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Of Monsters And Men – Love Love Love Lyrics 9 years ago
to me it's funny that apparently everyone who has commented here tends to think that it is about a girl who somehow broke a guy's heart because of the first part of the song.
but then i realized that my interpretation of this song has a lot to do with who i am (and certainly it happens to everyone)

i don't see someone who broke another person's heart, i see someone who simply can't love, or doesn't know how to deal with this thing. maybe because it's a new thing to him/her, or maybe because he/she is affraid of getting hurt. the "almost"-loved-one knows about the mixed feelings this person is going through. maybe this person's indecision hurts the "loved one" in some way... maybe not.
i don't know if what i say here makes any sense to anyone, but to me the song is about how confusing love can be, and not necessarily about breaking someone's heart.

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