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Nico – Black Angel's Death Song [Album Version (Mono)] Lyrics 6 years ago
I wonder what Reed was referring to with "g.t."?

Fishbone – Ma And Pa Lyrics 6 years ago
Me too. My parents divorced first when I was 6, remarried when I was 8; then divorced again when I was 18. They made up their mind that time, fortunately. Plus I'm an only child.
I love Fishbone because they can turn a song about how a child can be damaged by divorce into an upbeat ska-inflected song, and still provoke thought!

Fishbone – Freddie's Dead Lyrics 6 years ago
I love how Fishbone put their own badass funkrock take on this Curtis Mayfield classic!

The Mars Volta – Asilos Magdalena Lyrics 6 years ago
Thank you so much for taking the time to translate this song! I just took the time to learn how to play it on nylon string, and I also want to be able and sing this (in Spanish, like the original). But having it in English is just great.

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