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Kings of Convenience – Misread Lyrics 1 month ago
The song is confronting the coy of casual relationships.

Through the vulnerability of self-disclosure- it asks a simple question… albeit sarcastically… Can we be honest with each other without remorse nor regret?

Depeche Mode – Somebody Lyrics 1 year ago
Its a song about a pick-up artist, and this is his pick up line.

The train in the background coming and going speaks to his transient nature.

The bar-scene background.

The heartbeat resembles what he takes.

The last line is what gives it away.

“Though things like this this- makes me sick.
In a place like this- I will get away with it. “

Give it a listen through this lens.

Phoenix – 1901 Lyrics 4 years ago
Maybe it has something to do with William Henry Patterson and his ties to the Eiffel Tower?

The idea that intention and exposition are all worthless.

The gamble is live but the outcome is short lived.

Everything ends in obscurity.

So is this song... obscure.

Important, tense, and useless.

Itself became a Honda commercial.

Or a commercial tag line.

I first heard it as a commercial...

It was to me... a catchy car commercial...


Who knew it entailed historic inference, could? Or who cares.

Coldplay – U.F.O. Lyrics 5 years ago
It's about releasing what we most want to control.

Jars of Clay – Portrait Of An Apology Lyrics 5 years ago
It's about self condemnation.

It's about the mares and mistakes we cover up and scars we self salve.

We become isolated and caged.

When Confronted with others interpretation...of who we have become...we can't explain what we were or could have been..

It's a portrait of a person who compares who the were to how far they have fallen..

Who would walk in their shoes?

In their shoes...for a while...

It's honestly hard to walk in your own shoes...let alone someone else's.

It's anguish.
The song is anguish as most true apologizes are.

Chet Baker – My Funny Valentine Lyrics 6 years ago
The song was covered mostly by men.
It is a song written from a woman's perspective.

It's possibly, the moment she fell in love.

Most men never understand when their better half falls in love with them...and when they are told...they scratch their head.

Coldplay – Violet Hill Lyrics 6 years ago
It's the difference between utility and intention.

In the end neither matter.

Because neither have have love as their operational motive.

Corporate war or interpersonal revenge results in the same outcome....useless waste of life.

Both lack love and are marked by self interest.

Depeche Mode – Somebody Lyrics 6 years ago
The song has a consistent background.

Trains coming and going
Bartenders tending
Tables talking
Rain raining.
Heart beating.

In the midst of this is a vulnerable and honest plea.
Pure desire.
Tender request.
Realistic report...
A vulnerable thesis and pointed desperate revaluation of pure need.

But the last words stick out...
Things like this make me sick.
In a case like this...ill get away with it....

In the light of the persistent environment and background surroundings....

It's not forthcoming nor realistic...

Despite his honest plea and's not possible....and from the writers one knows....
No one cares.

We are left with transient noise and a frantic synthesizer...

It's a song of desperation.

A longing for connecting amidst a stubborn environment of persistent detachment and shallow transition.

It longs... And successfully so.

Alice in Chains – Would? Lyrics 6 years ago
When I write I do so from my core.

This song is about mistrust.
When you tend to try to take things into your own control.

When you become unresolved despite your greatest attempts... You seek something more powerful...

It's about longing to discover something that alludes a persons greatest need: commitment.

It's about the trap that confines one in the illusion and the doubt the author feels about escape to end in disillusionment.
In an ultimatum...he proposes the question ..."if I would....could you?

If I would let this go could you gather me?

If I would fall, could you catch me?

If I let go..would you gather me?

If I release my resolutions...
Would you resolve me?

At some point we realize we are powerless. In those moments we raise questions.

It's about what you would give up to achieve what you would always want.

It relies on an exterior will that could...

Would suggests will

Could suggests possibility.

Different don if he says: if I could...would.

But it's not.

Because he trusts his own devices.

He died by them.

Coldplay – Clocks Lyrics 6 years ago
It's about death and afterlife.

He wrote it for his grandmother.

"You are" acknowledges God and the bible where it says "every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess". It assumes the salutations of Christ preparing a place..."home...home...where I wanted to roam."

It makes no sense to non Christians.

First stanza is about fear of exterior judgement.

Second is about internalized grace.

Third is about experience of grace over judgement..."nothing else compares."

Lastly we see glory.

"Nothing else compares"

It is clear this song is speaking in terms of transformation without the sure understanding of the process but indeed the promise of Christian hope.

Bottom line is this....

The song is powerless over something.

It acknowledges need of rescuing

It is rescued and in that experiences great reward that is unearned.

That's Christianity folks.

Glen Hansard – This Gift Lyrics 6 years ago
It's hope.

This song hopes.

Pearl Jam – The Fixer Lyrics 6 years ago
Fight to get it back again...

On the surface....

It's about worth.

neglect happens....where steady pursuit can mend.

It's about the worthwhile pursuit.

Fight to get it back again...

A little deeper....

It's about playing God.

How we can fix anything as men.
In the altruistic sense...

We can't

The energy of the song is about just that.

How we assume we can.

We can. "Just put a little light on it"

We can't.

We are not left with any solutions.

This is where the writer is lazy.

He exposes and infers but never resolves.

Typical pearl jam.

"Just put a little light on it."

Pearl Jam – Yellow Ledbetter Lyrics 6 years ago
It's about sorrow.

How we dance around the issue of death despite its origin.

The clarity of the song comes in the end.

The lyrics are gibberish until Eddie moans in the end...

That and "box or a bag"

Honor is in the angst of gibberish... Maybe?

It's a selfish song


Where the song was written for someone who was selfless.

Despite politics.

We die daily.

Our dads did

My brother did.

Some do now.

We die so Eddie can morn and protest in wide open spaces and freedom from sea to sea.
With safety and as he chooses.
Honor of all forms.

Is indeed honor.

Pearl Jam – Just Breathe Lyrics 6 years ago
Few recover what's covered.

How we damage and are unable to comprehend what is before us prior to its wings.

As in flight we acknowledge its composition as it had feet once.

We prefer wings when describe where they once stood and breathed the air we breath.

The breathe they gave.

We release in our greatest attempt.

In eulogy.

We try to become what they gave.

Without secrets.

Pearl Jam – Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town Lyrics 6 years ago
Listlessness is contagious to only strangers that pass by without the willingness to touch.

When touched..the depravity infects and fades. But the sorrow of hopes released to reality of circumstances that no longer stings.... Is mature and unfamiliar.

It is.

It is and reality recognizes the difference between death and the road to it.

We all fade away.

We are that counter.

That place.

We are that small town.

It's not if...

It's when.

" lifetimes are catching up with me"

"Memories like fingerprints"

I just want to God it's been so long..."

Our place is no different.

We will either rejoice or regret.

Or a mix thereof.

Coldplay – Everything's Not Lost Lyrics 6 years ago
It's pride.

When it is pressed when retaliates.

Coldplay – Violet Hill Lyrics 6 years ago
The song is about submission to a flawed authority based on systems versus loyalty to the death based upon interpersonal conviction.

The first response is self sustainability. The latter (last verse) is selfless sacrifice.

Those below in the first two verses con notate speculation and compulsory service.

The latter emphasize autonomous sacrifice.

Coldplay – Midnight Lyrics 6 years ago
It's the least vulnerable song from Coldplay technically... but not lyrically.

Mans vulnerability can be silenced by the distortion of distraction.

Cries of desperation stifled by technology and ambiance of information.

It is a desperate song riddled with fear and anxiety.

The tapestry of the song distorts the message to something mysterious and cautious but defrays the true desperation of the song by synthesis and distortion of human voice.

Read the words.

They are afraid and hope that fear is heard despite all the distortion-

Despite the illusion... Most of men have a mechanical bent... A deeply private and ineffectual preponderance with inadequacy...

An understanding and cognizant better half who waits with a light on calms us beyond their and our comprehension.

Dashboard Confessional – Nightswimming (R.E.M. cover) Lyrics 6 years ago
This song separates one from a trusted space to a a space of vulnerability and despondent adventure.

This happens when we become disillusioned.

As if he wished he had cohorts to share this with instead of cohorts to sing about.

The subject becomes irrelevant when you take into account who is missing.

You realize he is alone...that there is no one around... He is left doing something in isolation that is only novel if done with those who live to tell the tale.

He creates his own drama by objects and assumptions of by standards that could care less.

We are left with the image of ourselves when we digress and pretend we are better off alone.

We reason we are better... And better for it.

Yet we have nothing to show.

We have nothing to share.

Only a memory of something we wanted in different expression and with less slight.

"These things they go away... Replaced with every day"

Coldplay – Easy to Please Lyrics 6 years ago
The longing and hope reveals his lack of confidence.

His vulnerability is his dedication and declaration to simplistic expectations.

If this song were true.

It would have done something more than hope.

Coldplay – A Sky Full of Stars Lyrics 6 years ago
Hope is infectious.

Death while making a difference makes us indifferent.

The underlying current of this song is a certainty that the frenzy will fade and the end will entail with certain loss.

"I don't care, go on tear me apart. I don't care if you do. Cuz in a sky full of stars...I think I saw you"

"I want to die in your arms"

The basis of life is tragedy.

Love is not defined by our experience, but others account of our humanity being crushed for others lifting, celebrating, benefiting and furtherance.

That is the joy we hear in this song.

That is the remains of this song written in retrospect.

Coldplay – See You Soon Lyrics 6 years ago
Vulnerability is a commodity rarely acknowledged but highly valued.

Distress comes and goes unnoticed.

When it is acknowledged, and done so empathetically,

People get married.

Coldplay – Sparks Lyrics 6 years ago

The idea we can can overcompensate our deficiencies by doubling our efforts leaves us vulnerable. That is what causes sparks. The exposure of our overt attempt, despite our inadequacy, reveals our heart in the matter.

We are accepted based on our attempt and not our success.

The people who love us most quietly root for us and brag on us in the quietness of their heart.

Resulting in sparks.

This is how most of us are champs to those who love.

Coldplay – God Put a Smile Upon Your Face Lyrics 6 years ago
Arrogance disguised as self-deprecation.

Coldplay – High Speed Lyrics 6 years ago
Confidence can be a consequence. Confidence can seem to be a necessity.

We generally side with and are not afraid to show confidence. It's actually encouraged.

Coldplay – Don't Panic Lyrics 6 years ago
Mutual vulnerability and defenseless.

Coldplay – Parachutes Lyrics 6 years ago
An extension of the song "shiver"

Coldplay – Yellow Lyrics 6 years ago
"Your skin... Yes your skin unfolds. Turn in to something beautiful..."

It's about us and our intangibles

Coldplay – Shiver Lyrics 6 years ago
When we place the expectation to meet someone's expectations of us leaves us in a odd and , usually, cold place. They may die but we wait.
" i'll always be waiting for you"

Coldplay – We Never Change Lyrics 6 years ago
Oh and I don't have a soul to save

And I sin every single day

We never change do we

Coldplay – Amsterdam Lyrics 6 years ago
This song is about redemption.

A quiet and personal redemption.

Somehow, the song falls from strings of hopelessness to land in the lap of some audacity of hope.

"Stuck on the edge...Fist full of chains...I'm on my way back down.. Stood on the edge tied to a noose ... Sick to my stomach...
"Say what you mean, but it won't change the sin. I'm sick of the secrets. Stood on the edge, tied to a noose, You came along and you cut me loose...You came along and you cut me loose"

Not sure how this happens...but when it does....

It's redemption.

Coldplay – Clocks Lyrics 6 years ago
"You are" is a reference to Christian God

"I am that I am"
"Every younger will confess that I am..."

This song is an attempt to understand what happens after death.

The song is an exposition of what the songwriter thinks may happen between a persons death and resurrection.

"Closing walls and ticking clocks"

Apart from our reality there is an absence of time and space.

From a Christian perspective...all the apologies fit.

To anyone is a song that starts with struggle, restraint, and intangibility...and ends with a certain inexplicable gratification and permanence.

Coldplay – Warning Sign Lyrics 6 years ago
Infidelity unexposed has no remorse.

"So I crawl back into your open arms"

Coldplay – U.F.O. Lyrics 6 years ago
It's the nostalgia we feel when we struggle with resentments and relinquishment.

Coldplay – Oceans Lyrics 6 years ago
This song is about isolation.

The songwriter knows with certainty the consequence of lonesome. So despite the rejection he is faced with...he sides with hope and continues to pursue.

On the other side of the coin... The subject of the song seems aloof to the fact that the consequence of being unreliable and unresponsive in a relationship results in isolation.

It's the damb formidable place that takes with out remorse and a place you occupy in public space with out pity or nary an acknowledgement.

Surrounded...yet alone.

"Got to find yourself alone in this to find yourself alone"

The subject is on their way to where the songwriter has been.

They just don't know it.

Coldplay – The Scientist Lyrics 6 years ago
This song is about the desire to reinact despite the possible replay.

Coldplay – Sparks Lyrics 8 years ago
It is about forlorn failings & earnest recompense on one side of the relationship

It is about look of redemption and surety of forgiveness on the other side

Which leads to sparks.

or hope and the la la la of reconciliation.

The Cure – Lovesong Lyrics 8 years ago
The song tempo and feel expresses doubt and
uncanny determination.

Basically, This song sends a mixed signal.

The words say one thing.

The meter and tempo runs ahead in anticipation
and says "Doubt and fear."

Home and young again.
These thing are not good to the writer.
They bring up bad memories, by lyrical emphasis that home and whole culls mercilessness and young and fun are expressed with a cretin amount of regret.

Fly me to the moon.

The third stanza is the most honest. He longs to be free and clean. They are delivered freely and cleanly.

Very complex song.

It is an anthem riddled in self doubt and future fret.
How ever long I stay
What ever words I say.
I will always love you.

In other words.
Don't trust me.

But... trust me.

Earnest and constant is YOU.
Which gives a certain validity of his constancy to the subject of the song...who ever you is.

Very poetic.
and telling.

The Cure – Closedown Lyrics 8 years ago
The song is about coming to the end of self-preoccupation then justifying the self-same with self-absorption.

See how it builds extravagantly and fills and explores the definitive. All three instruments do the same thing at different times. Instruments are expressed definitively and independently.

Exuberant and exhaustive song.
The song is about the meaninglessness of self examination and the absorption it incurs.

The drums never cease.

They never change.

They are frantic and searching and then they die.

The Cure – Pictures of You Lyrics 8 years ago
It is imbedded with doubt.

The Cure – Homesick Lyrics 8 years ago
Listen to the juxtaposition of the song itself.

Listen to the piano

Listen to the guitar.

Listen to the drums.
The cello.
the other guitar.
The base.
Then the synthesizer.

The stress of the piano in the end and how it s drown out by do do do dododo.

This song is about satisfaction.

and dissatisfaction.

Selfishness and

Listening to the purity of right and Wiley of wrong and then drowning the right with enough of the wrong.

There is great conflict in this song.

There is agreement in the beginning, between the piano and guitar. The piano leads and the guitar and the guitar is mirroring the piano in agreement. Then conflict arises, with the introduction of the drums. Then the guitar descends to a different octave... Then it reaches to a higher octave. The piano becomes more adamant yet not insistent. If I were to put labels on the instruments I would say that the piano is the wife. The guitar is the man. The cello is the mother of the wife. or possibly the conscience. The drum is the will of the man. All the other instruments are pawns that draw the man out to his XXXX what ever. Eventually the piano and cello are drowned out.

Do we need words?

The song is told before the lyrics even starts.

Listen to the regret and vulnerability in the last words he sings.

To never to home. then the feeble attempt to be flippant afterwards da da dodod.

The song strips back down in the end.

Everything fades back down to the man his will and his wife.

this says...I have to go home. I have to face what I have done.

This song is complex and gives intimate understanding about the addiction cycle. I think RS grew up in it. His music is retaliatory. This music is retrospective and intelligent.

The Cure – Disintegration Lyrics 8 years ago
It is about reliving the past he grew up in.

It is someone who was subjected to abuse and neglect.
Who hopes.
Despite hopes...
He now subjects someone to the same abuse and neglect he was subjected to.

It is about the cycle of dysfunction and abuse.

The Cure – The Same Deep Water as You Lyrics 8 years ago
This song is about...differences.

the difference between concrete and abstract.

depth of feeling.

Some love with depth.
Some love with breadth.

Few love with both.

His sorrow is that he cant reciprocate depth. So he reciprocate what he can. That is tenderness.

The most tender part of the song, from the songwriters perspective.

The most vulnerable is.

The very last thing before I go. The very last thing before I go. The very last thing before I go... I will kiss you. I will kiss you. Iwill kiss you forever on nights like this. And we shall be together.

It is painful for him, because that is the depth of his reciprocation. He loves with a different truth. He loves with a different depth. It is a true depth. It is different, and he cant see or understand. That pains him. It is a pain that is holistic and complete. For he feels like he is shallow. "shallow drown is less than we."

Some are concrete. Some are abstract.
This song is about the divide between the two. When Robert Smith dedicates this song...I think he dedicates it to his wife. It is poignant and true. It is about deep and utter surrender, and showing nothing for it.

Cant you see I tried.

Swiming the same deep water as you is hard.

The shallow drown is less than we.

We shall be together.... Not really. She goes to depths that he literally cant.
Not because he is unwilling. He is unable, because of his internal make-up.

I think it is his anthem to his wife.

He is a deeply honest and literal songwriter.

The Cure – Plainsong Lyrics 8 years ago
its about love. she loves him. his only thoughts are..Sometimes you make me feel like I'm living at
The edge of the world like I'm living at the edge
Of the world ...which mirrors all the... the you saids

It is about emotional reciprocation.

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