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Daughter – Drift Lyrics 6 years ago
Though this song hads no Lyrics, I still have an interpretation. I think an understandin of the message in the song can be achieved by looking at the components of the song, and the general feel of the music.
I think this song is preparation for something. Like she is heading into a life changing moment, like someone stepping into a battlefield, or about to break up with someone. I think this because of the clicks of metal or something that start at 00:48. They feel anxious, once again, like preparation. It procedes to add more and more components, like a high pitch screech (2:14), and the foggy noise in the background gets louder, which i think is her getting closer and closer to the moment she is dredding. Then, Ican't decide if when the voice coming in is her deciding not to do it,(whatever the action maybe), or her finnaly doing it, and the outcome being much worse than she thought.

This is just my interpretation, feel free to disagree.
BTW I love Daughter!

Marble Sounds – Good Occasions Lyrics 6 years ago
I think this song is about just being generally tired. Tired of life, tired of being sad, and tired of being tired. And then trying to find ways to get away from it. I think it's also about being socially awkward, and not really liking to be with and/or around people. The kind of people who enjoy being alone. Here is why:

"Drunk and sore, for so many days.
But what's to regret?
I've had my way."
-He has been using alcohol to rid himself of the pain, but doesn't regret anything because he's "had his way" meaning it worked, he got away from the pain.

"We could have met, but I was too shy.
The first thing I said, was a soft goodbye."
He was too shy to meet this person that he came in contact with due to his anti-social personality, and now he regrets it.

(I'll address the chorus later)

"Whispering, you're never seen.
You're slipping out, escaping scenes."
-He's talking about shying away from people, 'escaping scenes' so as not to have to talk to people. never being seen because he refrains from going out in public.

"Keep it real, And kick my dreams.
Important deals, once agreed."
-Here is where he starts talking about being tired and hopeless. he says "Keep it real, And kick my dreams" because he's telling himself 'let's be real, you're not going to achieve anything in life.' He goes on to say "Important deals, once agreed" I think this is a referance to childhood when we all say those things like "when I grow up, I wanna be -----(insert career/dream here)". They were once agreed, but he now realizes he can never achieve those things.

"I count on countless, good occasions, to be quick and to the point.
To perceive the, situation."
-What he basically says here without all of the poetic words is "I rely on occasions where I don't have to talk very much". This means he is talking about being tired and anti-social because he likes situations where he doesn't have to talk very much and can just keep it to small talk, then be on his lonesome way.

"But a constant, hesitation, has been turing me around."
-He wants to talk to these people, but is hesitant because he fears he will make a fool of himself or become emotionally attached and get hurt in the end.

"Here is hope you can still take it".
-In this sentence he is trying to tell himself 'you can still take it, you can still take the emotional damage and cruelty of people in this world. He is giving himself hope he can survive, and eventually get better.

"It takes a while, to value time.
I'll take a break, arrive to late."
-Finally, he is speaking of curing himself. He says "It takes a while, to value time" as in, he recognizes that it will take a while for him to get better. then goes on to say "I'll take a break, arrive to late." he is relieving himself of the fear of breaking social codes, and allows himself a break from worrying, demonstrating that he now practices healthy behaviours.

"If i fall behind, it is you I'll find.
In a lovely house, in a lovely town."
-He expresses here that if he ever starts to feel this way again, he will seek this person out unlike the first verse where he is too shy, he will talk to this person and get help from them. I think this sentence also indicates that he has a romantic relationship with this person, because of the two lovelys in the sentence. So i think he is saying 'next time i start feeling down, i will use our love to cure myself.'

So, this is my interpretation, take it or leave it, but i think it's a pretty good guess.

Daughter – Love Lyrics 6 years ago
This is definitely my favourite song by Daughter. this has so many powerful lyrics embedded in it that its incomprehensible. I have an interpretation of this, so here it goes.

"I can't forget it.
Though I've tried.
I know you regret it love.
You've told me so many, times."
-The singer is troubled by the time she has spent with this boy, and how it all not only ended so quickly, but ended nastily, with him telling her he regrets their relationship (Which I don't think they were necessarily 'Dating' but just romantically involved.)

"But I still wonder, why.
You left with her, and left me behind."
-This could be poetic or literal; as in maybe they were at an event like a dance, or a club/bar and all three of them were there, and she was expecting him to take her home but he left with this other girl. Or, it was just poetic and she is saying that he left her for the other female.

"Take your hands off, Him.
'Cause he's the only one that I, have ever loved."
-I imagine the singer looking at him with this other girl and the girl is touching him on the chest or the arm and it is making the singer very angry and remorseful,
and wanting to tell this girl to get her hands of her lover.

"And please don't find her, skin.
When you turn the lights out."
-I think this is her internally begging this man she loves so dearly not to be physical with the other girl, because she couldn't bear the emotional pain.

"I can't erase it.
From my mind.
I just replay it, love.
Think of it all of the time."
-She is expressing how she wishes she could just erase this all from her mind so that he could just be happy with her, but can't. The images of their time together just keep running through her mind. She cannot stop thinking about it.

"And I don't want to imagine,
Words you spoke to her that, night."
-In this chorus she expresses how she doesn't even want to think about the things that he says to the other girl, that the singer wishes he would say to her. She doesn't think she can handle the emotional trauma of imagining the romantic coos exchanged between the two lovers that she believes aren't meant to be.

"Naked bodies look like, porcelain.
You both knew I'd be bleeding inside"
-Here she is envisioning either her and this boy, or the other girl and this boy laying together naked after making love and looking so beautiful. If it's the singer and the boy, she is trying to show him how perfect they could be together. But if it's the other girl and the boy, She is being envious of how beautiful they look too.

"Did she make your heart beat faster than I could.
Did she give you what you hoped for.
Oh on nights so loveless, love, I hope it made you feel good.
Knowing how much I adored you X2."
-She is now making the boy question 'Was it worth leaving me for her?' and 'Is she all that you hoped she would be?'. then she is spiting him by saying 'I love you so much and you threw it all away, so i hope it makes you feel good to see how loveless I am.'

"You're making me sick love."
-She is articulating how upset and uneasy she feels about his new lover.

Again this is one of the most lyrically and musically beautiful songs I've ever heard, And I love Daughter and Elena Tonra's music.

Daughter – Landfill Lyrics 6 years ago
This is such a deep song, I agree with a lot of what fifidill said. I think the general message in this song is a couple who have been in a relationship for so long that even though they aren't working out, it seems alien to be apart from eachother. They are drifting apart but are both emotionally reliant on eachother. But the girl is trying to convince the boy that they aren't good for eachother. This is my interpretation.

"Throw me in the landfill, Don't think about the consequences.
Throw me in the water, Don't think about the choices that you make.
Throw me in the water, Don't think about the splash i will create.
Leave me at the altar, Knowing all the things you've just escaped."
-The singer is telling her long-term lover to just leave her already, that his life will be so much better if he just goes. She also tells him not to think of what will become of her.

"Push me out to sea.
On the little boat that you made out, of the evergreen.
That you helped your father cut away."
-She is still rambling on about more ways he could (should) leave her.

"Leave me on the tracks, to wait until the morning train arrives.
Don't you dare look back. Walk away catch up with the sunrise."
-This I think is very deep. She again tells him to leave her, But this time she tells him not to look back, as in do not have any regrets.She goes on to say "Catch up with the sunrise" I believe this is metaphorical, the sunrise signifying a better life and emotional well-being. that if he leaves her, he will 'catch up' with a better life.

"This is torturous.
The electricity between both of us.
This is dangerous.
'Cause I want you so much, but I hate your guts, I hate you."
-Here she is just emphasizing how wrong their relationship has become, And her conflicting emotions of wanting him, but knowing they are better apart.

"So leave me in the cold.
Wait until the snow covers me up.
So I cannot move.
So i'm just embedded in the frost."
-She again tells him to leave her, but i think the third line is metaphorical for being embedded in someones memory, as in, she can't be an actual part of his life, but he can keep her in his memory.

"Then leave me in the rain.
Wait until my clothes cling to my frame.
Wipe away your tear stains.
Thought you said, you didn't feel pain."
-Again, telling him to leave her. I think the "Wait until my clothes cling to my frame" part is her pleading him not to leave so quickly, to wait and make sure she is alright without him. The next two lines are her telling him to be ok, but i think the last line has some hostility to it. Like they got in a fight and he said 'I would be fine without you' and this is her proving 'this is hard for you too man'.

Then the chorus repeats.

This is just my interpretation but it seems like many of you agree.

Daughter – Smother Lyrics 6 years ago
I agree with what everyone else has already posted, but i have a few things i'd like to interject.

"I am wasted losing time.
I'm a foolish fragile spine.
I want all that is not mine.
I want him, but we're not right."
-The singer is expressing her discontent with how she has handled her relationship that has failed. she is saying she is a waste of being if she is not with him, and that she is running out of time to get him back. She was foolish not to take better care of their relationship, and to give him some space. and now she wants him but he doesn't want her.

"In the darkness I will meet my creators.
They will all agree that I'm a suffocator"
-ch3rryx did a really good job at explaining this, so you should go look at his/hers. She is expressing how guilty and alone she feels about how this has all turned out, and that she accepts full blame for being a 'smotherer'.

"I should go now quietly.
For my bones have found a place to lie down and sleep."
- At this part, she is saying that she should just go away without anybody noticing her parting, so as not to hurt any more people. She says she just wants to go away and rest, recover.

"So all my layers can become reeds.
All my limbs can become trees."
-She wants to leave so that she can eventually become a better, more beautiful person.

"All my children can become me.
What a mess I leave. To follow."
-She is saying that her whole life has been a torturous mess, and her children will likely follow in this destructive path.

The chorus repeats again.

"Oh love.
I'm sorry if I smothered you.
I'm sorry if I smothered you.
I sometimes wish I stayed inside my mother.
Never to come out."
This I believe is the focus of the song (Obviously because it has the title in it). This verse is full of regret and sorrow at coming to the understanding that she drove him away, by relying too much on him and smothering him. She then comes to some borderline suicidal thoughts saying she wishes she had never been born.

Daughter – Medicine Lyrics 6 years ago
I think this song is also about trying to escape something. But i do not think any of us knows exactly what the medicine is. It could be physical, like alcohol or drugs, or mental, like a feeling of depression. However, I think this ambiguity was purposeful by daughter so that we could all relate. Either way, this is my interpretation.

"Pick it up, Pick it all up.
And start again."
-I think this part is talking about the person having just commited whatever act is their "Medicine", and this person is feelingtired and depressed and cannot escape this loop of using the medicine, feeling better, then feeling worse again and wanting more.

"You've got a second chance, you could go home.
Escape it all, it's just irrelevant. It's just medicine."
-I think this part is the singer talking to the user of the medicine and saying he should go home and reconnect with his roots, and escape this problem.

"You could still be, what you want to, what you said you were. When I met you."
-I think the user of the medicine declined her offer, but this is the singer trying to convince them. Saying that they could have a bright future, and have success.

"You've got a warm heart, You've got a beautiful brain,
But it's disintegrating."
-This is her still trying to convince him, saying that the person still has so much opportunity to be great, but if the person doesn't seize the opportunity now, he will disintegrate(be stuck like this forever).

Then the rest is just repeats of what was already said.

Daughter – Candles Lyrics 6 years ago
I think this song is about the emotional contemplation of a person about to have their first casual sex, and the fear of not being approved of by their own morals and the morals of her family. I also think this person starts to feel emotions to this boy that she souldn't have, because she knows it's just casual. So... here it goes.

"That boy, take me away, into the night.
Out of the hum of the street lights and into a forest.
I'll do, what ever you say, to me in the dark."
-She meets a boy, And even though it's usually the man convincing the women
to have intercourse, I feel this doesn't apply here. The reason I think this is
because she says "Take me away" and "I'll do whatever you say". Personally i think that she is throwing herself at him.

"Scared i'll be torn apart by a wolf in mask
of familiar name on a birthday card."
-This is where I think she is pondering "What would my family think of this?" because she says "By a familiar name on a birthday card" as in someone in her family is going to reprimand her for this.

"Blow out all the candles, blow out all the candles.
'You're too old to be so shy he says to me so I stay the night."
-She says 'blow out all the candles' because candles signify romance, And she knows this is just casual sex. When the boy says 'You're too old to be so shy' I think that she started second guessing herself and he was basically saying 'grow up, you're going to be fine' just in more of a romantic way..

"Just a young heart, confusing my mind
But we're both in silence. Wide-eyed X2.
Like we're in a crime scene."
-Here she is trying to convince herself that it doesn't mean anything, that it's just sex. But then she thinks that it must be more, because of the beauty and emotion of the moment when they are staring into eachothers eyes. The 'Like we're at a crime scene' part is her feeling guilty and knowing that she, and her family, would not approve.

"'Cause I have brittle bones it seems
I bite my tongue and i touch my dreams."
-This I think is her describing the sex they finally have. How she felt so fragile in the arms of this man.

"Have a little voice to speak with,
and a mind of thoughts and secrecy"
-This is the aftermath, And she's thinking about how much this person affected her, but she couldn't tell him because it was supposed to be just casual, but she cannot stop herself from feeling something more.

"Things cannot be reversed
Learn from the times that we are cursed
Things cannot be reversed."
-This is her regretting being with him. She is saying things cannot be reversed, but if she could, she would go back and not do it. The part about being cursed is her knowing that her family wouldnt approve and that she is cursed with the obligation of keeping the secret, but the least she can do is learn from it.

"Learn from the ones we fear the worst
And learn from the ones we hate the most."
-She is saying again to learn from this situation. To learn from her family that she fears she will not receive approval from. and learn from this boy that she now despises.

The Chorus repeats

"'Cause we both know i'll never be your lover
I only bring the heat.
Company under covers.
Filling space in your sheets."
-All of these lines are her recognizing that this can only be tonight, no more.

Then the chorus repeats.

Daughter – Youth Lyrics 6 years ago
I think A few people are close, but this is what i pick up from the song.

"Shadow settle, on the place, that you left.
Our minds are troubled by the emptiness."
-She is moving away from a place that she spent a lot of time in, and possibly grew up in. And she's looking back and realizing that this place is empty. Everything She once loved about this place isn't actually contained in this place, but in her mind.

"Destroy the middle, it's a waste of time.
From the perfect start, to the finish line."
-This is where she starts to talk about a person she was romantically involved with. She's saying it was so perfect in the beggining, but when this person came into her life, it went down hill. Hence why she says "destroy the middle, it's a waste of time" She's saying that this lover was a waste of time and she wishes it had never happened.

"And if you're still breathing, you're the lucky ones,
'Cause most of us are heaving through corrupted lungs."
-Now she is talking about the aftermath of leaving. She says that you're lucky if you can even breath, because the emotional trauma is suffocating her.

"Setting fire to our insides for fun.
Collecting names of the lovers that went wrong"
-(I'll talk about the first line later on). She's saying that she can go through her memories and point out all of her past loves that have gone wrong, and she is sick of loving.

"We are the reckless, we are the wild youth.
Chasing visions of our futures.
One day we'll reveal the truth.
that one will die, before he gets there."
-This line is why i believe she is leaving the place she grew up in, because she is talking about being young and careless, and thinking about her future. The last two lines are again talking about the lack of wanting to fall in love again, because she says that you will die before you ever reach my heart again.

"And if you're still bleeding, you're the lucky ones.
'Cause most of our feelings, they are dead and they are gone.
We're setting fire to our insides for fun.
Collecting pictures, of the flood that wrecked our home.
It was a flood that wrecked this home."
-The singer is now talking about the emotional constipation that she feels (probably because of teenage depression and emptiness, and the loss of her love). She's saying if you can even feel pain, you're lucky that you can at least feel anything. (again, I will address the line "setting fire to our insides, later). The "Collecting pictures" part is about searching through her memories, trying to find where they went wrong (hence "the flood that wrecked this home" The home being their relationship). She then goes on to realize that it was her lover who caused the relationship to fail because she follows with "you caused it".

"Well I've lost it all I'm just a silouhette.
A lifeless face that you'll soon forget."
-She is saying that everything she once was is lost now, and that her lover will soon forget her.

"And my eyes are damp, from the words you left.
Ringing in my head, when you broke my chest X2"
-Now she is talking about the sadness she feels about how they ended, the words he said when they parted, And how they keep ringing through her head. "When you broke my chest" sounds shallow at first, like a clever way to say 'broke my heart'. But i think it has deeper meaing. It's almost more viceral, like he not only broke her heart, but everything in her being.

"And if you're in love, then you are the lucky ones.
'Cause most of us are bitter over someone.
Setting fire to our insides for fun.
To distract our hearts from ever missing them.
But I'm forever missing him."
-These lines, I believe, are the focus of the song. She is saying if you have found love and not lost it, then you are incredibly fortunate. Because you have never felt the hurt of being left, or having to leave, and then ending up hating the person. Now I will finally address this line, because this is where i believe it has the most meaing. She says "Setting fire to our inside for fun" This is saying that she is willing to do anything just to feel something, whether it be harmful or not. She will also do anything to make her forget about the hurt she is feeling, and make her forget about this lost lover. but she goes on to say that she believes she never will.
She finishes by saying this person is the cause of all her distress and misfortune with "You caused it" X3.

Daughter – The Woods Lyrics 6 years ago
I agree with most of what LyricallyInclined said, but i have a few interjections to make.
"We are what we are,
Don't need no excuses
For the scars
From our mothers"
This is where I Disagree with LyricallyInclined. I think this part is talking about the belief that our past experiences create who we are today.She's saying we are the way we are because of the experiences and scars from people in our lives.She also says "dont need no, excuses". I think this means that she accepts the person she is singing to. As in "You dont need to explain to me why you are the way you are, I understand".

"And we know what we know,
Cause we're made of all, the little bones from our fathers"
I think this contributes to what i said before. Everything you know was taught to you by somebody in your life, and most of them were your parents. So therefore a piece of our parents is in everyone, unless of course you never met them.

This is all I had to interject. Agree or Disagree, Doesnt matter.

Bon Iver – Roslyn Lyrics 6 years ago
I mostly agree with hellomynameisfay, but it think everyone is missing something. I think this song is talking about a romantic relationship that is failing because the girl in it wont open up her heart and let him in. If you look at the lyrics, this makes sense.

"Up with your turret, Arent we just terrified"
A turret is a small tower armed with guns and weaponry. this is metaphorical, saying that she has walls built up against him, and Shes terrified of letting him in.

Shale is a type of rock that is formed from mud that can easily be split into pieces. this is also metaphorical, saying that shes fragile and hes trying to break down her walls
"... screen your your worry, from what you wont ever find"
the man is trying to get the women to open up and he is trying to hide his worry that the she wont ever let him in, and that he wont ever find why she is so guarded.

"Dont let it fool you, Dont let it fool you, Down"
All this is saying is that he is trying not to be fooled by the walls put up by his lover.

"Down sitting round, folds in her gown"
He is sitting beside her, and she is crying, hence "folds in her gown"(side note, this is where i inferred that the girl is the one who is guarded)

"Sea and the rock below,..."
This is where i agree with hellomynameisfay. shes looking at the rocks below questioning if she should jump. "...cocked to the undertow" whether this is morbid or not, this actually indicates that she jumped. Cocked means to be bent or twisted , and undertow is the current in the ocean that lies under the surface, so this is saying she jumped and is being bent and thrashed around by the current.

"Bones blood and teeth erode, with every crashing node"
A node is a point of intersectiong wiht another, so this is saying she would get mad at him every time her approached her.

"Wings wouldnt hep you Wings wouldnt help you, Dowm"
Hes saying she was a plight and nobody could have saved her.

"Down towards the ground, gravity smiled"
Once again, a reference to the suicide.

"You barely are blinking, wagging your face around"
I think this is either talking about Her shaking her head no to him, Maybe at a suggestion of getting help for her mental ilness. Or, this may be talking about a peaceful evening he had with her, where you do the kind of dancing where you are sitting and just wagging your head back and forth.

"When'd this just become a mortal home?"
Home is refering to their relationship, and he always thought that it would last forever, that they were immortal. But now hes realizing that this might end soon(her commiting suicide.
"Won't, Wont, Won't, Won't, Won't let you talk me, Won't let you talk me, Down.
I think this part of the song is her answering back to him, saying that he cant talk her out of killing herself.

"We'll pull it taut, Nothing let out"

This part is kind of confusing. Taut means to pull and stretch something tight. Maybe hessaying that they will be watching her closely to mke sure nothing is let out of their sight?

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