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Jason DeVore of Authority Zero – Call Out Lyrics 7 years ago
Do you see what I see? What's really going on here?

Authority Zero – Sirens Lyrics 8 years ago
.."Take a step outside of my front door, It's about 110..." Gotta Love these kinda AZ Summertime Temps to look forward to every year. Not a bad idea to be out there touring in those fun months the temp. gauge hangs around these numbers & all the "concrete" in the city keeps those numbers nice and high all through the night till the sun comes up again in the AM...ARIZONA! Even still...I've got nada but love for the AZ=r0 Desert we live in tho! "Through these hot summer days. On and on, nothing stands in the way. Signing all through the night, Through these hot summer streets..."

Authority Zero – Memory Lane Lyrics 8 years ago
.."40 oz. of Mickey's and a Hornet
Passed out by the bowl" Ha. Yup.

Toad the Wet Sprocket – Something's Always Wrong Lyrics 8 years ago

Toad the Wet Sprocket – All I Want Lyrics 8 years ago
Right On.

Jason DeVore of Authority Zero – Old Weathered Face Lyrics 8 years ago
Uhh... hmm. ....echo... ...echo... ...echo....

Soundgarden – Rusty Cage Lyrics 8 years ago
Same here... Road Rash. Awesome game & this song was part of the reason why. Ha! =}

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