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Linkin Park – Numb Lyrics 9 years ago
I absolutely love this song. i had heard this thousands of times before but it wasn't until recently that i listened to it and the meaning hit me dead on. basically, it's about a kid whose parents seem to be expecting too much out of him. they want him to grow up as good as they were if not, better. when it says "caught in the undertow" that means that the kid doesn't want "the pressure of walking in your shoes", but he doesn't know how to tell them in fear of disappointing them. i understand that completely. my mom was a solid A student and has been through college twice. my dad was valedictorian in his high school. they want me to be just like they are, organized, straight A's, no late work. but it's too much pressure. and when i tell them they seem disappointed and threaten to take things away.

when it says "I can't feel you there" it means that the kid feels as though the parents aren't as the kid remembers them. they used to be so positive and supportive and now they just want things done the way they want them done. they want to take control and relive their high school or college life through their kids. so they think they can control all of their kids decisions. the kid is feeling like he doesn't know them anymore.

when it says "Every step that I take is another mistake to you" it means the kid feels like every thing he does seems like another mistake or problem that the parents disapprove of. this song applies to my life in many ways but this one is the one that sticks in my brain the most. and i'm sure that there are millions out there that feel this same way. and if you're a parent, look at this song and ask yourself, "could my child even possibly feel this way?'.and keep this song in mind next time you contradict your child.

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