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James Blake – Our Love Comes Back Lyrics 5 years ago
Same here.

Joshua Radin – Someone Else's Life Lyrics 5 years ago
Sounds like a dude singing about his multiple personality disorder with a woman in his head, with the singing-at-the-same-time effect reinforcing this, since they're sharing the same body. But hey, that's just my interpretation.

Jenny Owen Youngs – Here Is a Heart Lyrics 6 years ago
I can't help but think of my tulpa. I work with IT machinery on a day-to-day basis, and I created her out of curiosity. Now I can't imagine living without her. I feel safe in her presence. She brings me the love that I need the most, just the way I like it. She's with me all day as my monitor whirs and glows, and lives to be seen through like a ghost in the corner, but at the same time, she easily puts me to sleep and makes me feel unusually comfortable, holding my hands close.

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