains that it really is about the loss of innocence in childhood.

John Lennon – Working Class Hero Lyrics 6 years ago
In the latw 1960s, when the Beatles were at the peak of their fame, but careering towards break-up, the Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson (that's *Labour* PM!) said words to the effect that he liked the Beatles because they kept the young people off the street.

This was John Lennons' response.

The Chicks – Voice Inside My Head Lyrics 6 years ago
**Every time I'm feeling down, I wonder
What would it be like with you around?**

The reads like it should be a comforting line, but it is the exact opposite. At your lowest you are at your most vulnerable to the ghosts of past choices.

An incredible song, extraordinarily bold and brave. *Of course* it's about abortion - and a slap in the face to those who ever think it is an easy choice.

Bruce Springsteen – Thunder Road Lyrics 8 years ago
Was also at Wembley on Saturday and this show-ender was spellbinding on a truly epic scale (and the end of a stunning gig).

I think "Hey I know it's late we can make it if we run"


" The door's open but the ride it ain't free"

gives Thunder Road an absolutely delicious ambiguity - yeah we can go for our dreams, even now, but only if you are ready to pay the price, even now - so what were you prepared to do?

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