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Shawn Mullins – Lullaby Lyrics 1 year ago
@[Ekkostar:32767] Dominique Swain shows up in the video, and the last scenes have her
sinking in a swimming pool during a gala party - but the song is not about her - my

Eagles – One Of These Nights Lyrics 3 years ago
@[universalsolider:26052] yeah man, don't we all

Gary Lewis and the Playboys – She's Just My Style Lyrics 3 years ago
Gary wanted to do a Beach Boys type song, and
I think he captured that feel - nothing in the lyrics,
just talking about how knocked out he is by this
girl - sort of like the first time you were gonna ask
a girl for a dance when you were in junior high

Roy Orbison – Oh, Pretty Woman Lyrics 3 years ago
@[SilverScreen89:25579] yes, Roy and buddy Bill Dees were hanging out one evening and
Roy's wife announced she was going out for awhile - Roy asked her if she needed any
cash for her nite out, and Bill said "a pretty woman don't need no money" - good job
silverscreen89, I love this tune

The Motels – Only the Lonely Lyrics 3 years ago
you can feel the pain and anguish in Martha's
vocal delivery, great job by her matching the
intense lyrics - terrific solos: the guitar solo is
made to resemble a sax, and the sax solo
rides along like a guitar - real good piece of work

The Hollies – Carrie Anne Lyrics 6 years ago
@[ironhorse:1981] this was prior to her involvement with Jagger - she was married to art gallery owner Robert Fraser, who in turn was a friend of the Beatles and others - this song was about her extra-marital affair with Hollie Tony Hicks - later, she was Jagger's constant companion

The Byrds – Tribal Gathering Lyrics 6 years ago
@[Sumflow:1968] great tune

The Byrds – Tribal Gathering Lyrics 6 years ago
also when " friendly motorcycle angels" get together - listen to the guitars simulate cycles revving up and busting loose, both in the break and at song's end

The Lovin' Spoonful – Younger Girl Lyrics 6 years ago
obviously about an attraction forbidden or otherwise, but in my estimation not in a lecherous manner - the song Young Girl by Gary Puckett/Union Gap had far more racy overtones while this one exudes a certain yearning - the narrator digs the girl and senses that it could be the real thing but the timing is the killer - so what are we left with? does he follow up with this or
does he let it be? that is John B Sebastian's genius in this tune: we'll never find out

The Buoys – Timothy Lyrics 6 years ago
@[aquanyne:1967] correct - written by Rupert Holmes but for a different group that he had in mind - I have been told that he wrote it deliberately about cannibalism to intentionally get it banned from the radio - anyway, it made it to the charts b-4 anybody put 2&2 together about the lyrics - by then it was too late

The Byrds – Everybody's Been Burned Lyrics 6 years ago
I'm shocked that this song is credited to Crosby alone - with the "pie-slicing" that McGuinn mandated due to his desire for control in the Byrds, it got harder and harder for Crosby to get his songs out - that's one of the reasons for his unhappiness and eventual departure/firing -but this was so good that McGuinn couldn't touch it - the magnificent bass line by Hillman is truly as melodic as anything McCartney ever did, and McGuinn's solo is very sensitive - it captures Crosby's mood - the other comments here are dead-on correct

Elvis Presley – Kentucky Rain Lyrics 6 years ago
@[adam1986:1863] also my favorite Elvis tune

Eagles – One Of These Nights Lyrics 6 years ago
@[Fluffyinsanity:1862] Don Henley originally had the lyric "daughter of God" instead of "angel in white" and I'm not sure who talked him out of it - perhaps the producer or another exec saw this tune being a big hit and simply did not want controversy - very cool idea, though - your interp is just fine

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Wooden Ships Lyrics 6 years ago
@[tlspatriot:1852] please see my comments in this listing made on Feb 22, 2013 for the Woodstock comments made by David Crosby - good day to you

The Five Stairsteps – Ooh Child Lyrics 6 years ago
@[RoboticRoosteR:1851] tough question - the message is fantastic, I have similar thoughts
about Man In The Mirror - that song is also so clear - but you are correct, this is great

The Beatles – And Your Bird Can Sing Lyrics 6 years ago
@[Strawberrier:1811] you got it right - the bird was Marianne Faithful who was originally married to
some art gallery friend of Paul's, and was in the Beatles circle for a while - she took up with Jagger
and recorded some music, the most obvious was As Tears Go By - she was an airhead, and once
she claimed that the only reason she was in the public eye is that she looked like "an angel with
big tits" - those are her words

James Taylor – Fire And Rain Lyrics 7 years ago
pretty powerful stuff by James - Flying Machine was the name of
his first group, and the song talks of the group breaking up -
and like my song comment here says, it correlates directly to the

John Sebastian – She`s A Lady Lyrics 8 years ago
this was written about Christine Hinton, the ladyfriend
of David Crosby - she died tragically in a crash in which
her Volkswagen van was involved, and he never really
got over it as he was deeply in love with her - John B
Sebastian was a good friend to Crosby and this tune
serves as a wonderful eulogy - with her passing, this
marked David's slide into addiction and other issues,
which thank heaven he has recovered from

Neil Young – When You Dance You Can Really Love Lyrics 8 years ago
good to see that you're onto some good tunes -
keep on keepin on

Roy Clark – Yesterday When I Was Young Lyrics 8 years ago
this is a truly great song, and once more, no comments?
it is so simply put, that one should never take anything
for granted - and really, overindulgence in anything is
too much - Roy Clark did not write this, but he sings it
as if it IS HIS, and he was a bit wild when he was young
so it fits - lastly, it was among the first country/western
tunes to break in on rock-n-roll radio, one of the first
true crossover hits

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony – Tha Crossroads Lyrics 8 years ago
prayers and thoughts

The Beach Boys – God Only Knows Lyrics 8 years ago
two things - yes, Paul McCartney was truly in awe of this tune,
as was John Lennon; and this spurred them on to the high
level of creativity for Sgt Pepper
and secondly, I read somewhere that Dennis Wilson in an
interview had intimated that this song was a very personal
message to Dennis from Brian - sort of like an affirmation of
brothers' love/hate stuff
either way, great tune

Eagles – In The City Lyrics 8 years ago
I agree - the Warriors version seems like a
live-in-the-studio take, the Eagles recording
is like all their stuff: perfectly smooth

Eagles – Get Over It Lyrics 8 years ago
weak song, a very thinly disguised shot at former
member Don Felder who challenged Henley and
Frey re: their domination of the band - the Eagles
had been a partnership until Henley and Frey decided
to take complete control - and then, no big surprise,
they got rid of Bernie Leadon & Randy Meisner who
were original partners, and then axed Felder - of
course, Henley and Frey were the superstars, but
they were legally Eagles LTD when they started, and
now Joe Walsh and Timothy B Schmidt are little more
than their sidemen

10cc – I'm Not In Love Lyrics 8 years ago
in college I used this tune as the soundtrack for a short
film I did - I used the usual schmaltzy pictures of my
roommate and his girl, walking thru meadows and
down by the river in bliss - and him sitting in our room
in quiet introspection, and she in her room looking
hopeful, etc - it was weak, but I think I captured it -
got an A minus - my roomie broke up with her a few mths

Dion – Abraham, Martin and John Lyrics 8 years ago
this song is so powerful and yet, so simple -
the common bond between Lincoln. King
and the Kennedys is that they gave their
lives while in service to the people, and
all were taken from us while at the height
of their powers - their deaths remain the
greatest American tragedies, along with
the wars and 9/11

Van Halen – Dreams Lyrics 8 years ago
this is the best Van Halen tune featuring Sammy
on vocals - also, the message to keep strong in
your beliefs and keep moving foward can not be
misunderstood -

Maureen Mcgovern – Can You Read My Mind [From Superman] Lyrics 8 years ago
great piece of work regardless of who wrote it or who
sings it - this song was the theme for "Superman" the
movie, written by John Williams, who authored all the
Star Wars music - the magic here is that he's describing
Lois lane and her adoration/fixation for Superman - but
really, it fully describes what it's like to be yearning for
love -

The Association – Everything That Touches You Lyrics 8 years ago
everything is beautiful, in its own way

Cheap Trick – The Flame Lyrics 8 years ago
thoughts and prayers

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Guinnevere Lyrics 8 years ago
obviously, you MUST get in touch with
Mean Mr Mustard - Ha! Take care 'Pam

The Guess Who – Undun Lyrics 8 years ago
surprised that this was written by Randy Bachman, thought he
was only all about rockers like with BTO - so I quess I'm not
that surprised, judging by the levels of his talent and the depth
of his core beliefs - my interp is that this is not about failed
relationships; it sounds like she lost the battle trying to find

The Guess Who – Undun Lyrics 8 years ago
no it's not

The Guess Who – No Time Lyrics 8 years ago
cooooool - like the Hot Wheels reference

Duncan Sheik – Barely Breathing Lyrics 8 years ago
the only line that really matters is " but I'm thinking
it over anyway" - this will tell you the true depths
of this guy's condition, with the added knife-twist
that the lady in question is obviously aware of it
all and, of course, is enjoying the whole concern -
guys out there, raise your hands if you've been
in this deep over some lady that you simply can
not let pass (my hand is up)

The Doobie Brothers – What A Fool Believes Lyrics 8 years ago
one of the comments here brought me to the conclusion that the
song was written, in a camouflaged way, from the perspective of
the guy - another of the comments said it was ironic that the tune
was so bouncy for such sad stuff - combining these, it's brilliant,
becuz the guy is still, incredibly, upbeat and hopeful, like the music
is - my curiousity would be, as Loggins/MacDonald co-wrote the
song, who did what? both guys are great composers, and probably
both shared lyrics and music - I'm leaning towards MacDonald doing
most of the tune, Loggins most of the lyrics

Elvis Presley – Kentucky Rain Lyrics 8 years ago
Elvis never wrote music, and his real strength is his
uncanny ability to interpret other composers' songs -
he could make anything sound good; sort of like a
chef who can make bean soup exciting -
this is my favorite tune of his although I'm not as
big a fan of his as are my aunts/uncles -

also, I tend to like good bean soup

Electric Light Orchestra – Telephone Line Lyrics 8 years ago
this song is all about despair, and catches the narrator at a highly
desperate point - you can feel the hopelessness in his voice, and
that's the genius in Jeff's performance - it doesn't seem to me that
he's overtly blaming himself for all the failure; rather, he just can't
understand why it's all gone; and that may be worse

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Guinnevere Lyrics 8 years ago
meaning that he's "bewitched"

Klaatu – Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft Lyrics 8 years ago
how time flies

Ricky Nelson – Poor Little Fool Lyrics 8 years ago
this song was written by Sharon Seeley, a close friend of Ricky Nelson - she had
written it about an affair she had with one of the Everly Bros, who was married at
the time - she gave it to Ricky to use, of course after he changed the gender of
the lyrics - pretty simple stuff: the singer had played the game a few times and
got away with it; this time, the singer got played
on a separate note, Sharon had been the fiance of Eddie Cochran, rock singer
and Ricky's best friend who had been killed in a car accident

Traffic – Dear Mr. Fantasy Lyrics 8 years ago
don;t know - but good work out of you - this could
be about John - I'm sure Stevie knew him and
admired him like everyone else

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Guinnevere Lyrics 8 years ago
your humble servant, my Lady

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Wooden Ships Lyrics 8 years ago
could be - song is a universal code for leaving
human pain, suffering, etc, behind and heading
for the better life

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Wooden Ships Lyrics 8 years ago
here are Crosby's exact comments b-4 the song at Woodstock: "we're gonna do...a kind of fiction story, if you'll bear with us... it's about these people who are escaping the, uh, the holocaust, or whatever it may be....and, leaving it behind....and escaping in the Wooden Ships"
as far as the time frame for this adventure, it could be just about anytime/anywhere -
it could be the Vikings heading out to new lands - it could be post-apocalyptic in the distant
future - it could be Japan after the bombings - Crosby/Stills/Kantner sort of instilled a mode that is universal

The Byrds – Eight Miles High Lyrics 8 years ago
supposedly, rain gray town was the only full line Crosby

Eric Clapton – Tears In Heaven Lyrics 8 years ago
my thoughts and prayers

Eric Clapton – Tears In Heaven Lyrics 8 years ago
lost my little Eric after 46 days - he and
your little one are safe among the imp

Eric Clapton – Tears In Heaven Lyrics 8 years ago
my thoughts and prayers, I had only 46 days
with my little Eric, who is indeed one of the
"imp angels" - bless

Eric Clapton – Tears In Heaven Lyrics 8 years ago
my thoughts and prayers

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