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Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk Lyrics 7 years ago
"Smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy" is what I'm hearing and makes more sense...

Vance Joy – Riptide Lyrics 7 years ago
Oh gosh this was my interpretation exactly but I didn't know how to put it into words! Nice analysis! :)

Of Monsters And Men – Yellow Light Lyrics 8 years ago
I love this interpretation.

Of Monsters And Men – Love Love Love Lyrics 8 years ago
This is exactly what my interpretation has always been, mainly because I have troubles with loving people, even if I want to love them (we won't go into it) I really think your interpretation is exact.

Adele – One and Only Lyrics 8 years ago
Here's another crazy whouffle shipper explanation (I'm on a role!) For those of you who don't know, whouffle is the ship name for the characters of the Doctor and Clara (Oswin) Oswald from Doctor Who. And for those of you who still haven't the foggiest what I'm talking about, I'm sorry. I'm so, so, so, so, sorry (you will also miss that reference.)

So, proceeding with my explanation (and before people attack me, yes, of course I know that this song is in no way about the Doctor and Clara, it just makes my little shipper heart happy to do this, okay?!)

You've been on my mind,
I grow fonder every day,
Lose myself in time,
Just thinking of your face,
God only knows why it's taken me
So long to let my doubts go,
You're the only one that I want,

Both Clara and the Doctor are growing fonder and fonder of each other, but both of them are really afraid to admit it. Their romance is kind of an unofficial thing, because the Doctor, as Clara says, "would rather die than say it," and Clara doesn't really express her feelings openly either. But they really do want each other.

I don't know why I'm scared,
I've been here before,
Every feeling, every word,
I've imagined it all,
You'll never know if you never try,
To forget your past and simply be mine,

Now, those last two lines are what I'm focusing on. The Doctor is really scared to love because of all the terrible things that have happened to people he loved in the past. He needs to learn to let go of that past.

I dare you to let me be your, your one and only,
I promise I'm worthy,
To hold in your arms,
So come on and give me the chance,
To prove I am the one who can walk that mile,
Until the end starts,

This is really Clara speaking here. She wants to be the one he trusts, but unfortunately, he is never open with her. She's proved that she's trustworthy and will always do what he says, she doesn't wander off like the other companions always did and as he says, she's always exactly what he needs. But still, he hasn't opened up to her fully.

If I've been on your mind,
You hang on every word I say,
Lose yourself in time,
At the mention of my name,
Will I ever know how it feels to hold you close,
And have you tell me
Whichever road I choose, you'll go?

The Doctor definitely has her on his mind-- for the majority of the season he's trying to figure out the mystery behind her. And he really does hang on every word she says, just completely mesmerised by her. But again, trust and intimacy issues.

And you know, blah blah the rest.

Thank you for indulging this crazy little shipper, and please do not hate me!

Adele – He Won't Go Lyrics 8 years ago
This makes me think of the episode "The Name of the Doctor" and how Clara is willing to throw herself into the Doctor's timestream to save him. She's willing to take the risk for him because she loves him and because he can't do it on his own--without her doing that, he would have died. And then he goes in after her--he's willing to take the same risk to get her back.

Taylor Swift – Everything Has Changed Lyrics 8 years ago
So...I am a crazy whouffle shipper. The Doctor and Clara Oswald from Doctor Who are my OTP (for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, I'm sorry. I'm so, so, so, so sorry.) This song is just so them for me. Breakdown of why:

All I knew this morning when I woke
Is I know something now, know something now I didn't before
And all I've seen since 18 hours ago is green eyes and freckles
And your smile in the back of my mind making me feel like
I just want to know you better, know you better, know you better now...(etc.)

So obviously, knowing the Doctor makes Clara a different person. She knows something she didn't know before (aliens exist etc.) and she comments that her home looks different. Also, the Eleventh Doctor has green eyes. And then it's the Doctor's POV. Clara is stuck in the back of his mind--he just can't stop thinking about her and her mystery (he has met her three times, and the first two times, she died). He just wants to know her and her secret and why he keeps meeting her.

'Cause all I know is we said hello
And your eyes look like coming home
All I know is a simple name, everything has changed
All I know is you held the door
You'll be mine and I'll be yours
All I know since yesterday is everything has changed

Blah blah meeting each other. The simple name part is important. The Doctor only realises that he's met Clara twice when he sees her full name on her grave "Clara Oswin Oswald." That's all he really has to go by, but it's enough to drive him almost mad. Also, Clara later discovers his name (biggest secret in the Universe) in a book, which she is forced to forget, but remembers again later on in the season. So yes.

And all my walls stood tall painted blue
But I'll take them down, take them down and open up the door for you

Um, okay, how perfect is this? The TARDIS is blue. After the Doctor lost his best friends, Amy and Rory, he locked himself away in the TARDIS on a cloud and wasn't going to come down, but the second Clara he meets (Victorian!Clara) is so persistent that he lets her in, gives her her very own key, breaks down his emotional walls.

And all I feel in my stomach is butterflies the beautiful kind
Making up for lost time, taking flight, making me feel like

You know, lovey whouffle stuff. Taking flight is I guess flying around in the TARDIS.

I could go on but I'm already tired. So yeah, there it is. My crazy shipper interpretation which probably most people won't understand one word of. And that's okay!

Of Monsters And Men – King and Lionheart Lyrics 8 years ago
Saw a wonderful whouffle vid of this song. It's perfect for them and to me this song will always be about whouffle.

Christina Perri – A Thousand Years Lyrics 8 years ago
I saw a great video on youtube of this song combined with scenes of The Doctor and Clara Oswald from Doctor Who. It actually fit really well and was really sweet. <3

Bryan Adams – Summer Of '69 Lyrics 9 years ago
This is such a beautiful, nostalgic song about regrets and days long lost and a specific time frozen forever in memory.

Rihanna – Stay Lyrics 9 years ago
I love this song. Rhianna has an amazing voice, and this is such a departure from her usual style. Simple and beautiful.

Queen – Under Pressure Lyrics 9 years ago
This is a great song. It's about how, when the pressure mounts, that's when people reveal their true selves. There is nothing like a catastrophic event to reveal what people truly are. Some will become unlikely heroes, displaying extraordinary self-sacrifice, while others who always seemed like good people will show their selfish side. The last part of the song really epitomises this:

'Cause love's such an old fashioned word
And love dares you to care for
The people on the (People on streets) edge of the night
And love (People on streets) dares you to change our way of
Caring about ourselves
This is our last dance
This is our last dance
This is ourselves
Under pressure
Under pressure

I really like how it calls love an old-fashioned word. Really it is, because it sums up the values that are slowly disappearing from modern society, but that people have always appreciated.

I also appreciated the phrase "love dares you to care for the people." When you see someone in dire straights, whether you help them or not, some essential part of human nature tugs at your heart, daring you to do something about it. The part "Love dares you to change our way of caring about ourselves" means that you choose between doing what's easier for you and what's better for the other person, caring about them more instead of yourself, even though it's kind of a inborn instinct to care for ourselves first and foremost.

And then the ending "This is our last dance, this is ourselves under pressure." How beautiful! This is just what I was saying before: when we are under pressure, that is when we clearly see ourselves.

Regina Spektor – On the Radio Lyrics 9 years ago
That's a beautiful story. I'm sorry about your dog, there is nothing quite like having to say goodbye to a good dog.

Regina Spektor – Better Lyrics 9 years ago
This line has always puzzled me as well!

The Lumineers – Flapper Girl Lyrics 9 years ago
After reading this, I really do think this song sounds just like The Great Gatsby. It just sums up Gatsby's undying hope that he can win Daisy and his striving to win her back. It's perfect! Thanks for sharing your interpretation. I love The Great Gatsby and I love this song and I think they add to each other very nicely. This song should have been in the movie!

Broadway Musicals – The Phantom Of The Opera- The Music Of The Night Lyrics 9 years ago
I love this musical. Of course, this song is the Phantom trying to get Christine to give her mind to him, but for me, a night owl, it is also a bit of an ode to night-time. It's about seeing the beauty in darkness, about the splendour and the imaginativeness of night, It's contrast to garish daylight, and it's profound connection with music. To me, music sounds more beautiful in the darkness, because when you cannot see as well, you are truly immersed in the music. This song is beautiful to me because it epitomises everything I love about the night. I totally would have gone with the Phantom. Raoul was okay, but he lacked depth.

Minnie Driver – Learn To Be Lonely Lyrics 9 years ago
This song is so beautiful. Of course, it's about the Phantom, but it's also about anyone who isn't able to find love. It's about learning to be on your own and accepting it, and even finding happiness.

Phillip Phillips – Gone, Gone, Gone Lyrics 9 years ago
I think just because of my life that it's talking about loving someone and being willing to do everything and anything for them, but knowing that they do not feel the same and so eventually, that everything includes letting them go. Your love for them will never change, but you just have to let them go and ultimately I think that, when all is said and done, when you truly love someone, letting them go is harder than dying for them would be.

Phillip Phillips – Gone, Gone, Gone Lyrics 9 years ago
Doctor Who?

Duran Duran – Hungry Like The Wolf Lyrics 9 years ago
Bad Wolf

Johnny Cash – Jackson Lyrics 9 years ago
I love this song! I love how Johnny's songs tell stories. This one is about a couple who aren't as passionate as they were when they got married. They're that couple who are constantly bickering and never seem to have a nice word for each other. He's always threatening to leave her and go to Jackson and she says she doesn't care, blah blah it goes on until she says that she's going too so she can make a fool of himself. And I love the last verse because it changes to "we're going to Jackson." I don't know it's kind of like, behind all that sarcasm and bickering they really love each other in a weird way.

Johnny Cash – Hey, Porter Lyrics 9 years ago
Someone who collects tickets and carries people's bags and stuff on a train.

Johnny Cash – Don't Take Your Guns To Town Lyrics 9 years ago
Don't worry, I'm fifteen and me and all my friends LOVE Johnny Cash! Kids who love the classics are rare, but we do exist!

Florence + the Machine – Dog Days Are Over Lyrics 9 years ago
This is a beautiful song. It gives me chills every time I listen to it.

Lulu and the Lampshades – Cups (You're Gonna Miss Me) Lyrics 9 years ago
I think it's just about how people are taken for granted but when they are gone you miss the little things about them--how they walked, how they talked, how their hair was... It's a really pretty, up-beat song though.

A side note: Just recently figured out that it was "talk oh" not "taco."

The Lumineers – Submarines Lyrics 9 years ago
I like this metaphorical interpretation. Most people are inclined towards a literal one, including myself, so I find this really interesting. Thanks for sharing!

The Lumineers – Submarines Lyrics 9 years ago
Here's what I always think. The guy in the song has been known to have zero credibility all of his life, so when he claims to see submarines and tries to warn everyone, no one believes him. It stresses him out ("overnight my hair turned grey"). But there is nothing he can do about it because "in the end it boils down to credibility" and he has none. Perhaps the submarines bring danger, and perhaps not, but either way it doesn't really matter because he will die knowing what no one else knows and what no one else will believe.

The Lumineers – Stubborn Love Lyrics 9 years ago
I think this is about a guy who loves a girl even though she has flaws and keeps hurting him. I think people have tried to bring his attention to the fact that he's not getting much from it but he says "I can't be told, ah ah it can't be done." So no matter what people say, he's always going to love her. I think he sees that she is really hurting inside for some reason or another, and he tries to comfort her, thinks she needs him. ("Keep your head up, my love...") He sees what she is, but he doesn't really care.

The Lumineers – Flapper Girl Lyrics 9 years ago
I love the twenties and I think it is captured beautifully in the song.

However, this was wrong on at least one lyric for certain. The actual line is "a neck of pearls," not curls. And then I could be wrong on this one, but I thought it said "making oaths with a single breath" instead of "making o's with her cigarette." Both lyrics would fit, but the one I think it is seems to fit better to me.

In the story of Romeo and Juliet, even though Juliet is somewhat more cautious than Romeo, they are both very impetuous and don't think of the consequences. They make promises but cannot be together. So the Flapper Girl in the song is quick to make oaths of loyalty ("with a single breath") but when the narrator leaves for a while (perhaps to fight in WWI) she does her own thing and virtually forgets about him. She becomes a flapper and doesn't go by society's rules. From the "did HE look..." part, I'm thinking it is referring to another man, for whom she has left the narrator. To the narrator, she is still the "lady" that he left behind, despite her new lifestyle. And he wants her back. He bribes her with wealth and status ("I'm gonna buy one for us when I get back, a big Cadillac" "You can wave to all her friends") and love ("I'll never leave you again" "if I wrote you a song")_whichever is more important to her, as long as she comes back. To the end, he clings to the belief that she WILL come back, although acknowledging that lovers come and go, he does not think it possible in their relationship. This ending leaves you a little sad, because it is apparent that he loves her so much more than she will ever love him.

Anyways, that's what I think..,

The Lumineers – Dead Sea Lyrics 9 years ago
This is a beautiful song. Just as people can float easily on the dead sea, this boy is a "dead sea" to this girl, something that kept her spirits up and didn't let her sink. and she tells him so. Their relationship might not last because she isn't suited to domestic life and sticking around, but for a while he's helped to keep her afloat. Now he's trying to help her see that he can be her "dead sea" forever. I think everyone needs a "dead sea" in their life.

Electric Light Orchestra – Don't Bring Me Down Lyrics 9 years ago
Me and some friends were trying to figure out what the whole "Bruce" thing is about (that's the closest we could figure what they would be saying. Who is Bruce?!

Emeli Sandé – Next to Me Lyrics 9 years ago
I don't see how this is religious. It's definitely about a man. Did you read the part where it's talking about how he won't be in bars or drinking or anything like that? It's definitely a person. He's a faithful, honest, good guy who she can always turn to.

It's a really beautiful song, it's got a lovely sound to it.

Journey – Don't Stop Believin' Lyrics 9 years ago
I've always loved this song!

Recently, my friend made me watch the bollywood film Bunty aur Babli. This song fits it so well! The boy, Rakesh, and the girl, Vimmi, both leave their small Indian villages in desperation and board a train, where they run into each other and become partners in crime. It's a fun, sweet movie, and now this song will always remind me of it!

Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen cover) Lyrics 9 years ago
"love is not a victory march
it's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah"

These have to be some of the most sad and haunting lyrics I have ever heard.

Jack Johnson – Tomorrow Morning Lyrics 9 years ago
I love this song, especially the intro. I've always had this story in my head of the wife being half asleep at the beginning, which is why the voice sounds fuzzy and far away. The husband's like, "I'm going two thousand miles away, is that okay?" and she's like, "sure whatever." and goes back to sleep. Then he goes far away and parties with a bunch of his friends, and she's pretty mad, but of course all is forgiven because they are so in love... Idk, that's just the story that's always been in my head!

Rihanna – We Found Love Lyrics 9 years ago
I love this song, really nice to listen to. To me, it's about two people in a bad situation who found love. I watched a documentary on a leper's colony, and there was a couple there who met and fell in love and managed to get married even though that wasn't usually allowed. I think of them when I hear this song. Even though the surroundings aren't ideal, if you find someone you love, you can make it work.

Colbie Caillat – Bubbly Lyrics 9 years ago
I know exactly how this feels. When you are around someone that makes you feel all bubbly and you just...mmm.

Pink – Please Don't Leave Me Lyrics 9 years ago
I'm in the same situation with a guy that I know. I'm so mean, even though inside I'm thinking, "why am i doing this?!" That just makes me mad at myself, which makes me even meaner to him. And he's so sensitive and I hate hurting him, but I do. I want to get up the guts to tell him that I've never really meant any of it.

Pink – Please Don't Leave Me Lyrics 9 years ago
I love the part where she says, "I forgot to say out loud how beautiful you really are to me." I can totally relate. I know a really sweet guy, but for some reason, I act "obnoxious" and "nasty" when I'm around him. We always end up arguing because that's all I know how to talk to him. I always go way too far and the hurt in his face just cuts me up into pieces. I want to tell him, "baby I don't mean it." But I never have. I want to tell him how beautiful he is to me, but I just can't. :(

Sara Bareilles – King of Anything Lyrics 9 years ago
I love when she says, "let me hold your crown, babe." So bitingly sarcastic! Great line!

Taylor Swift – Love Story Lyrics 9 years ago
This song is one of those popular misconceptions about Romeo and Juliet. Everyone's like, "Oh, Romeo and Juliet. How sweet. The perfect love story." Um, no. Shakespeare didn't intend it that way. The whole theme is about how their youth and inexperience made them rush too quickly. Juliet tried to tell Romeo in the balcony scene that the whole thing was moving too fast. Friar Laurence told Romeo that people who run fast stumble. He told him that those who love violently have violent ends. Romeo and Juliet are not models for teenagers. Were their deaths their fault? No, because they were too young to understand, and because if their parents weren't feuding they could court and marry the right way.

But people misinterpret the play because of songs like this. Plus, now when I read Romeo and Juliet, I get this song stuck in my head. It's catchy, but it gets really annoying after awhile and ruins Shakespeare's beautiful story for me, so thank you, Taylor Swift, thank you SOOOOO much.

Christina Perri – A Thousand Years Lyrics 9 years ago
I don't know if this is "correct" but it's my interpretation of the song:

Verse 1: She has loved this guy for awhile, but never told him. Her heart beats fast when she's around him, she has so much "colours' or the joys of living and being alive, that she wants to share with him, so many promises that she wants to make, but she's too afraid of "to fall" perhaps that he doesn't return her love, that she can't tell him. But he's standing all alone and she sees her opportunity. All her doubt goes away--she must tell him. She takes a step closer to him.

The chorus is her confession that she loves him. She's died every day waiting for him--it's painful to always see him and want to tell him how she feels, but not be able to. She keeps waiting for him to make the first move, but he won't. She tells him not to be afraid--she doesn't want to scare him away--but she's loved him for a thousand years--it feels that way to her, at least--and will continue to love him for a thousand more.

The second verse is back before she confessed, while she is still going toward him. Time stands still for a moment, a beautiful moment as she reaches him. She's going to be brave and tell him how she feels, she won't let fear or anything else take this away from her. Every breath, every hour she has spent waiting for him has come to this one moment. She takes one more step forward.

Once more, her confession.

I believe at this point he tells her that he loves her too, and she just wells up with emotion. All along she knew that she would "find" him, or that he would finally know how she felt. Time brought "heart" to her, meaning that her feelings grew and developed until she was ready to tell him. She repeats that she has loved him for a long time and will continue to love him.

Every word uttered is one step closer to the happiness she has dreamed of.

Like I said, my interpretation might be a bit of a stretch, but I'm kind of in this situation, so this is how I interpret it. Someday a beautiful moment might come when I will be one step closer.

Michael Bublé – Haven't Met You Yet Lyrics 9 years ago
This is such a wonderful song. It's about a guy who is ready to give everything he has to the girl, and she's just so perfect, and the only problem is that he's yet to meet her!

Sarah McLachlan – Angel Lyrics 9 years ago
I kind of picture two people who are in love in a hotel room. The guy is really disillusioned and upset, and she is just watching him in his "silent reverie", knowing that nothing she can do will comfort him, but hoping he can find some comforting elsewhere.

Feist – Tout Doucement Lyrics 9 years ago
Thanks for the translation! I only know a tiny bit of French, so I didn't understand it all the way, but loved the song. Twenty times better when you know what it means!

Owl City – Fireflies Lyrics 9 years ago
A lot of people strongly believe this song is not about insomnia (really don't know why.) I have insomnia, and it sounds like that's what it's about to me. Especially the part about how the planet earth turns slowly. It certainly doesn't feel like that when you can't sleep. Every few minutes turns out to be hours and you start to panic because pretty soon it will be morning and you will be SO tired. And the more stressed you get, the more you can't sleep. Also, the part about being too tired to fall asleep seems to relate to this. You literally tire yourself out with the effort of falling asleep, but as I said, this only adds to your stress instead of bringing on sleep. Also, the dark sometimes starts to bother you (leave my door open just a crack) even though light makes it harder to sleep. I don't know, just my interpretation.

The Lumineers – Ho Hey Lyrics 9 years ago
It's definitely about unrequited love, he's trying to get his sweetheart back by writing a song. I love to listen to this song, it's so upbeat and nice to listen to.

Andy Grammer – Fine By Me Lyrics 9 years ago
This is definitely not the lyrics of the song. What on earth happened here?!

Coldplay – Fix You Lyrics 9 years ago
I really love this song. I love coldplay. Such a beautiful, almost tearful song. About someone who is always there for you. Even if they can't fix you, they will try.

Of Monsters And Men – Little Talks Lyrics 9 years ago
I think of a fairly newly married couple. They bought a huge, Victorian fixer-upper. When they first married, the wife was fine and normal, but soon afterwards she would get paranoid and not like him to go to work and leave her alone. He is kind and considerate of her, "Hold my hand I'll walk with you my dear." She lays awake at night, tossing and turning "Stairs creak as I sleep it's keeping me awake." He says sweet things to comfort her, "It's the house telling you to close your eyes."

She gets worse. "Some days I can't even dress myself." He's worried about her "It's killing me to see you this way."

Going downhill even more, she tells him that she hears voices in her head. He makes light of it, "Well tell her that I miss our little talks." He tells her so many comforting lies about how she's just going through a hard time and it will all be over soon, that she starts to believe them "Soon it will all be over and buried with our past." But he doesn't really believe it. He reminices to himself, "We used to play outside when we were young, and full of life and full of love." Even though it wasn't all that long ago, it feels like it.

She flies into rages and screams at him and says dreadful things, but afterwards she tells him that he shouldn't listen to her, she doesn't really know what she is saying. "Don't listen to a word I say, The screams all sound the same."

Through it all, they try to be positive, even though the wya she seems the world gets more and more off-kilter every day "Though the truth may vary" They want to ride the "ship" of their love through the storm. They will make it safely to shore, but by then they will be only "bodies," shells of their former selves.

Finally, she's gone, he watched her "disapear," or deteriorate to nothing. Whether she is actually dead or her mind is in such tatters that she is as good as gone. When he sleeps, he can remember her as she used to be. He tries to cling to that image of the girl he married.

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