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Clint Black – A Good Run Of Bad Luck Lyrics 5 days ago
Ya takes yer chances If ya wanna LIVE GO FOR IT & Luck ta ya.!

Cheap Trick – Downed Lyrics 15 days ago
He loves her & she drives him crazy "over you it's not the 1st time" She is his only love ever! "i've been lucky your the only one" He wants to make love to her all Sunday long " Sundays calling you'll be number 1." But she walks a fine line. Just a guess.

Faith No More – Falling To Pieces Lyrics 8 years ago
Look Up Vernon Howard, Keep your head up!

Bon Jovi – Blaze Of Glory Lyrics 8 years ago
This is about the Lincoln county war. Billy the kid. Look it up. A man helped him, a rancher, he got killed, he was Billy's friend. Maybe around 1880? The wild west.

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