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Arctic Monkeys – Fireside Lyrics 5 years ago
this is obviously about a past romance, i'm just curious what kind of romance. i can't tell if this was an almost romance or a long romance that is being remembered.

I want to say that I'm leaning towards the former. I think because the memories listed are so impersonal, it seems more like an affair that was very short or maybe wasn't even pursued. I feel as if this had been reminiscent of a long affair the memories mentioned would be more memorable than the hotel suite where you stayed and a picture of the two of them.

I don't think this was a romance that was ended, rather something that didn't really have a chance to be started because the lover had other obligations and it was bad timing. I doubt she stayed where they met as it's seldom anyone has long term plans in a hotel suite.

of Montreal – We Will Commit Wolf Murder Lyrics 6 years ago
So I think its basically just illustrating an inner struggle of some kind, unhappiness. I would elaborate on the struggle except I don't think that is ever specifically described to be one problem or another. I would guess that the song is about going through a struggle on your own than the topic of the turmoil in itself.
The speaker mentions someone with romantic signifigance a few times, but they have no official title (I want to get all fucked up and tell you how I really feel). He likely looks up to this person, hopes feelings are mutual, hopes that this person can help him, but realistically only he can help himself. He is still unsure of this person (You looked at me in disgust. Girl, why should I care?). I wouldn't interpret this line to say the figure actually is uninterested in him or "disgusted" by him, I would say this is simply mirroring his own issues of self confidence lately.

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